new playspace

Or as Emerson calls it, the “playproom”

I moved the boys in together a few weeks back. It’s cozy and sweet and I love the fact that they are sharing a room. I also love the fact that it makes our home seem bigger, since the kids have somewhere to play. SO Aiden’s old room is now the playroom.

I’ve been trying to unify our home with colors. So, the aqua that you spied on our veranda, is also in the playroom. Aiden’s BBR was already a bit blue, but I wanted a gender neutral feeling to it. I also brightened up the reds to more of a fire engine status, where as before they were more of an aged barn. I changed some of the chairs from red, to yellow. And there you have it. A {primary with a twist} color palette. I also spray painted his old star lamp yellow, to give it more of a prominent pop.

It’s not a very large room, but it definitely serves its purpose. I’m sure you’re seeing a bit of a remix from Aiden and Malone’s rooms. That’s basically what their room is now.

Check out our bop bag. He’s my favorite thing in the entire room.

These frames were from my entry way. The window piece and magnet boards are literally old pieces of fabric from some pillows I did a few seasons back. The colors just kind of fell into place, so I ripped some seams and pieced them back together. Hey-it was free!

want to know how to make your own magnet boards? Read how to, here.

Remember Chloe? She was for sale. I changed my mind and decided to keep her. She provides great storage for toys and rando collective whatnots.

remember the star garland from last christmas? This only seemed appropriate here. I’m getting some clothespins so display more artwork from the kids.

Everyone is happy!

read more about these little modpodge signs, here.

Just to let you all know: It will probably never look this good again. Just sayin’. It’s kind of impossible to keep a room looking this good with three munchkins! BUT at least the pics are purdy. I’m keepin it real.

We made a playkitchen by gutting out some old furniture, for the kids. read more about it, here!

And one more thing: Jamin is my real life Ty. He is sooo my right hand man its kind of ridiculous. He’s the best. Thanks again, babe! {especially for putting up with me and my OCD ways}

Thanks for visiting!

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Responses to new playspace

  1. heather says:

    I love this space!! It is so inspiring, we are using one of our living rooms as a play room, but honestly it is just a catch all, wish we could pull this off!!

  2. Krista says:

    Did you make the green and white striped frames? They’re gorgeous!!

  3. michelle says:

    sweet sweet room. I keep seeing these cute suitcase boxes. Where would i find them?

    • Hey! We got ours from The Land Of Nod, and our kids
      Love them, but I wouldnt recommend anything more
      Than decor as they’re made from (cue big let down) cardboard. You may want something sturdier, as I originally thought they were, if you intend for your children to actually use them 😉

  4. Elise Stopper says:

    This room is done in my favorite color combos!!! Where did you get the book shelf? It would be perfect for my son’s room ;-)))

  5. Elaine says:

    I love the paint colors! Do you happen to remember the brand and color names? Thanks!

    • hi Elaine! The blue is Benjamin Moore’s Robin’s Nest. You can see more of our home colors here. The rest were very primary, for the red, and two yellows {one simply hand mixed with cream to create the lighter yellow} I hope that helps a little. This was one of my first room redos, before I wrote things down, etc. Thanks!

      • Elaine says:

        Thank you! Your home is beautiful. I saw another blog that used that color and picked up a sample today. I hope it looks as good on our walls! We definitely have less light in the room we are painting, however, so we’ll see. Have you ever attempted to paint laminate furniture? I have some laminate cubes that I would possibly like to paint, but not sure if its worth it?

  6. Gorgeous! Right down the the last detail as well, you’ve done a lovely job! I’ve got this linked to my playrooms post too today, for inspiration!

  7. Ashley Baltes says:

    I really love this room! Right now I’m trying to convert our extra bedroom (really a storage room) into a play room. I found some awesome sturdy antique chairs at an estate sale, but have been looking for a good play table. I’ve been scouring estate sales for a good (cheap) find, but am leaning towards a Pottery Barn Kids table, because it’s exactly what I want. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hey Ashley! Well, you never know what you’ll stumble upon, and I’m not usually a big fan of spending a lot of money on something, but this was one of our first purchases when we had children, and it has paid for itself in use and years of play. I hope that helps a little. ;}

  8. Total envy! The transition from dull to fab was inspiring! Made me want to paint my whole house and start from scratch. I’m in love with the playroom color! I can’t find it at Benjamin Moore. They have a bird’s egg or robin’s nest. Is robin’s egg blue a discontinued color? I really want the color that’s on your playroom walls! What I really want is your house! Thanks!

    • Danielle, did you write me earlier about this? I am so sorry. Apparently your message was buried. and I am a TOTAL dork. It’s Robin’s Nest! Sometimes I like to make up words in my head, and then make people go search for them for no good reason. ;} (sarcasm) SO sorry. ROBIN’s NEST! OY!!!! ;}