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Southern Proper Monograms create a line of wooden delightful wooden monograms carried in seven different sizes to add that personal touch around your home. Be sure to check out their delightful products, here!

Hadley Pottery creates hand crafted, one of a kind american pottery. Their beautiful pieces are collectables, and handed down through generations. Start your collection, today. 

A Great Impression is a vinyl monogram company that caries a great variety of inspirational wall decals. Be sure to check out their beautiful assortment, for something in your home!Amborela paintings are some fabulous works of art for your home, by the talented artist Bethany Ogle. Choose from a variety of colors, and even shop by your own color preference.

Betwixxt offers an awesome assortment of everything from home accents, to fascinators, to products for children and a lot in between. Be sure to check out this adorable shop for great handmade items and gift ideas.

Starfish Jewelry Design, now known as London Reid, has fabulous handmade keepsake pieces. Be sure to stop by their site for great gift ideas or a little treat for yourself. You never know what you’ll find in their collection!Joyful Expressions by Ashley Glover is full of delicious eye candy. Her frames are a great addition to any space. Be sure to check out her work!

WUSLUwhere each day is a new surprise. They introduce one deal at a time, from around the world at major bargains. Be sure to drop by and sign up for their email list!

Need to build a website or blog? I get emails frequently, asking who I recommend. And it’s a total no brainer for me. Evenpar Solutions is a quickly-growing company led by the brilliant Tony Oravet. As if his portfolio isn’t testimony enough, I must say I’m a bit biased – I think he did a wonderful job with our site ;}

Basically Board sign company designs adorable handmade signs for home decor. Be sure to check out their wonderful one of a kind pieces for your spaces.

I’m sure you’ve heard me speak of Tiffany Interiors recently. This super talented galwhips up furniture redos and custom designs like she’s been doing it for years…and the best part is..she just opened up her very own booth here in Alabama.

Chena Designs is owned by the ever talented Lindsay who creates everything from wedding and stationery design, to custom textiles and just about everything in between.
Click here to view her wonderful portfolio.


A special thank you, and major props to all our wonderful sponsors for the month of October 2011! I’m definitely drooling over all their awesome products. These great sponsors and our incredible readers {you!} are a large part of what make what we do, possible! Please know you are cherished.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor at The Handmade Home, please feel free to read all about it,  here. We would love to hear from you.

Happy browsing, and shopping, everyone-enjoy the eye candy!

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  1. Absolutely fantastic. I am looking forward to becoming a sponsor.

  2. I liked you on facebook too! Crossing my fingers! xoxo

  3. subscribing right now! xoxo