sofa remorse

I wanted to title it “bounce on his italian leather sofa” but then I decided that would be slightly inappropriate, so rather than going for the full gusto with an all out title, you got Β a subtitle. uhuh. now you’ll have that song stuck in your head. and if you have no idea what I’m talking about…moving on.

This is the part where you can tell me I’m crazy. {Or not.}

But I’m going to ramble discuss it anyway. {These are totally old photos-circa February-ish that I grabbed off one of my pages. That kitchen in the background is ratting me out, but every time I see these photos, I do a little ding-dong-the-witch-is-dead happy dance…}

{deep breath} I’m ready to get rid of my dark sofas. I know. I realize I lose either way with this somewhat liberating/horrible confession. I present this issue before you, because I’m totally over them. I realize that with this confession, you have a choice of two reactions:

a. you totally agree with me that I should get rid of said sofas, and that means you don’t like them, and I’m a people pleaser, so it bums me out even if I agree, because I’m weird and need to get over myself…perhaps in these bummer moments I can take comfort in the fact that just maybe you’ve done the same thing?

b. you disagree, and think I’m crazy, and wasteful and who would get rid of two perfectly good leather sofas in their living room just so they can change it to something else? If you think this, you may not be reading my blog for much longer because I probably bug you;}

Of course, there’s always option c. you don’t really care, think I’m a train wreck and want to see me destroy my living room in a slow methodical process.

Sweet… I tend to over think things. Imagine that.

But I’m ready for something different. Who would’ve known that going with “safe” years ago would result in sheer and utter boredom from yours truly, now? I see these couches with their dark, looming presence and I just want to yawn. {and not in an inviting, come-sit-down-on-me kind of way} I’ll cover more on the subject matter of general living room inspiration later, but for today, let’s just touch on the subject matter of sofas.


When we moved into our second home, it literally went a little something like this: we were all, “hurry! we have money! in the form of cash! let’s buy something so we’re not sitting on the floor!” and snatched up the first reasonable pieces we found, a-la rooms to go, with no thought as to what we might really enjoy, that now sit in the heart of the home like two ominous, deadweight anchors. They mock me and my living room’s potential with their dead boring generic bachelor pad existence every day. {yes, I do enjoy a flare for the dramatic.}

I mean, you buy a house, and the status quo = leather + nailhead trim circa 2005, right? We didn’t really take our time. {I didn’t know what I liked. I was 25 for goodness’ sake. I’m not even sure I’m the same person anymore, so forget the sofas, let’s demolish the entire house!} Okay. I blacked out for a moment. Sorry. Now that I feel I’ve really grown into my own as a person with my own taste, I actually know what I want. And I {brace yourselves} am dreaming of a vintage sofa.


I could delve into this subject matter further, {the great potential trade off of 2011 via sofa logistics, replacement sofa conundrums, linen vs leather, anchoring with a great accent piece but making sure it has potential to go the long haul with simple lines and colors, how to shmooze your husband into going along with your insanity sofa shenanigans…comfort vs. style} but for today, let’s settle for some simple eye candy, shall we? I think its all I can handle.


I was still chewing on all of it, that grandiose and hush-hush idea of replacing something perfectly fine and good and sadly so-so with something you love. And thenΒ Karen’s fabulous guest post a-la Nester last week has kind of pushed me over the edge in decision land. Why feel inhibited by something you were never in love with in the first place? Duh. Just change it. Lesson learned to only bring things I am absolutely in love with, into my home. I already did that in the kitchen department. It’s time to forge onward in the sofa department. But there’s something about sofas that scare me more.


I’m stalking craigslist, to find that perfect piece. Because I feel like the perfect find can take some real patience. Especially with my potential budget, which all hinges on selling said existing couches. But when I see it, I will know. And for now, you’ll see a semblance of major tufted action going on in most of these photos, because that is, in fact, what I want…

..paired with white walls, different chairs a-la duotone linen reupholstery, chevron wooden floors-but again-Woah Nelly. Let’s just make sure I make the right choice, first.

