DIY : custom signage for your home

Just thought I’d show you a little something we were up to this weekend. After all the wonderful help that Tiffany has been to us, I wanted to help make some signs for her and her fabulous booth where she sells her awesome stuff.

We whipped out two of these signs this weekend. At 5 feet long, so that they can be easily spotted in the gallery, they were a large size to tackle, but totally doeable. I’m usually totally fine with free handing, but with hand painted type, I wanted it as accurate as possible. So, I took the logo I designed for her, and put it on a projector. After painting the cut MDF {purchased at Home Depot, or any other supply store, they can cut it to size for you, there} I traced the logo to larger than life sizing. {You can see a few more projects here, where the handy dandy projector has paid for itself in fabulousness.}

Hand painted is never perfection, but that’s what printers are for. 😉 Tiffany, quite understandably, was going for a handmade, unique look with this signage. So, I carefully handpainted each letter, and then went back over it in white in some areas, to eliminate those pesky pencil lines. This is halfway through that process, complete with uneven lines and crazy wonky letters.

This is what my kitchen usually looks like. It serves as my makeshift studio

After the lettering and logo was complete, I taped off the edges for a thin border.

And finished it off with our teastain.

If you’ve ever out and about, and see a custom sign you’d like, but the price is too high…or would like that same “look” in a custom name for your family…or would like something in your home, but in different colors : the possibilities are simply endless with this easy technique. Anyone can trace and mix paint. It’s a little work, but well worth it in the end for that fun customized, unique look.
Subtly different and worth every moment of work. Do you think you’d tackle something like this? Let me know if you have…
I’d love to see you guys rocking these signs.
Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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Responses to DIY : custom signage for your home

  1. Beauty of a job. My hand would be shaking all over the place! What kind of brush do you use? Slanted and round? Love the colors of this sign.

    • Hey girl! I probably use about ten different brushes for these projects. Everything from thick and flat, to small and skinny. I don’t think I used a single slanted brush, because I didn’t have one! 😉

  2. Catherine says:

    It’s garage week over at my blog. We did a huge garage workbench, pegboards, and to finish the week on Friday, custom signs for the dad and grandpa’s garages. Same technique as yours! Love the overhead.

  3. The sign looks great! I grew up helping my mom with her sign-painting business. Now most professional signs are done with cut vinyl rather than hand painted.

  4. Jennifer says:

    love it! really classy! I usually freehand too, but REALLY want a projector! My dad still uses one in his classroom (old school!) so maybe I’ll try to snag it…I have some ideas up my sleeve…

  5. Dorothy says:

    it’s just gorgeous! We had a friend in design who had one custom made for use at our church, and it didn’t look half as good as yours! You do awesome work.

  6. amelia says:

    what in the HECK do you guys NOT know how to do? can i come move next door?

  7. amelia says:

    LOVER the sign :)

  8. kiki b says:

    how creative! maybe you can help me….i know you are crazy busy with all you do, but i love checking out your “eye candy” series-let’s me daydream about what my house could look like! anyways,,,, i am opening my own practice soon and would love to get your stylish feedback and eye candy inspiration on how to decorate my waiting room. i love your style, so would love your input on making it different, eclectic, stylish, and not the typical dr’s waiting room. any feedback would be greatly appreciated!