tabletop dances = a regular occurrence

We’re in the throes of the middle of the beginning stages of wrapping up our kitchen.

And if that was vague, imagine how we feel. :)

This is just a regular occurrence at our hizzy, and I thought I’d drop in and show you a photo of our biggest little trouble maker in the middle of one of his latest. Except “the usual” includes a tabletop dance ending in the grand finale with a literal swing from our chandy. He also thoroughly enjoys taking the crystals off and chunking them.

Awesome fun, he is.

It’s a good thing he’s so super cute…

A really good thing.

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2 Responses to tabletop dances = a regular occurrence

  1. Betsy Miller says:

    He's adorable! Love your pic!

  2. Jenna L. Johnson says:

    Hilarious. Ours did the whole climbing thing a lot too. Can't wait to see that kitchen!