This anthro sofa retails for a mere 6,000 dollars. So imagine my excitement when I found a vintage one on good ole craigslist this weekend, for only 125…only to have it sell right out from underneath me. I may or may not have nearly gotten into a tizzy over it. Let’s just say I may or may not have been a little hormonal, and it wasn’t about the couch so much as life is unfair and I had a gigantic “wah” moment, because of the things people do to people who may or may not have gotten their hopes up about an incredible financial problem solver to a couch funds issue…but alas. I am sure it had roach eggs, and something better this way comes. It happens to the best of us, after all.

Case in point: This just may be one of the most beautiful sofas I have ever seen. And would certainly rock some of our accent colors. Not vintage. But peacock blue trumps roach egg green.

Yes they are sour grapes. Very. Sour. Grapes.

via + via

Am I crazy to want velvet with three small kids? Probably.


loving the contrast of green on blue…





again, not really vintage, but loving the lines, and the illustration this poses of the never ending options out there.

a chorus of

angel. voices.

via little green notebook via southern living


kind of belongs in a bowling alley. Break out those red shoes and you have a photo shoot.Β But you could still rock it.


Classic and traditional, with an antique shape. Totally not even vintage rad, but just another example of the never ending, imitatable {is that a word?} options.


not vintage. and not bold. but I am still drawn to the classics along with a mix of the vintage. This would be for the secondary sofa…? Why are all the great products are in the UK?



This one is brown. But it doesn’t negate that the shape rocks my world.


I just can’t seem to navigate away from the idea of blue.

or green.

via decorati via pure style home.





via with those wood floors, please.




And there you have it. A little eye candy for you today, and a peek into the inner workings of my somewhat-ridiculous sofa conundrum. It’s time to muster the gusto and moxie to do what I really want. I think.

Have you ever traded out something that was perfectly fine for something you really wanted? For some reason these couch replacement issues are intimidating me. Have you experienced some sofa buyer’s remorse?

Fess up. I want to feel better.

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Responses to sofa remorse

  1. Jess says:

    oh wow!! “sit in the heart of the home like two ominous, deadweight anchors. They mock me and my living room’s potential with their dead boring generic bachelor pad existence every day.” = exactly how i feel about our leather sofa and love seat that my hubs brought into the marriage. i’m also dreaming of a tufted back velvet sofa. and i actually have one in storage that could be recovered…. must convince the hubs!! i’m also a little worried about how velvet would hold up with a toddler. i guess worst case scenario i could just have it recovered again in the future since the sofa is free! i love your blog and looking forward to your progress on this… may use it for my inspiration to get those brown beasts out of my living room!!

  2. What a lovely home you have! And what epically beautiful taste you have. I think with all my heart, you should get the sofa you love, because life is short and it will make you happy, and someone will take your dark ones. Due to my life being put in a snow-globe and shook around like…well you get the idea…I had to leave behind my dream sofa, a soft ice blue vintage reproduction with a high back and arms and beautiful, graceful wood legs…in the most amazing shade of ice blue, did I mention it was ice blue? Do I miss it, I surely do, however I spent 5 wonderful years with that sofa. For now an inexpensive ikea sofa in black decorated with gray and yellow pillows it the one I call mine, and for now it is okay, but it can never replace (or take away) the romance i had with the ice blue sofa. So do it, have your vintage sofa romance, it may not last forever, but if you do not have it, you will never experience it. :)

  3. I just bought a new sectional sofa and got rid of “perfectly good” sofas (in my husband’s words.) I’ve wanted a sectional for a long time, so I feel ya! :)

    Check out this brand new set with vintage style at CSN! (Just think, no reupholstery or stinkiness!) $1700 for both the sofa and matching loveseat is a pretty sweet deal!

  4. Sarah Stahl says:

    I agree…although your living room is Sooooooooooo lovely, the dark couches to stand out amongst all your bright pastels (is that an oxymoron) Anywhoo…I have the opposite problem. I have a beautiful blue couch and don’t know how to use it…wanna trade? LOL

  5. Jennifer says:

    First…let me wipe up my drool…ok. Whew. Those are some spectacular couches!!!

