spring fever and glass houses


A few weeks ago, when out junking with some of my newfound fave peeps, I came across some serious vintage pyrex. Thus began my new(est) obsession, and the idea of the primary nesting bowls displayed oh so prettily in my home. I guess I got a lil cocky, in thinking I could find more, but this stuff is hard to come by in my neck of the woods.

I’m seriously wanting a collection kind of like this:

and when I went out one night with Jamin (who totally humored me) all I found was this:

Not pyrex. Even corningware. But it is yellow. and I’m on a yellow kick. So I went the next morning, and instead of pyrex, I found two of these.

What’s that, you may ask? Why is she blogging about terrariums that were “in” 3 years ago in the blawgh world? Well, I say these are glass houses, so don’t throw any stones. (Yes, I did just write that) And in my book, terrariums never really go out of style. 😉



Just gotta say-this one makes me drool. Check out this photo and the artists’ entire work on flickr. (link when you click on the photo) BREATH. TAKING horticulture/plant/floral/I’m-not-sure-what-to-call-it, stuff.

So, to work with a quickie kinda spruceup I went. Whoever’s booth this was thought it would be a grand idea to put stuff all over the glass…

so this is my new best friend

and after a quick clean up, I called in my crew.

This was a fun lil project for us. After collecting a few cheapy plants from walmart, and some shells and other filler thingofajigs from around the house, we got to work.

I won’t lie…they only stayed interested for about 2.5 seconds…

This little guy “pointy” (as he has been dubbed) was a pity buy from Aiden. He wanted to bring him home and take care of him. (Aiden gets it honestly-I used to purchase soup cans with dents in them out of pity-no judging) So “pointy” gets his own home, when combined with pretty shells and random little nicknacks, he makes a very interesting display.

I had another glass house sitting around that I found this fall, so when I grabbed up the other two (in two separate booths on one day) it was an instant collection.

We’ll see how long it takes me to kill them, but I’m loving the fresh effect they give my kitchen window. Like a pretend herb garden.

I’d love to paint them all white (I’m also on a white kick) but that would be more tedious than my entire kitchen cabinet redo, so for now, they are what they are…delightful little unexpected treasures.

A breath of fresh air and a preview of the wonderful spring weather to come.

Don’t you just love little glass houses, and the fun vignettes they can provide?

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Responses to spring fever and glass houses

  1. Oona says:

    I love those little terrariums! I wish I could find some around here. We do, on the other hand, have vintage Pyrex out the yin-yang…

  2. Erin says:

    I found the same turquoise vintage Pyrex at a garage sale last summer. I got 8 pieces plus the glass lids for under $10!!! Than the same summer I found the same pattern in nesting mixing bowls at my favorite local thirft store for $10!!! I now have the same obsession with completing my collection. I've asked my mom if it would be weird if I "registered" ebay or etsy for more dishes to fill my set. haha!

    LOVE the terrariums by the way!!

  3. Sara says:

    Ashley – do you know anything about the pyrex with the bold bird pattern on it in your top pic? I just acquired a set of ramekins and a server in this pattern. Gorgeous!