Emerson’s nursery tour

The funny part is, as I’m posting this, everything in her room is about to change…it’s big girl room time. But I’m not exactly in the mood to rock the boat…

Again, I’m doing all this to aptly document, it’s fun, and I’ve been getting lots of emails regarding q’s…hopefully this will answer some of them!

chandy: originally in Aiden’s nursery, and a splurge. baby boutique-I now know better. But I still love it. Chandy cover made by moi. Chair: Dutallier. Rug: West Elm. Table: unfinished furniture store. Crib: Tarjay, distressed via moi. Bedding: AMBSTIMMIL (awesome most blessed sacrament that is my mother in law) Curtains, also. mobile: me. see how to make them, here. sign: me

Lamp: JCP. Ya just never know what you’ll find there! Plates: flea market find. The pink on the walls is Behr’s floral linen. The most perfectest pink ever.

The most beautiful shelf in all the land that I could not afford and my parents purchased for me to go in Aiden’s nursery that now resides in her corner and will forever sit there as I worship it daily…as it is the perfecto piece de resistance for a lil gals room. LURVE.

This mirror was given to us as a wedding gift. It’s very mirror mirror on the wallesque-and brings a fun element into the room!

paintings via me. “You belong among the wallflowers.”

Lamps: via Ikea. The shades received a facelift with some scrap fabric, beads and my bff the hot glue fun.

these dolls were handmade for my mom to give to me when I was born. Having these little heirlooms are very important to me. Thus the reason I had my MIL make their bedding…they will have it one day to give to their children… even if they do violate every child safetly law and probably will collect dust in an attic somewhere…I did my duty as a thoughtful parent. ;)

this little angel was handmade for us when we were married. isn’t she beautiful?

my tea set when I was little.

her little makeshift dress up corner-an old fireplace poker holder found at the flea market and painted pink. Perfect for tutus galore. Which she will probably never wear because she has two brothers.

Thanks for stopping by!

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5 Responses to Emerson’s nursery tour

  1. Rita Schoonjans says:

    You are truly a gifted inspiration to others!!! Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us! So happy I was home today to catch “the Nate show”!!

  2. Marianne Holihan says:

    Your wallflower paintings are beautiful!

  3. Emily Johnson says:

    Any tips for distressing a white crib? I want to do the same for my little one’s nursery, but I’m afraid it’s going to end up looking like a piece of junk if I’m not careful!

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