    I hear you. We have a nice little fake leather number and 2 hand-me-down recliners which, as hard as I try, I can’t embrace! Right now they are practical…which equals boring; the kids are all over the sofa and it is seemingly indestructible, which is a plus; the recliners are the bane of my existence but they are comfortable and work great when the kids are congested and need to sleep upright. I actually just did a living room post last week
    of what I have right now and what I *really* want. And what I want is to LOVE my house! So I’m trying to plan and scheme up some ways to make some cash, so I can slowly but surely make it into a place that feels like home…while just working as well as I can what I have right now. I think I’m finding peace in that. Knowing that what I have right now won’t be forever, but making myself as content as can be in the present.

    The problem is, with me, I’ll eventually get what I want and then be ready for change again. :-) Such is my life!!!

  6. Alima says:

    ha! your writing cracks me up.
    I too have a sofa I hate. I am in the processing of measuring and buying a whole bunch of white cotton duck to slipcover it with. Obviously that option wouldn’t work for you because your wanting a different shapes from what you have now. I think craigslist is a good idea and yard sales too! If you are patient you will evetually find what you want for the right price.
    And yes, I do think you are a little crazy for wanting velvet with 3 kids. I have 1 toddler and I wouldn’t even dream of velvet or even a new sofa at all. Thats why I like the slipcover option. I can just throw it in the wash with some bleach and voila!
    Good luck with your search! I can’t wait to see what you find!

  7. Laura says:

    Oh. My. I am SO right there with you on the sofa buyer’s remorse! I loved my couch for about the first year I had it. I’m now over the color, and the back cushions. It’s comfy, but not fun to look at. I love the tufted look too, and I am in love with all of the gray sofas you posted! Can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

  8. Nancy says:

    I have been thinking of recovering my sofa for 2 years! It is very traditional and not tufted but was also thinking of going leather! So you are not crazy and we might look at trading? Of course, I was also thinking of doing a large pattern on my sofa so I am in a conundrum, too!! I never see sofas in large patterns anymore. It is SO hard as designers to do our own stuff! I need to redo my own kitchen ( for the last 5 years!!) I never have a problem doing others homes!!!!

    • Coria says:

      I would go to the grocery store and check out the magazines to see what you like the most . then go find something as close to that, used. that way if you get tired of it , you can sell it and get another one. Don’t waste a lot of money on new sofas. when you spend so much money you feel like you have to keep it. You can buy a used sofa that still looks new.

  9. Sarah says:

    I can so relate where you are coming from! Except, I went from the exact opposite side as you. See, I have a lovely but pretty worn vintage sofa that I adore…but couldn’t stand to have in my living room anymore because it was SO uncomfortable. I didn’t want to try reupholstering it myself and risk ruining it, so I left it as is. We would NEVER sit on it, because it was that uncomfortable, we’d choose chairs we had any day over it. So we finally bit the bullet and bought a used couch and loveseat pair off of craigslist. The lines are a bit bigger than what I would have probably chosen in a store, but we’re a 22 year old couple in our second year of marriage with only a small disposable income. I’m happy with our choice for now, and someday when we’re a bit more stable, I’ll get have that vintage sofa cleaned up nicely and made more comfortable- by a professional. Until then it makes for great seating in my office. :)

  10. Kara says:

    I’ve finally saved up for a new sofa, but can’t pull the trigger on anything because I’m afraid of buyer’s remorse. And afraid that what I would like wouldn’t work with two toddlers. Such lovely eye candy that you provided.

  11. I have a velvet couch … and four children: 4 1/2, 3, 1 1/2, and 3 months. DO NOT BUY VELVET. Between the kids and our great dane, I cannot keep the thing clean. It is the bane of my existence. So, of course, I long for leather. :) The grass is always greener…

  12. Christina says:

    You already know my sofa conundrum right now. You started my sofa conundrum πŸ˜‰ Seriously- if it doesn’t make you happy, and you have the $ (or it’s cheap on craigslist, etc)- move on. Velvet? Cupcakes: yes please. Sofa when you have 3 kids?: Not sure. I have 2 dogs and their fur on my velvet is SO annoying. However, if you’re craigslisting.. I say go for it! It could be temporary – if you don’t like it, you didn’t invest a lot anyway. You could keep flipping couches forever this way with different looks! That sounds very Real Housewives of New Jersey with the flipping of furniture but you know what I mean. Trying out new looks on a whim: Pro’s : Cheap and also (selfishly) exciting for us to read about. Con’s: Probably a pretty scary thought for Jamin.

