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update: hey guys! sorry for the slow response…if a few of you are still having issues…try this: I think this error has to do with the version of Adobe Reader that the ones having the problems might have. One suggestion would be to have the update your Adobe Reader to the latest version. They can find that here. Let me know if this helps!

So I’m doing our free art a little earlier this month. I just got so excited, I couldn’t wait. These should print out to crisp 5 x 7’s, but if you want larger, {8×10} those should work, also. {If they don’t let me know!}

These are even better than our giveaways, in my book, because everyone’s a winner. I get to be all, Oprah and stuff. “You get a camper! And YOU get a camper! And YOU get a camper! YOOOUUUU ALLLLLLL GET CAMMMPEEERRRSSSSS!” Perhaps it’s just a little happy for your space…or a small note for someone else.

Either way, I hope it brings a little sunshine to your day.

The thought of these little illustrations sprinkled all over refrigerators worldwide really make me smile. Either way, I hope it makes you happy.

Get yours now, by visiting our freebies page. (camper 1, camper 2, and camper 3) Just click, print and cut! Then place it in the area of your choice.

and..view more of our past freebies, here.


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Responses to campers {freebie of the month club}

  1. mandy snow says:

    that is simply fantastic…they are so cute, i am indeed glad i have found your blog…thanks so much for these and now i am about to check out some pof your other freebies…xxx

  2. Norma says:

    This is total awesomeness! You just made my day (after a horrible nights sleep) My husband will be thrilled because he has built his own tear drop trailer. I think I may frame these for his trailer.

  3. Melissa B says:

    I love these. (I LOVE all your art!) Cannot wait to print and frame! Thank you!

  4. jami nato says:

    oh my word…you made me laugh with the “you get a camper, you get a camper….”
    not to mention these are freaking adorable.

  5. Julie says:


    I’m trying to print the 3 campers, but each time I try it says “drawing error occured”?

    Just wondering how I can print them because I LOVE them!


  6. Dorothy says:

    They’re absolutely adorable, and it’s so generous of you! Thank you !

  7. Jennifer says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank You!!!

  8. Amy Chermela says:

    WOW! I can’t wait to print these! They will look perfect in my little guys’ camp-inspired room!

  9. Julia says:

    I love these campers!! I’m having trouble getting them to pop up, though. Am I the only one? I get a drawing error. Sometimes when I decrease the size, they print fine, but other times they dont come up at all. Any ideas?

  10. These are adorable! I can’t wait to print them out to frame for my little boy’s room…Gus will be one in May and I am redoing his room (yes, already) in a travel theme…globes, maps, a paper airplane mobile…these would be great…they are the perfect colors and the very best? Our last name is Traylor! Get it?? Yep, I’m Traylor Trash…my husband hates it when I say that :)

  11. Betsy C. says:

    These are FABULOUS and came at the perfect time for my family…we had to say good-bye to our family camper. Thanks and I can’t wait to share the pics with you when they’re up! And baaaahahaha on the Oprah bit. Love it!

  12. jenny beth says:

    you are amazing!!!! adore all your printables.

  13. Katharine says:

    Where did you find these? My mom has an airstream and I’d love to find one (like yours) but an airstream. Thanks, Katharine

  14. Jennifer James says:

    wow this is great I love the creativity and my kids will love them in they’re room thank you so much

  15. Trish Hunter says:

    Hi hi hi!! I was just linked to this page and would like to say THANKYOU!!!
    I have my own camper that I’ve converted into a shop!!
    You can see all the photos here at
    Hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed this!!


  16. christy says:

    wow, I am in LOVE with these! Thank you so much for sharing your illustrations. Your Oprah analogy had me in giggles too, btw :)

  17. Kerri Griffin says:

    i LOVE your camper art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m decorating my son’s room in a camping/woodland theme. do you have these in another color pallatte? his room is going to be more earth tones and primary plaids instead of the pastel colors. just thought i’d ask if these color combos and the frill around the edges could be easily changed? if not, no prob! LOVE your blog!!!
    kerri ;o)

  18. sally says:

    I must agree, those cards are soooooo cute

  19. Liz says:

    Love, love, love these! We are gearing up for lots of family camping trips and I can’t wait to hang these up in our very old, very retro camper. Thank you!

  20. Mark says:

    Our friends have a tailgate trailer exactly like the camper with the wings on it. That is a 1961 Shasta trailer. I passed the links on to them. Thank you!!

  21. Janine says:

    How do you print them? Sorry, what am I missing?

    • Hey Janine! Go to the downloads page per the link below, find the title of what you’re looking for, and click on the title. That title will be a PDF that’s downloaded to your desktop. Print from there! ;}

  22. Lou-Bow says:

    I hope you don’t mind that I have shared a link to this on a recent blogpost. Really adore the camper vans, think they are so brilliant done! Thanks so much! x