mantel de marveloso

Yeah. That title was some weird mix of spanish/germanic/anglo saxon/vague reference to the 80’s/poetic prose FAIL.


But anyway…here we go…

See: old mantel.

It was swell and all. Housing two pieces, unassumingly happy…

until one day I decided it needed a bit of color.

and a touch of whimsy.

so I smacked an old painting up there that I’d done, years ago. Note to viewers: this painting always made Jamin nervous. He felt it was symbolic of our family and my desire to have three children. I painted it shortly after Aiden was born, and the truth is, I’m weird with numbers. I mean hello. three just made sense…but the painting, much to his dismay, turned out to be a self fulfilling prophecy. so whatev. Jamin treats it like it’s some talisman, so when we get into a fight, if he disagrees, I simply pull said giant robins egg painting down from the mantel and hurl it at his head. He considers it quite powerful, and would probably compeltely freak if I ever added a fourth egg…hahaha what a great idea! I am quite easily amused.

antique floats found off a japanese fishing shore. For a touch of glimmer…

Paired with my spruced up M, and a chalk board I found at a flea market and brightened up myself…And that’s that. A colorful mantel via shopping my home and a few new additions.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

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