  13. laura says:

    I SO know what you mean – i decorated and accessorized my entire home JUST BECAUSE I WANTED IT DONE without thinking about it and now I want to change EVERYTHING. sigh.
    anyway – take heart – i have a friend {who’s SUPER-contemporary in her styling} who wanted a pink or purple tufted vintage couch to go against the backdrop of her accent wall that was painted with black and white stripes. {she’s also very brave}
    BUT! after about a 2-week search on craigslist she actually FOUND a pink velvet tufted vintage couch on craigslist and paid $200 for it {the guy was asking $150 for it, but someone else was also interested in the couch so she offered him $200 to “win” it}
    It looks spectacular in her sitting room and it was totally worth the search.
    you can find what you’re looking for! i have the faith!

  14. alison says:

    I can’t get that post of Karen’s on Nester’s blog out of my mind either, mostly because that picture of her abs mocks me, but that’s neither here nor there. Love all of your sofa choices. Hopefully, those will get you more than enough $$ for what you want! Have you checked Urban Outfitters? Perhaps one of your posts above included one of their cutie-pie tufties. Can’t wait to see what you come up with and I hope it’s a post titled, “how to tuft and recover your leather couches yourself” πŸ˜‰

  15. Cassi says:

    You had me at the Cake reference! But I am in complete agreement on sofa types. Those tufts are so lovely!

  16. Leanne says:

    I love. love. love your couch epiphany. I have a moss green microfiber couch and matching love seat. After having this set for over 3 years I am convinced that microfiber was, in fact, made by the devil. It is always messy looking with it’s random light and dark multiple personality chaos. And it is green. *green* I do not want a green couch. I have nothing against green. It is a perfectly acceptable color. If you choose it. But I did not choose it. I inherited it when I moved in with my fiance. And I have been stuck with it ever since. (Just like the green car I got stuck with in my divorce from my ex. Huh. Maybe I do have something against green.) Next I bought a rug – to match the couch, of course. Then curtains to match the rug. Then the throw pillows inevitably followed… at least the throw pillows covered some of the couch. But I bought too many and then there were so many throw pillows I couldn’t sit down. Then I painted the living room walls a color that contrasted nicely with the couch. The couch that I hate. And then I bought a large framed picture of flowers that matched the pillows with leaves that matched the couch to hang over the couch. And now I want to throw it all out into the street. Only I don’t have the cash to replace it all because before I had my baby I was on bedrest for months laying on, you guessed it, my stinking rotten couch. help. me. please.

    • Coria says:

      I’ll tell you what I did with my boyfriend’s sofa-it was dirty and ugly and would not vacuum clean. I had a yard sale while he was gone and sold it to an old man who was so happy to have it. I brought in a beautiful sofa that I love. In the end, the boyfriend wasn’t too unhappy- as long as he still had something to sit on in the living room. He got over it. If you don’t think your man would get over it, because he’s talked about the sofa and how much he loves it, you might want to wait til you get married. Then get rid of it. The woman should be queen of the castle. Women are the ones to decorate, because most men don’t know how.

  17. Sarah says:

    **Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone!!** I have been having the same exact thoughts! (Not so much the velvet… but love the lighter/brighter looking couches.) My husband and I bought our leather couches last year, they’re beautiful… and we thought long and hard about “durability” and “getting the biggest bang for our buck” and “other boring things.” Now, I totally feel like they’re some kind of anchor dragging my living room down into the depths of something terrible.

