a tribute to jem’s earrings

Remember this post? 

I wrote, and I will quote:

“…Except the hardware. OH that hardware was NOT my best friend. AT ALL. I’m just not really a big fan of stainless in the form of hardware…on a dresser. Flog me. These pics really don’t do that hardware justice. They’re like earrings that belonged to Jem…

I went on to say:

I no longer walk into our bedroom and feel the sudden urge to dress in jams and dye my hair pink, while plopping on my bed to watch The Labrynth. In other words…it has more of a permanent, timeless feel rather than something that computer guy Max from the vintage coke commercials would have picked. It also matches a few more of the subtle metallic vibes we have going on in our room. “

And I think I need to clarify. First of all, this is not a recant. I just think that my statement was perceived as ALL ENCOMPASSING, re: stainless on dressers. I do not always care for it, no. I mean, I can totally see how my statement may have been perceived as such. SHEESH. I received a few emails from you guys with a subtle “booooooo….hiiiissssssssssssssss” in the background, and I just have to say, these little guys {aka Jem’s earrings} were simply looking for just the right piece to belong to.

As soon as this post went up, a dear friend of mine, Avivi contacted me, and said she had just the piece for that hardware.

In the mail they went, and to a really great home, as fate would have it. To feel so dejected and other such defeat…only to return triumphantly from the ashes on such a piece as this…must be quite the high for Jem’s earrings. I think I can relate to that hardware. I also think I missed my calling as a motivational speech person in real life. Moving on…

Saturday, Avivi sent me these pics, and I was begging her to let me post them. Let me just give you a little preface on my friend, Avivi. When she told me she was working on it, I knew it would be good. I was expecting greatness.

Avivi is like the domestic diva of all domestic divas. In college, I would visit her home and delight in the way she decorated their home. I always thought it was fabulous. And to top it all off, she hung her children’s artwork generously in frames.  I still remember that! The woman knows how to cook…I STILL make your blackberry cobbler, Avivi! And don’t get me started on her handwriting. OH the handwriting. It is handwriting coveted by millions…She GENEROUSLY sat down and with GORGEOUS swirly calligraphy skills addressed almost every single wedding invite for me! She was always overly generous like that with her time…someone to model yourself after, for sure. Just ask anyone who knows her! So I’m kinda flattered that she even reads this. Without further ado….

Before: And old somewhat forgotten piece residing in a closet…

And after: (cue waving of tinkerbell’s wand:)

Avivi writes: “Stripped it. Washed with mineral spirits and tsp. Sanded. Sanded. Primed. Painted twice. Accented with burnished silver. Not perfect…but I’m happy with it!”

-uh. it looks perfecto to me!

this is totally going in her daughter’s room for college. If I were her, I may be rethinking that one. Here honey. you can have the ikea piece. I’m putting this in my foyer, under my black and white photography montage.

“Some of the things that will go in the room (for my college age daughter). Walls will be buttercup yellow. Accents of silver and white. Yes, it will be matchy-matchy. That’s the way she likes it.”

-nothing wrong with this kinda matchy matchy! I think it’s so sweet that she took the time to do this!

Avivi closes with my fave: “I like the Jem-earring inspired knobs. Long live stainless hardware!!!”

TOUCHÉ, Avivi. Just don’t move to Monty anytime soon and start your own furniture bidnass. MMMM KAAAAYYYY???

thank you so much for sharing. I hope you all enjoy and feel a little inspired yourselves! I’m suddenly craving black and yellow with touches of silver….hmmmmm. ;) I WANT MY HARDWARE BAAAAAAACK!!!!

UPDATE: speaking of college: saw this source posted by young house love the other day…and I’m loving it.


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