haul out the…

Gift tags!

{Not holly.}

I had planned to do this around Thanksgiving, but life caught up with me (seeing as how I have three children amongst other things, like, say, the occasional episode of bathing myself, to tend to) So I’m pretty sure the entire design world beat me to it, but I still think it’s fun to have my own version.

Because I think these make me happy and I wanted to share. If you’re anything like me, you haven’t wrapped your gifts yet, anyway.

All you have to do is download the PDF, print onto card stock, take a couple of passes at that circle with your hole punch (I left ‘em big because I think it’s fun to stuff them with fat ribbon) and (cue magic fairy wand sound effects with bonus glitter) You have your very own gift cards a-la pure + lovely.

The best part: most of these can be used for other non seasonal gifting purposes. Let me know if you even like these, and I can do an all-year version in January.

Happy wrapping. {read: good luck. I thought we could all use a little happy freebie with such a potentially daunting task ahead…}

If you missed it above, snag the PDF here.

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14 Responses to haul out the…

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  2. Stephanie says:

    Love this post. Thank you so much for this! I’ve featured you on the {PartyDish}…www.partydish.net

  3. Kathie M says:

    Thanks! I have a black and white printer but I’m going to put the PDF on my pin drive and have it printed at the copy store! I’d love everyday ones too:)

  4. emmeline says:

    thanks! used these this past summer to label food + beverages at a baby shower… love them!

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  6. Kim says:

    I just found these tags and LOVE them! Any chance you made the everyday ones too??

  7. NoWickCandle says:

    These are perfect and just what I needed for my Mom’s Mother’s Day gift! Thank you so much!!! Did you do the everyday ones too? Thanks for sharing!!

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  9. carol78 says:

    Thank you so much, so lovely!

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