    Unfortunately I am not brave enough to:
    a.) do something that drastic (i’m a super over-thinker)
    b.) tell him (i can hear it now… the laughter followed by complete silence)

    So, does anyone have any suggestions about how to make a living room work with dark couches? All the mags and websites seem to have light and airy rooms. I’m jealous that I can’t go there… Is there any way to brighten them?

    Also… I love this blog. You make me laugh. Thanks!

    • Sarah-as you see with mine-I’ve been doing it with some major pillow action, so its not all bad. perhaps I should do another blog for those of us who are stuck “in the meantime” but for the record, b. made me laugh out loud. That IS my hubs. I have a system with Jamin. I prod him three months in advance, and tell him to trust me. I also make his life miserable when he doesn’t go along. oh my. did I just type that out? KIDDING. But not really.

    • Coria says:

      How to brighten a room with dark couches- if you decide to keep them- Light walls- pick your favorite color and do about the lightest shade you can in that color. Yellow should be the color of butter. very pale. Pink should be almost white. Blue should be a pale robins egg blue. Then, find pillows in light colors, maybe a little darker than the wall, with curtains to match. Or if you cant find what you like , buy fabric and make simple pillows and valances. If your room is also dark, not enough windows: pick pillows and valances with satin or shiny embroidery, so when you turn on the lights, they shine to bring more light in the room. Hang a really large (as large a you can fit) Mirror in a silver or gold frame. It helps bring more light into the room. Hang it on one of your walls, or above a fireplace.

  18. denise says:

    i can completely relate. we bought our furniture when we first got married just over 5 years ago and i felt so ‘grown up’…I recently went through a ‘wanting to change everything up’ phase…we sold all our furniture on craigslist (and i mean everything!) and i redecorated our whole place. we were able to change things up, freshen up our home and put some money in the bank afterwards! go for it!

  19. jami nato says:

    your opening line made me LOL.

    the first grey couch. ohhhemmmgeee. that is delish.

    if your sofas bother you, sell those bad boys. you have to look at them daily. it’s your living space. LIVE there, you know.

  20. Dorothy says:

    I completely understand your couch lust. We have two sad, old loveseats, and it makes me nuts every time I walk into the living room. Boy, did you find gorgeous replacement ideas. I myself really covet the dusky teal one from “Southern LIving” – and that ivory edging on the bottom..ooooooh. Now, if I only could afford to run out and buy it. Dont’ feel guilty; you just can’t incorporate good, but bachelor-y things into a whole other kind of feeling! Notice the common thread here?? Ha ha. If you find a good one on Craigslist, I will be so jealous. I’ve found several great deals on great old chests etc there, but the upholstered things I’ve seen are usually pretty scary/stinky looking. They remind me of our very first couch, which my lovely hubbo retrieved from someone’s trash. Ugh! Now I can just about smell it and visualize the nasty bright blue and green floral cheapo 70s slipcover we had for it. OK, on second thought, maybe your leather ones aren’t so bad… :)

  21. judy h says:

    Get rid of those dark monsters! Velvet can be very durable. There are still SO many of those great vintage and mid-century sofas around. Make sure you get it stain and water proofed. Even if you got a darker (not dark) color, the texture and design are going to lighten the room immensely.

  22. Mandy says:

    Wow. You have such a great blog. Your ideas are wonderful by the way and want me to rip up my own sofa and get a bright lovely and oooooooohhhhhhh that one!

  23. sarah g says:

    that’s so funny about the green vintage couch on craigslist! I saw it too and thought it was way too cool, but my husband thought the opposite! oh, well. a little jealous that your hubby is so agreeable with your ideas! :)
    love your blog!

  24. mindy says:

    I’m another sufferer of dark leather-itis. We’ve had ours for a little over 5 years and it makes me twitch. I love the couches you shared. I think we’ll go slipcovered this time, and I can’t wait to just be done with it already! good luck to you in your quest! I hope you find “the one”!

    • Coria says:

      I would find a used sofa in good condition. they are out there. and say goodbye forever to the ones you’ve got. go and be happy. I’ve changed sofas several times. they’ve all been used ones, and all fantastically beautiful. Don’t waste it on a new one. you might want to change again in 5 yrs. It also saves money to get some pillows, curtains and maybe a rug for in front of your new acquisition.

