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This week :: fearless decorating : like a rockastar!

I found this “flaming lips house” via Welcome Home: a guide to modern living

this is a literal rockstar’s home. via these architects.

I’m not saying it’s my style. But there is something about it that I find quite alluring, and as the blogger above referred to it, “sensory overload” There’s something about it that’s absolutely insane… that demands to be admired. Something tells me the people who live there must absolutely love it. They must wake up every morning, and live in awe of the fact that this is their home. They have embraced it, and it is who they are. Some of you may hate it. Some may love it, but say: oh, I could never live like that.

who not?

says who?

The photos just seemed thematically appropriate. Because I’m here today to talk about MY number one rule in decorating + design: DO WHAT YOU LOVE. FEARLESSLY.


I’m not saying pull an elvis and put shag carpet on your walls a-la Graceland.

Or am I?

If it makes you happy…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve wasted way too much of my life obsessing over what other people think. I wasted much too much of my time trying to please others, in the past.

I’m over it. And I’m especially over doing so with my design. While it’s important to make the customer happy, (and this is, altogether another subject matter) it is quite another to plan your OWN home around what you think others will love. I see that in way too many homes. I’ve heard it MUCH too often.

This is a key example, personified: {NOTE: because this could apply to like, half of you, please know the following is not in reference to ANYONE in particular. I hear it all the time!}

client re: An old dresser. NOT an heirloom piece. A piece of fugly that was once considered nice circa 1979.

“Well, I would do this, but because of his mom, I can’t paint that dresser.”

me: “Well, did she give it to you?”

them: “Yes”

me: “Did you ask her about it?”

them: “Yes”

me: “And they said you couldn’t paint it…even though it’s now YOUR dresser? She seriously said she’d prefer you not paint it, even though it was a ‘gift’?”

them: (pouty face) “yes.”

me: “can you give it back?”

think about all of your friends. How many of them have been bestowed with their leftover childhood furniture, because their parents, or in laws, no longer want it or need it, only to become trapped in their own home because of the emotional attachments or expectations of said gifting parents? HELLO new life much? hello permanent eyesore because of silly feelings over a dresser???

there is a time for change. And sometimes the best designs, are the ones that take a big risk.

via design sponge via kim cornelison

We come from a generation…the generation before us…where there were way too many rules in decorating. Does the light fixture match the doorknob with the hinges on the faucet? Because if those plugs don’t tie in with the cabinet pulls and the refrigerator  sheen I think I may just DIE.

People are limiting themselves right and left, with what I like to call self-imposed decorating anxiety baggage. (SIDAB)

The sconce on the bathroom wall may not tie in with the bedroom side table.

And then the homeowner is no longer happy with the look because of self imposed boundaries handed down by her great grandmother, who lived in a time where there were too many rules…and all of that is fine and dandy, and I am all about learning from past re: history… but this is 2010.

And this is YOUR home.

I see way too many homes staying stagnant because of this. Your home should reflect your taste. It should reflect your loves and your life. Your lives aren’t stagnant. It’s constantly growing. So should your home.

via lonny

The most interesting homes, are the ones with things that truly reflect the person who resides within it. A no holds barred, honest look at some of the things that make up who this person is. The ones that tell a wordless story.

via design sponge

So what if you’ve changed the way you feel about a room you thought you were “finished” with? Nothing is ever finished. When decorating your home, don’t be completely against clearing out a room and starting fresh, simply with what you already have! Be willing to paint something to give it a fresh look. I think I rearrange rooms, religiously, twice a year. On the off chance that there may be something there I missed before. Or something I may ad. And subsequently take away.

On furniture: If you don’t like it, paint it again. Do you KNOW how many mistakes I have made? There’s something to be said for taking a risk…and if you don’t like the paint…STRIP IT!

Paint, as one of my college professors wisely told me…is the most forgiving medium. Don’t be afraid of rolling up your sleeves and diving in. Channel your inner Rockstar.

This piece (listed on my site) isn’t for everyone. And it may not sell immediately. That’s fine with me. Someone, somewhere, will love it. Just like I do…

If you want to paint your ceilings aqua, then go for it. It’s your house.

Switch it up on a regular basis. Just because you hung a picture when you moved in, doesn’t mean that’s the end of the story. Simple things like your mantel, can be changed…to give your rooms a whole new look.

A simple warning: there is a difference between wreckless and fearless.

Do what makes you happy, but with a dash of sanity salt. Try to keep your head clear as far as common sense. Don’t bring down the value of your home, by doing something silly, without a little research first. Roofless houses aren’t for, well, anyone.

Perhaps one should come to a peaceful conclusion for the great dresser battle of 2010. Perhaps that means, if the MIL is unwilling to budge, placing the piece in your garage until she notices, while you buy a cheapo at the local salvation army and paint until your little heart is content. Maybe offering to give it back. This doesn’t make you an ingrate. You’re allowed to have an opinion and taste. You can’t be hindered by others in your own home.

As much as I have tried to embrace this, the whole home value conundrum still gets me…(see my kitchen). I tend to stress over my cabinets. That is the one thing that inhibits me…Should I paint them? Should I not? I did the island, but should I just leave the rest? It’s not avocado green…maybe I should just be content for now. I’m still mulling over this one, channeling my inner Rockstar to see what she would do…

I think my inner rockstar would paint it chartreuse.

Be flexible. There is such a thing as happy accidents.

Many of my greatest personal moments have come from happy accidents.

Who says you can’t have a giant chalkboard wall in your house? That you can’t rip up the carpet and let the kids ride around on tricycles? That you’re supposed to purchase your side tables at bombay? Who’s preconceived notions of a home are you following, anyway? Your MIL’s who said you can’t paint that dresser?

(for the record, I just so happen to have a very cool and supportive MIL in case anyone is wondering. or reading.)

Start with an accent wall if you’re frightened, a sample to try out in an unexpected way… and when in doubt, JUST DO IT. Repeat after me: “It’s my house. I rock. I am a decorating rock star. I am also beautiful and skinny,” while we’re at it.

Are you feeling inspired yet?


Dive in, and don’t look back.

The only rules…are yours.

What do you think has been hindering you, and causing your SIDAB?

What would you do if you had all the freedom to decorate?

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