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**already got a few messages-one of them from a dear hs friend (shout out to kim! ) ;} snatch up your own seagrass rug from PB, here. You won’t regret it.

I recently received some emails from you guys asking to see the living room. And I realized that while I showed a few “previews” in the past, I never showed it on the p+l blawgh. So, pull up a seat (and if you don’t fall asleep) this is our main living space. It’s size is relatively large, being the heart of the house. It’s been a complicated space to refine over the last few years, but it works out nicely for three wild children and a big fluffy dog. There are still some considerable changes I would like to make, like hardwood floors, etc. But for now, it is what it is and it’s the place we, by far spend the most time in.

The paintings over the sofa are my favorite part. I have a secret obsession with retro americana and old cars. Weird, huh? Oil painting, by far, is my biggest passion. I only wish I had more time to do it! {I plan to MAKE more time in the future.}

Over the years, I’ve slowly been making the transition to lighter, and I really am resisting the urge to slipcover our couches. It’s a super practical solution for three kiddos 5 and under. I mean, who can beat the nailhead trim? This may sound weird, but I think that once our cabinets (we have a direct view of them from the living room) are lighter, I may enjoy the dark on light contrast more with the couches. Does that make sense? Anyway, I’m holding out.

So in the meantime, I’ve lightened it up with pillows. If you haven’t seen the robin’s egg painting before, it’s one of my faves. I did this one right after Aiden was born, and Jamin says I was summoning the art juju gods to sneak in a third child. He says I had every intention of having a family of three. Meh. All I know, is that I’m weird about numbers, and it would look lonely with one and awkward with two. I love that painting, as I guess it was a self fulfilling prophecy. {rubs hands together and laughs evil laugh}

We have an open view to the veranda from the living room. And we took the door off (saving it for future owners) to preserve little fingers and officially make it part of the house. I used a curtain over that doorway to preserve the space. I made those gargantuan curtains with a linen burlap, and kept them unlined to filter the light. It has a gauzy feel, up close or when closed.

I inherited my grandmother’s old record player after she passed, and it serves as a side table, for now. The lamps were hideously brass, and a spray painted flea market score.

From this summer: my favorite shot ever. People were laughing at us on the beach while we tried to “capture the moment.” we gave up.

view from the entry way, but remember this post from two weeks ago?

I refined the frames a little more, and switched some around. Most importantly, even though my wall now looks like swiss cheese, I finally got those family portraits up. (yep. on the list this week, to patch and paint. Boo.)

the space around it is relatively quiet, so I think that rather than being overwhelming, the wall is a fun section for our family. Very us.

Another flea market find, is this dresser. It holds all things media for us. Jamin refinished it for me, when I was prego with Emerson. Or maybe it was Malone? I’ve had too many babies. It was his first official piece, so I think he’s kind of in love with it. If it came down to me or the dresser, I’m pretty sure the dresser would win.

A view from the den…again. Want. to. paint. the. cabinets. to. the. point. of. obsession. I’ve had those silhouettes for so long, Emerson now needs hair, and Chloe needs to be replaced by Malone…

I replaced the barstools with a ballard designs sale they were having this summer. They were super cheap. I had some swirly metal ones with upturned legs, and the kids were constantly tripping on them. I sold those and went for something simpler.

For our winter mantel, I decided to go simple. It always feels so good to take the decorations from Christmas down. The barn door stayed for now. I framed out a small letter I found at Hobby Lobby. I painted it brown, and placed it on some sea grass wallpaper in the frame. I loved the way the various shades of blue and green were brought out in the undertones of the door. We were originally going to sell this piece. I am not sure I can ever part with it. Are you reading, Jamin? {I think he’s already figured that out}

Jamin and I made this coffee table. We had a (very talented) friend weld the bottom part for us from metal, per my request, and then we painted the bottom and attached the top. What do I love the most about this? I can switch it out for another design when I grow tired of it. It’s indestructible. The kids climb on it all the time. This large coffee table and rug (one of my fave all time purchases-something actually affordable from PB) really anchored the space for us, where as before, it had been a problem area.

That’s our space…I hope you didn’t fall asleep! Thanks for reading.

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