beautiful ABC’s : a peek at some pretty walls

I think it was engrained within me, from the beginning of my first official graphic design class, to be a type lover. And/or snob. Whichever way you want to put a spin on it. I usually go with the latter. {Comic Sans must die.} So naturally, I am in LOVE with these ABC walls. I know you’ve probably seen some of these, and if not, please be sure to click on the photo below to go to the link and read all about them. I know I certainly feel inspired to use some fun funky type in my own way…{Can’t wait to show you!}

how about you?

a time for everything


life and style a to zfresh from god


I saved my very favorite for last. Be sure go to take a look at their little story, here. {and go see more of her fabulous space she’s created, as a bonus} I think her way of looking at things can be applied to everything we really want in our lives. I love her attitude, and her voice totally shines through her writing. She’s also a super talented photographer, to say the least.

What a beautiful space! Go leave this little family an encouraging word or two! 😉

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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Responses to beautiful ABC’s : a peek at some pretty walls

  1. Gorgey – Gorgey!!!!

    I did an alphabet wall in our toy room, but it's more of the crazy-primary-colors variety. :)

  2. Laura Kendell says:

    I'm feeling quite inspired. Love this!

  3. Jill Houston says:

    I have seen these a couple of times, but not the last one! She is super talented-wishing the best for them and their family! Love this!

  4. Melissa K says:

    Oh, that last one is the most amazing alphabet wall I've ever seen. The details are exquisite, and I love the way it fills the entire wall. Their story is so touching.

    Thanks for the shout-out. :)

  5. ashley @ pure + lovely says:

    Hey Melissa! LOVE yours! Clearly 😉 Beautiful job as well! Thanks for creating something so beautiful!

  6. alison says:

    Such beautiful displays! I too am a typography-lover. Can we kill Papryus for any and all uses within churches? so OVER it.:)

  7. ashley @ pure + lovely says:


  8. Joey says:

    LOVE the abc wall of fresh from God! Beautiful!!!

  9. Erin says:

    Oh my goodness, the Fresh from God room took my breath away. Gorgeous and a stunning set of photos too. I love the iron bed, I am on the hunt for one for my soon-to-be toddler!

  10. Tonya says:

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!! This is the perfect idea for our classroom/kid hangout room! Can't wait to try my own :)

  11. Rebecca says:

    I am humbled to see this! I kept getting all kinds of sweet encouraging words that totally perked up my heart and I was wondering where they were coming from, and now I know. THank you so much for all your kindness! I will update when there is a precious little bundle sleeping beneath those ABC's! <3 ~FreshFromGod