  25. Kai says:

    Do it! I just bought a vintage velvet sofa off of Craigslist and even though it is in dire need of a reupholstery job, I still love it a million times more than most of the furniture in my house. I am a little worried about redoing it in velvet because of the kiddos – but the couch only cost $15 so I’m not going to make everyone sit on plastic slipcovers to keep the couch looking perfect, even after it gets new fabric. I totally agree with how you feel about finding your style identity.

  26. I’m going to have that song stuck in my head for hours now! I {heart} the tufted velvet look though. I think you should definitely go for it.

  27. Ugh! I totally feel you on this one. My sofa actually looks almost identical to the one you have and I finally broke down and bought it b/c I just couldn’t decide/commit to anything else. I figured brown leather with gold nailheads would be safe and pretty much go with anything. But, now my style has evolved and I would like nothing more than to have a tufted velvet colorful vintage sofa. You go girl! (because I can’t! The Hubs would kill me if I got rid of this “perfectly good” sofa) Can’t wait to see what you get!

    P.S How is your Malone??? Mine is great and such a stinker!

  28. Kelli says:

    Vintage sofas are fabulous! You have good taste! I had one…maroon velvet, camel back, tufted. Gorgeous! I could stare at it all day. Because staring was all it was good for! Velvet is hard to sit on, but just sit because you can’t move once you’re sitting. It won’t let it, it won’t move with you. And that one long cushion? Lovely to look at but the ends pop up when you sit down. Stains weren’t a problem because no one would sit on it long enough to spill anything. Good news – bad news there, I guess. And now that I’ve depressed you, good luck on your search.

  29. Jules says:

    Hello! First time commenting on your blog. I followed a link from The Nester. :)

    Once you buy a sofa in an nontraditional color, you won’t be able to go back. At least that was the case for me! I bought a vintage chesterfield off of Craigslist a few months ago (in blue!) and I can’t believe what a difference it makes in the house.

  30. Susanna says:

    Here is my all-time favorite sofa shopping website. No, this is not a paid endorsement, just a “share” for sofa shoppers who want style, selection, and PRICE.
    Although these are custom, the prices are fabulous.

  31. angelt says:

    Oh wow, don’t blame you one bit for the brown couch(I was 25 what did i know?) so true.
    My mom has /had a vintage hot pink tufted velvet sofa, Hubba Hubba right?
    Well, she put it in storage after two years of kids and dogs it is a wreck. Velevet never bounces back. I am depressed just saying this.
    Velevet0-Leather couches 1. Good Luck and best wishes.

  32. Kelsey says:

    Lol you crack me up…but I too have VERY RECENTLY booted out two fully functional but extremely pillow-backed beige microfiber beasts! I bought them because they were “neutral” and GOD FORBID I get something that would add a little drama to a room! Well I’m done with always taking the Beige route! I applaud you for your bold-ness and I hope that you find the sofa of your dreams!

  33. Cheryl says:

    I just found this as I was searching for advice on my own sofa dilemma. I have a beautiful – albeit 40-year-old – blue couch, traditional, with a tufted back that belonged to my aunt and uncle. My aunt sold it to me for $100 about 6 years when she decided to buy an antique.

    It’s special and beautiful because it was hers, and while it is still technically in good condition (nothing new cushion inserts wouldn’t fix), it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world for my frame size. It’s definitely a more formal piece than I would like, so I’ve been flirting with the idea of replacing it.

    Here’s the kicker: I found a Restoration Hardware floor model which was well beyond my budget for a new couch; I went into the store only because I never thought I would be able to afford it. I was just window-shopping.

    Except … it was on sale (50% off). So I bought it. Now that I have bought it – because I did, just today! – I’m consumed with sofa remorse! It’s almost like I’ve been sneaking around, found a new love, and my poor, faithful, unwitting couch has no idea.

    I’m trying to figure out whether to return the new one before it’s even left the shop (because it’s a floor model, they won’t break apart the model for another couple of weeks), or go ahead and bite the bullet and welcome the new arrival.

