craigslist scammers rile me all kinds of up.

Lately, I’ve been selling some old stuff on Craigslist.

It’s kind of like a garage sale without half of the hassle. 

I take the time to photograph, describe, list, etc. and when someone contacts me, I send them on to Jamin. He arranges the meeting with the goods. That way, if someone tries to haggle us, I don’t have to deal with them. 

I’m also not desperate to sell. It’s kind of like fishing. I just like to list things and see if we actually get a bite. We have a philosophy that the purchaser will not drive to meet us unless they’re truly interested. On the other hand, if its an axe murderer who wants to off me, they kill the Jamester instead, and woah-I’m suddenly a millionaire! {just kidding, insurance life investigations people who might read this blog and take great offense. I love him and he is very valuable to me}

* Side note: Thanks to all your votes, I’ve listed that brown spindle bed on craigslist (HINT HINT) but I think I’m about to take it down and flip it…so last call is now for said unfinished bed…Also votes on the new color would be nice. {I’m either thinking red or cream with a nice antiqued rub-tell me what you think!}

ANYWAY, to my point… I received three attempts the other night regarding said bed. One gal was interested, but took her time to get back to us, and by the next morning I was still waiting to hear back from her. We had given her Jamin’s number twice, and then she was all, “Yeah. I’m running behind this morning. Why don’t you call me and we’ll decide where to meet up” And I was all, “How about no because I have plans today and my world doesn’t revolve around you.”

In the meantime, I received another email from some random guy. His name was Santos. It started with the words “Still available?” 

I told him yes, and then to be fair, I simply informed the first girl that it was now first come first serve, as someone else was interested, as well. She relinquished. “Oh well,” I thought. “I’m not going to be all, BUY MY BED NOW, SUCKA!” and I waited to hear back from Santos. 

When Santos got around to it, there was an incoherent mix of jumbled sentences that sounded more than a bit fishy (I’ll give you a summary because this dude went on forever):

“Thank you for reply so soon to inquiry regarding product. I comfortable with condition of furniture, as I will not be seeing it in person to pick up. I be on business trip. Me hire movers. I send money order. You take down ad to insure my securing it. blah blah blah…”(learn to write coherent english if you’re a prehistoric caveman residing in zimbabwe trying to rip people off…Seriously. I could do a better job than that and I watch OPRAH so I totally know what you’re up to)

At this point I was a bit preturbed and responded, thanks but no thanks. I’m not stupid.

That was the end of it. Until yesterday, I heard back from the same guy regarding my coffee table. He had a different name. It was Mark. 

Mark-aka Santos: “Still available?”

Me-aka me: “Your mom’s still available.”

THANK YOU! I’ll be here aaaaaaalllllll week. 



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10 Responses to craigslist scammers rile me all kinds of up.

  1. Mommy of Boys says:

    I love how the "your mom" comeback works so well in all sorts of situations. Def no sell to Santos. No sell Mark either. No available.

  2. Hannah says:

    It’s people like you that keep me on the computer late at night when I should be getting the 40 minutes of sleep I could otherwise obtain before Carigan’s next feeding. So worth it though. I buy on Craigslist all the time, but have never taken the time to figure out how to sell. I need to though b/c I have about 12 strollers in my garage. I’ve had to buy every stroller that’s caught my eye at Sea World. Now I’m in a BOB phase and I’m ready to ditch my DuoGlider, side-by-side combi, and several other single strollers. Dealing with buyers sounds so fun though.

  3. Laura says:

    I love how you interpret a Hispanic accent into like 3 different accents. :)

    When you left that message for me the other day with the "your mom" comment, I DIED laughing. Cause you actually DID it. [Your mom actually did it.]

  4. Kara says:

    I was about to write "You rea fool," but then I saw your comment, so I didn’t write anything, but now, that comment is apparently gone, SO

    You rea fool!!!!


  5. Hysterical! I have dealt with some of this crap on craigs list, as well. Who falls for it??

  6. kate says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! I was almost peeing myself with that mom comment, but then again I’ve had 3 children so I almost pee myself regularly.

    I am glad you picked the other bed, because I was going to vote for that one I just forgot to.

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  8. Brendan Rae Bard says:

    Please tell me about the large blue egg painting… It’s beautiful… My son , who is redoing his dinning room for his wedding next week Oct 15, Thought it was beautiful I have tried to make one with sparrow eggs as the blue colour wasn’t in the colour scheme but greys , browns, taupes are in the room,,, You are very creative… Thanks you for you crafts… Brendan Rae