design crush : lizzie carney

So I have this little design obsession, and I really don’t know how I’m just now stumbling across her. Design obsession, as in, crush, as in, if I saw her in real life, I may actually walk up to her and drool and ask her to be my friend. I mean, even her shoes are fantastic.

I absolutely despise it, when I find a fantastic image, and fail to site the original source…I think all of us come up short in understanding it, in it’s full context. This happened to me, with her kitchen. Remember this post, a month or so ago on anti cookie cutter kitchens? And we were all, Oh. EM. GEE. Peacock on the fridge and fancy chandies. Yes please. This, of course, is her fabulous kitchen, belonging to her incredible 1000 Sq foot Jacksonville, Illinois Bungalow.

Lizzie is a stylist for the company Euro Trash, {and I think a wonderful resource for her great finds.} I love the idea of finding someone with their own style, and soaking it up.

Limited on space, she went for bold, and turned this spare guest room into a closet of her own. I’m sure some of her friends were all, “I can’t believe you’re doing that.” I’m sure it pays not to listen to the naysayers. You hear that, all you gals out there who want to do something bold and are listening to those naysayers?

Refined lush, is a great way to describe her spaces. She knows how to edit, execute her design intentions well, and an all-too usually crippling element: compensate for the things she doesn’t like, such as oddly placed windows, and weird light fixtures, as well.

I love the contrast of dark and light…of rustic with sparkle. Of big with small. I am a huge believer that subtle use in the emphasis of contrast makes for a great intriguing and inviting space. I think those elements, combined with its charm make this bungalow a real success.

Love Lizzie’s asthetic like I do, and want to see more? Images are from here, and here.See her House Proud segment on Nate, here. {Be sure to check out her bathroom and front door!}

Try not to short out your keyboards, with the drool. Will you be my friend, Lizzie? Can we hang out sometime? Can you hear me? ;} Hope you feel inspired, and have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! Have you entered our room giveaway yet? Be sure to check it, here. 

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Responses to design crush : lizzie carney

  1. Andrea S. says:

    She IS awesome. Those are some beautiful spaces!

  2. I love all the brown, gray, and pink.

  3. I love Lizzie’s style. I remember her Country Living feature awhile back – that closet, oh my!

  4. Helen says:


  5. Jodi M says:

    Love her stuff! But I have to admit I have a design crush on you ! My favorite thing about your house is all the family pics and all the fun!! So many bloggers and designers don’t have either! My walls are covered with my kids! Just started following you in August and I’m hooked!!!

  6. O.M.G. is right. She is fearless. Love it. Can I hang out with y’all ? 😉

  7. you ladies are so sweet. 😉 and too funny! ha!