the boys room {aka future man cave}

Quite a few of you contacted me, asking to see the boy’s room. I’ll be honest: I was totally hesitant. I had mentioned moving them in together in this post. This room is far from done, and until I do what I fully intend to do, it will look incomplete. So if all of you would please raise your hand aloud and speak into the screen. (I have super spy technology like that, and I’ll totally know if you took the pledge. And then I’ll hunt you down if you make fun of me and do something evil to your favorite home decor possession. muahahaha):

“I, {insert name, title, etc. here} solemnly swear upon my favorite decorating possession, that I will in no way judge Ashley for the room I am about to see.” Did you do it? Probably not? Get on with it, you dork? okay. My point being, I thought it would help a few of you who were asking, and a few of you who may need this in the future, to see how we combined a bed, with a crib, and the merge of everything in between to make the ultimate transformation later on into a man cave. For those of you who have been with me forever and a year, this is going to be a little bit of a repeat. {yawn.} See: Malone’s nursery here. I’ll also show you what I fully intend to do, later.

For those of you who are just now tuning in: we didn’t know what Malone was going to be. He was our little surprise from the get go, and we kept it that way til the very end. We loved not knowing. The problem with moving Aiden (our 4 y.o) in with Malone, was making the room look like it holds both…and not so baby anymore. But I also didn’t want to lose the essence of baby so soon for Malone. So, in all honesty, the room probably looks a bit young for Aiden, but all of that will change in a year anyway.


Aiden’s previous colors were a barn red as the main emphasis, with more of a boyish blue. I was over it. For this room, I’ll be keeping the yellow walls, with aqua, grey and orange. I feel like this current room already touches on some of the colors, but I plan to integrate those later. I found the aqua quilt on sale for next to nothing at Macy’s. So, I bought two, as I plan to use these on a bunkbed. Which bunkbed, do you ask?

This simple, super cheap one from Ikea, of course.

Painted in the dark grey color a-la helen highboy. (see her here.)

I also plan to design throws for top and bottom, to bring in more of the brighter accents. (orange.) probably a boyish version of the patchwork style of Emerson’s. Aiden will have some input on the fabric designed via spoonflower. He’s already requested robots and helicopters. I LOVE doing this for my kids.

to bring in more of the orange, I’ll be replacing our (currently girly shmirly) chandelier with this awesome cool fun pendant from the land of nod.

Aiden is super pumped, as orange is his favorite color. I think it’s important to do things geared towards your children. It was also important that Aiden didn’t feel as thought he was losing his identity, moving in with little brother. So, we’ve definitely let him call some of the placement. He also gets the middle cabinet in their dresser for his very own to store his treasures. I’ll also be “boying up” the hutch in the future, with darker colors, etc.


I was able to get matching letters in wire from the fabulous Kristine Mayes


Aiden’s bed was a freakish flea market find…I LOVE that bed. We don’t have room for a guest room, so before all is said and done, I may be temporarily using it as a makeshift message board in a year when I do the bunks. That shape makes me fawn. The rugs are from Ikea. Malone’s bed is from Babies R Us.


I did these paintings for Aiden’s big boy room, so I simply moved them over for the future man cave.

The hutch houses a collection of creations for the boys, old game balls via Jamin, and books, piggy banks, and shoes from my childhood.

I keep a bucket of easily accessible baby toys on the floor for Malone. He’s a little overwhelmed by all the big kid stuff. Too bad the only things he wants are the big kid things…

I made a series of paintings when Aiden was a baby, from tiny pieces of paper, for a collage of sorts, centered around the same theme. You can see them on the left and right of the mirror, and atop the hutch.

Once upon a time, I designed Malone’s bedding as well. I’m in no rush to get rid of it. LOVE his baby stuff!


Aiden placed his stamp of approval on the window.


I’m happy with the boy’s space…and it’s future potential. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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