to say we’ve been busy…

would be a complete understatement.

We’ve totally been blessed enough to be able to work with lots of supportive patrons like you in a recent plethora of custom orders. {thank you for being so fabulous!} Between this, and Jamin’s job, and the kids that seem to run rampant on a regular basis, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

It’s a good thing we both love what we do! ;)



keep your eyes peeled for some new pieces in our vintage line this week.

I won’t lie. I want to keep this mirror for myself. But its totally available.

I found this little beaut in one of my fave flea market stores, and decided to give her a revamp. Cue angels singing. You totally want this one. I just know it. I will list her soon…after I finish crooning over her in my dining room.







Here’s a little something else we tackled this weekend: I literally dug this stool out of a junk pile.


I couldn’t resist the old wooden feel with the industrial legs. {One of my forever obsessions.}

I paid ten smacks for this sturdy lil bad boy. {a.k.a. the perfect kitchen step stool a.k.a. the perfect time out chair. a.k.a. the perfect die from tetanus add this to your list of hazardous home additions…a.k.a. I think you get it.}

While the photos make him look better than he actually was…I decided to give him a facelift with some funky paint treatments.

side note: Jamin noticed I’d been drawing on the chalkboard, and asked if it was for me, or the kids. Touché.

that’s all for now! don’t forget to enter our giveaway!

I hope you all have a fabo labor day week!

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