    I live in a 1970s townhouse condo with a living/dining room. I have a basement, but the angles are so sharp that I don’t know if I will be able to get the old couch into the basement (assuming I would put it there – it could get ruined if the basement flooded).

    Honestly, most days I don’t want to sit/snooze on the old couch anymore. I have fallen asleep on it lots of times over the last few years, and while I appreciate the tight back and the structure, it’s narrow and too short for real comfort. It’s a “formal” sofa – not made for lounging or sleeping. It’s made for sitting upright. By shorter people than I am.

    But I don’t know that I am ready to let it go. Structurally, it is still a good sofa. With a good cleaning and new cushions, it would be very nice. Plus, my aunt that sold it to me was also my friend, and she died 3 years ago. She wanted me to have it, and it’s kind of a part of her that still lives with me.

    Probably, I will end up keeping both.

    • Coria says:

      Your aunt would be happy that you enjoyed it for awhile . however she would probably have commonsense to tell you if it’s uncomfortable, go get another one. I would let the one you have go. and don’t send it to the basement to get moldy. Put it on craigslist and let it go to a good home, where someone will be happier with it

  34. Awesome couch post! I have green couches and love ’em. I know white is “in” but I don’t like them (um, kids…) oh well, thanks for posting fabulousness!

  35. angie says:

    I love the teal, striped pillows. Can you please share where that fabric is from? Thanks!

  36. Uratex says:

    The sofas are good inspiration to others here. I love my leather sofa at home because it’s my only sanctuary, besides my bed.

  37. betty wilson says:

    I say get rid of them, I can relate not to couch issues but I have a complete 80’s bedroom set in my spare room I HATE from my hubby’s first marrage and it’s in great shape! It’s going baby!

  38. Stephanie says:

    I have a similar issue with a big brown anchor in my living room. My husband purchased this sectional sofa years ago while in Italy, before we met. Now it sits so very awkwardly in a living room NOT shaped for a sectional. Not to mention the brown is very hard to match, it’s not really dark, but it’s not light either. He refuses to get rid of it because it was a large purchase he made “All by himself”. It makes me cringe every time I see it. I’m trying to use the “Honey, we should enjoy something that we purchase together” It’s not working. He also came into this marriage with a dining room table and matching hutch that I utterly despise. Ugh, one room and piece of furniture at a time. I too am going to follow along to see how you make out with your beautiful new tufted sofa = )

  39. Brandi Crane says:

    I just stumbled across your blog as I was searching for how to decorate around a peacock blue sofa. As I read on and on I found myself laughing out loud! I seriously thought you had opened up my mind and stole what was inside. I too had a very boring sofa that has absolutely no character WHATSOEVER! I too have been obsessed with finding a beautiful heavily tufted vintage sofa, preferably peacock blue. And I too have been scouring Craigslist for months looking for the perfect couch. Now, as if all the above things weren’t enough to make me think I was reading my own blog….I too found a vintage tufted sofa on craigslist for $110. Not only was it vintage and tufted, BUT IT WAS PEACOCK BLUE! This lady had no idea what a gem of a sofa she was selling. Of course I told her I would pick it up right away, meaning…the next morning. I wake up the next morning at 8 am with so much excitement only to see this dreaded text message on my phone. These are her exact words…..
    “Bad news…the couch is gone. my dad’s friend just stopped by and paid $150 for it. Sorry for the inconvenience.”
    I literally thought I was going to cry. INCONVENIENCE! Was she serious? She had no idea how long I had been searching for that exact sofa, which was in perfect brand new condition since it had sat in her mother’s unused formal living room for the past 40 years. Oh the devastation.
    So there you go, I had found the couch of my dreams and it was sold right out from under me. Except….2 days later this lady who had crushed my dreams redeemed herself. She sent me the following text message…
    “Ok, good news. My dad’s friend’s wife doesn’t think the couch is big enough for their room. They are bringing it back and it is yours if you still want it.”
    Angels voices couldn’t have been any sweeter at that moment.
    I am now very happy and am finding new funky decor to accessorize my new peacock blue sofa! So, don’t give up, your sofa is out there. BTW, my sofa looks exactly like the skirted one in the 6th photo down (not including the pics of your sofas) that has a photo of a green couch beside it. PERFECTION.
    Happy Hunting!

