mrs meyers clean day

{alternate title: I saw the light}

I’m dealing with another bout of the voms over here, as my oldest is sick (yet again) so these products and this (really short) post came at the most appropriate of times…

Rewind: Props to the designers of Mrs. Meyer’s, because I’m a self admitted design snob (imagine that). I remember the first time they were featured in Communication Arts circa 2004. (7 years ago) To be featured, is kind of a major deal in the graphic design world, and even then I remember feeling drawn to their simple, clean design with their fabulous no-nonsense, simplistic appeal. In their labeling, their application of type, and their beautiful, clean colors.

Fast forward to a few months ago, and The Nester’s feature reminded me of their existence.

Fast forward to this past weekend: when after I’d scrubbed our somewhat disgusting shower oh-so-dutifully and after enduring a night of a stinky bedroom (from the fumes of the bathroom) all in the name of bleach and powerful cleanser, and in the meantime, lost all of my nostril hairs, {gross but true-I believe they were all singed in the cleaning process} I decided enough was enough.

Cut to me, standing in the middle of Walmart, noting, for the first time, those familiar labels on the shelf as I passed them by in one serendipitous moment made just for me and my hound dog nose. (I thought you could only buy mrs meyers at fancy shmancy places. Not good ole wally world.) Cut to me, taking a glorious whiff, and after my love-at-first-smell experience, shoveling this jazz right into my cart.

When my children get sick, I go into overtime with the clean-up-right-now-so-the-germs-don’t-spread-freak-itis. No. Like. Scary. Clean. Mode.

(yes, I do have issues.)

So busting out this stuff, is quite a pleasant change, seeing as how I don’t really feel like I’m poisoning them with horrible fumes.

And I actually look forward to cleaning.

No lie.

I’m about to go tackle the kitchen right now, and I’m kind of excited. Put on some music and douse me in this stuff. I’m one happy gal, and so is my home.

My latest obsession? All things lavender.

Check them out now. Seriously. I’ve seen the light.

And I’m never going back.

What are some of your fave cleaning products?

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6 Responses to mrs meyers clean day

  1. Anna @ IHOD says:

    I have never heard of this product! I am convinced I need to check it out!

  2. Chelsea K says:

    Love it!!! I think I'm officially going to have to try this stuff.

  3. We have hard water…which results in nasty, streaky, hard-water-stained glass shower stall. I have been using CLR and Kaboom! with Oxy Clean….the problem is that I have to GET INSIDE the shower to clean it all…like, I have to literally take a shower and clean while I'm in there. The fumes will make me lightheaded!! I'm going to try Mrs. Meyers and see if that works as well without giving me permanent brain damage like my current products!

  4. ashley @ pure + lovely says:

    Ashley-I've had the same problem of a nasty shower stall, and that's what kills me, as well. Get a nice, firm-bristled brush, to help you scrub, and the potent cleaner version of mrs. meyers for the stall part. It should help! I have to take a shower, while I clean, too. or else it doesn't get done. GROSS. In our NEXT HOUSE (if not this one) there will a. be no glass or b. the glass will not be edged in filth-catching edges what make me want to GAG my face off. ;) GOOD LUCK!

  5. Jenny says:

    So does this kill germs? And have you found that it will clean a shower well? Just wondering…

  6. ashley @ pure + lovely says:

    Hey Jenny-

    That's actually a great question and I was wondering myself. I have read that it is not antibacterial, so it may be good to chase it with a germ cleaner. I, for instance, will NEVER give up my clorox wipes.I am not sure I could ever exist as a mother without them! ;)