a hodgepodge of random thoughts {kitchen + bedding inspiration}

Not sure where my head is. Apparently I published this twice. I’m such a dork.

Hey guys!

Well…it’s taken me a bit to get back on the inspirational bandwagon. I think I needed to sit back for a few days, take in everything I’ve learned so I didn’t implode, catch up with some dear missed bffs, get reorganized, and most importantly, really enjoy my {very missed} children. I’m all, codependent mom over here-asking them if they missed me, and they’re all, “yeah yeah, we missed you too, you were only gone for four days…get off of me!” I walked through the door, and Jamin had cleaned the house. Done all the laundry. And cooked dinner. I’m not sure about the message he was trying to send. I could be all, “awe honey. you’re so great. and wonderful and awesome” but I was more like, “dude. He’s totally trying to one up me.” It was a mixture of both. Kidding. I was totally grateful. It’s just a little weird knowing he totally MORE than had it under control.

This post is (quite obviously at this point) going to be a hodgepodge of things, so let’s begin, shall we?

1. Some of you may have noticed I have closed down my etsy store. Some of you probably have not. ;) Regardless, I kind of thought it was important that I go ahead and talk about it, as I’ve gotten a few messages asking. It’s nothing monumental, or huge. But its a big step for me in the direction that I want to go, as a designer. I’m learning, in this minefield of a professional life, that it’s good to streamline. And so streamlining, I am. We are offering design services, and may be creating art, or refinishing pieces for those who’s spaces we receive the honor of doing. This allows me to focus on my passion, and really grow in the areas that I wish to grow. Biggest lesson so far: just because I’m capable of doing something, doesn’t necessarily mean I should sell it. This has been a hard, but rewarding lesson learned for me…

What does this mean for you? More how-to’s suckas! I was tired of feeling like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. It put me in an awkward position with gross stuff like shipping. And now I get to show you exactly how to create your own. Sound like fun? Any specific requests? Check out our portfolio page and send em my way!

2. I’m getting all personal and stuff, and This sounds SO minor compared to real needs out there, and it totally is. But I must confess: I am SUPER nervous about Aiden’s interview this week with a magnet school here in Montgomery. If he doesn’t get in, I realize God has bigger plans. I just could use your prayers that I’m not all, freak-out-helicopter-mom. He’s in line for a haircut today, and I’ll have the perfect clothes picked out for him. Other than the surface stuff, (and, duh, the last five years of love)…I think that’s about all we can do! I am super anxious about letting him loose into Kindergarten next year…I promise not to post (but maybe one) sobbing rants about how mah babay has growned! {that’s my version of southern speak.} But in the meantime, I’m doing the anxious dance. SO seemingly minor, but I think it effects the rest of his educational path. So me = nervous {I’m totally about to keep him at home and pull the homeschooling gig. Yeah I just wrote that. Can you picture me homeschooling?! Uh, no. That takes a talent that I do NOT posess}

3. Now for the good stuff…we’re starting on our kitchen in the next few weeks. {Thank you tax returns!} Here’s a few of the latest. I promise not to ramble about the entire process. (Unless you want me to) I may just have one big reveal and then talk about it. Sound like fun? Maybe not?

I’m thinking of a little of this… Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood grey (also known as our island) To contrast with a lot of WHITE.

paired with a little of this:

and this:

via etsyand…maybe some of this:

via etsyand definitely THIS.

via ikea (in store)

and I’d like to sell one of my children and score this:

big chill

But I love my children. So I’ll be doing this:

via cookie magazine

has anyone pulled this off before? I could use LOTS of advice if you have.

I’ve also been working a little on revamping the bedroom.

I simplified this mirror:

So it now has a lighter, brighter feel, but you can still see fun layers of crusty texture beneath. It kind of tells a story.

Scored this quilt at home goods {whilst shopping with my fave peeps layla and shaunna} for fifty smacks! And to think I almost talked myself out of it! {SCORE.}

It was time to lighten and freshen up a bit. I’ve had a little bit of a crisis with our headboard, so I’ll show it all to you when It’s all said and done…

And there you have it. A little bit of this… and that.

Stay tuned for a fun sneak peek of an interior I just finished up, this week. And some more tutorials, of course…MUAH.

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