  40. Jenn says:

    I just found this post through your “Slipcover Grief Cycle” post and am sort of feeling like we were possibly separated at birth. This sounds EXACTLY like me & my couches at the current moment, except I wish my mistake had been the leather–I could live with that a little more easily. I fell into the two-tone sectional trend circa 2007 and basically want to throw them both off of a cliff–yes, I bought not one, but two πŸ˜€ I’ve taken on the task of recovering one of them myself, in a effort to lighten up the room and it’s got me REALLY regretting buying them πŸ˜‰ Anyway, just wanted to tell you that you made me laugh, and I’ve had that Southern Living turquoise, velvet couch pinned for a couple of months now and still drool every time I look at it. I’m totally with you on the velvet!

  41. Megan says:

    Just found your blog through Pinterest and the slipcover post. I’m in the exact opposite predicament that you were in. When I married my husband, I also “inherited” a vintage sofa with him :) He loved it. So much that 2 years ago we had it repadded, the springs redone, and recovered in a better fabric. I loved it….for a while. Now I dream of long chocolate brown leather sofas. Maybe one day we’ll both get our dream sofas :)

  42. Julie says:

    This is me. Right now. Same exact feelings. The crazy thing is that we were SO excited and proud of the couches when we purchased them. Like “we have brown leather sofas, heck ya” proud. We have recently moved and I’m trying to decorate the family room around these sofas and they are killing me! Ugh. I will get there. I need to keep reading to see how you managed!

  43. Mary Ellen says:

    Hi, I came across your blog because, strange enough, I am going through the same sofa remorse and I want the same vintage (or vintage style) tufted sofa. My budget too, is contingent on selling my current puffy leather sofa. I have been searching craigslist and like you found a great vintage tufted sofa with, bonus, a matching chair for only $100.00 but it sold right out from under me!!
    I have hope however, and I will keep plugging along!!

  44. Coria says:

    HI, about the tufted sofa- I’ve changed sofas several times, because I felt like it. because it made me happy. so you should do the same. I think tufted is great. My last 2 sofas were tufted- well should say that includes the one I have now. I love colors. last one was mauve pink ( I lived in a Victorian house) and the one I have now is dark red. So I think colors are great. The only thing is if had three kids I would go with leather or faux leather. Otherwise blue will look dirty. Or you will end up having a quilt or sheet on top to protect it. that ‘s what my friends sometimes do. Definitely buy used. That way when or if you get bored again, resell it and buy again. That’s what I’ve done. Anyway, Iwould wait for the kids to be grown to do the velvet. Maybe a velvet tufted bench or loveseat in your bedroom in the meantime? You can usually pick up a bench for pretty cheap. And I also check out the magazines for ideas so you know what you’re really looking for. It’s sort of like a cheap decorating assistant without the cost. I also like getting valances to match the color of my sofa. It makes the living room look more finished without the cost of heavy drapes.

  45. Coria says:

    I really like the room with the yellow curtains and touches of yellow and red. Also the room with coffee table with the horse. so pretty

  46. Coria says:

    By the way don’t ever feel guilty about changing furniture or anything in a room. you should feel excited about it.

  47. Amanda says:

    Many of these photos are in my personal collection. I think it is always better to wait and find something you can really love. I have waited a year … last week came across a decent sofa for $200. Decided to get it because Iike the frame and eventually will reouhpolster.

  48. Amanda says:

    You are right why are all the best looking sofas/ furniture in the UK? This is very frustrating to classically designed sofa and furniture. Every time I think I have found the perfect piece of furniture it is only sold in the UK. Very Frustrating.

  49. Monica Fooe says:

    Thank you for saving me from a dark couch purchase! I say stay neutral and make sure couch is comfy. You can always change out your pillow/pics .