wooden numbers : a quickie

I have this obsession with anything vintage, and I go gaga for anything vintage industrial.

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and lately, I’ve been obsessed with numbers.

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via 30 oneI was looking for something to go above the cabinets in the kitchen. Something a little different than my usual plants and plates combo. Nothings wrong with plants and plates, of course. I just was ready to mix it up a bit.

So, if you read these posts here and here, you know we’ve been a little circlejigsawhappy lately.

quick tangentbackstory: Last spring, I was bored. So began coming up with extravagant words to describe the every day. The back porch we finished off as an additional room suddenly became a hoitytoity “veranda.” Chloe our beloved mutt dog was an “experimental hybrid,” and our house suddenly became “the bungalow.” Bungalow no. 5, to be precise.

I don’t really call it that, in real life, because I live in Montgomery Alabama, and referring to my cookie cutter hizzy as Bungalow No. 5 sounds a little pretentious standing in the middle of walmart sniffing Mrs. Meyers clean day candles. {read the following in your best Mater voice: “Hey Jamin! You think this here stuff will smell good in the bungalow?”} I’m probably over thinking it like I always do, but that’s just way too many syllables. I don’t think it sounds that way if anyone else does it. I think it’s awesome. But it’s like trying to pull off someone else’s look as your own in the fashion world. When I write about our home, I call it “the bungalow” (sometimes.) {I’m slowly easing into it}because I think its a great term for our humble abode. But I can’t bring myself to say it out loud in front of people…

But in the meantime, until I decide I can pull it off it’s cool in real life, I decided to make a symbolic representation for Bungalow No. 5.

Humor me, okay? {I also chose this, because, well, there’s five of us. I’m deep + mysterious like that.}

It’s a super easy look that you could totally layer with the vintage numbers shown above. You could even paint or cut your own (like I did) to go with it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Glue gun, paint + paint brush, number or letter of your choice, MDF cut to size, and beadboard cut to size {whatever sizing you like}

I then joined all the pieces together with old trusty the glue gun.

The white is Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace. The 5, is Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Grey, and the yellow is Behr’s Gold Buttercup.

And there you have it: a quick little project to personalize and brighten up your space! Let me know if you try it!

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Responses to wooden numbers : a quickie

  1. Alima says:

    Love this! Adding it to my list of 8 zillion spring projects I want to complete.
    Oh and I love how you say last summer you were bored. I know that can't be possible with 3 kids?? If it is I must be doing something wrong. I only have one and I'm always running around like a crazy person. 😉

  2. ashley @ pure + lovely says:

    hey alima! No boredom here. I long for the day 😉 that was my nerdy way of trying to explain that i was bored with every day wording and terminology-why on earth I would come up with silly names 😉 I don't know the meaning of bored and sometimes i wish I did!

  3. Alima says:

    I figured as much! And I'm with ya – I dream about a whole day of boredom! It would be fabulous! :)

  4. Laura says:

    I spy some white drawers in the background! I can't wait to see your kitchen!!! :)
    Also, love the number project, of course!

  5. Johnnie Tate says:

    Where did you find the stencil for the large letters? Your work is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your free tips!

    Chattanooga, TN