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Good morning, awesome people! Thank you so very much for your kind words, yesterday. You make what we do, totally worthwhile. Thanks again, more than anything, for tuning in! Did you see me practically drool on Nate?¬†You know, that part where I was standing there and he was fabulous, and he said something about me being his art teacher, and my words kind of disappeared, and “I love you!!!” slipped out, but they were nice to me and edited it before I humiliated myself on national television? ūüėČ Okay. That didn’t really happen. {Insert I-don’t-want-to-come-back-to-reality-huge-heaving-sigh, here.}

Speaking of reality…It can be quite wonderful. And it’s been a little while since I had the pleasure of working with this delightful couple, so if you’re unfamiliar with our series known as the yellow house project, you’re in for a real treat today. Please feel free to click on over, scroll to the bottom, and work your way up to see a glimpse of an incredible story. Or, I’ll make it easy for you, and list it here:

1. the story behind the yellow house project , 2. the living room, 3. the kitchen, 4. the dining room, 5. the bathroom, 6. the master bedroom, and 7. the guest room

Lindsey said two things that really struck me when she sent over the photos of their study-to-be. 1. “I’m excited about this room because it gets to be all mine! (MUAHAHAHAHA)” {read: score.} and 2. She was really feeling the Cath Kidston fabrics right now.

Um, say no more, I thought to myself. Cath is like modern day Hello Kitty for big girls! I mean, who doesn’t love patterned tape in juicy colors, or these incredible iphone covers which I may or may not have just ordered? Yes please. Times ten.

So I dug around a little, and this is what I came up with for what shall henceforth be known as “The Sanctuary of Lindsey.”

1. First things first: a bit reminiscent of those big and bold British colors is this red desk for a punch of wow in the space. Lindsey could easily do one just like this with a salvaged piece, and I’m especially loving the touch of brass. It carries the “British feel” even further, without being too slap-you-in-the-face-and-call-you-mummy, over the top British. (Yeah. I did just write that.) I love it paired with this Benjamin Moore’s Patriotic White¬†for the walls. {heads up: it has a hint of grey/blue.}

2. Fabrics in these patterns would be fabulous as oh-so essential pillows in the space. I’d also love to see these vintage eclectic designs paired with this awesome houndstooth, which I admittedly stole directly from Lindsey’s pinterest board.¬†I didn’t include a chair on this board, because I’d really love to see a wingback upholstered solely in the houndstooth. She could also take down those blinds, and do simple floor to ceiling drapes in one of these patterns. Or, even a nice complimentary linen, saving the bursts of color {and her wallet} for pillows and accessories. Side note: all these fabrics can be a little pricey, so I like to decide what’s worth the splurge for me, personally, and search around for the best one before committing.

3. Like a crown jewel to a queen’s head would be this awesome fixture for Lindsey’s sanctuary. (Yeah. I just wrote that, too.) I personally would love to see her take on a project for something handmade with an old drum shade and pendant kit, to keep it super affordable. Beading or lace would give it the same incredible feel, while keeping the room fresh and unexpected. Lace screams high noon tea for me, and kind of rocks my face off in the doily department.

4. An recycled table like this one wouldn’t be hard to find in a few awesome flea markets I like to peruse. It would also provide that coveted, additional work space for her to spread out with those essentials. It may need a little love, but an old monster like this would be worth salvaging.

5. I’d love to see floor-to-ceiling shelving in that closet, to serve as an in-wall bookcase to provide plenty of storage. I know this isn’t exactly what I was talking about, but you still get the gist.¬†

Topped with these doors…{yes, I do have a life long obsession with barn doors} -they may have to only slide one way with space issues (and you could easily make some to look like this with a little wood!) They would provide instant art for those walls.

Quickly becoming one of my faves, check her out, here. {she rocks.}

6. I found this lamp, and fell in love.

And then I saw that price tag, and threw up a little in my mouth.¬†Sometimes I don’t even bother showing you guys the expensive versions. But gosh, I love that lamp. I can’t even tell you why. I just know it when I see it. If a brass lamp were ever a female in spirit, this one would be it.

So, I found one a similar shape.

This one is looking a bit womp-wompish after that first. Let’s pretend we didn’t see the first, because this one is awesome. I’m thinking she can remove the base, find a chunk of quartz, drill it out, and have the same look at a fraction of the price! PS. I’m totally kidding. Yes, I do take it too far sometimes.


7. I think she should treat herself to this: 

and these: 

because I said so. Pocket. Full. Of sunshine.

8. Of course, I think she needs to find a version of Duncan all for her own. Shouldn’t everyone have a Duncan? I’m scared to write this because the red kool-aid karma gods are about to smite me, but I shall never part with him. He’s the perfect husband sleep here when I’m mad at you brainstorming couch.

9. The oh-so essential chalkboard set up would be the perfect place for her to write down her schedule, and other forget-me-nots. These are easy to create with some thrift store frames, chalkboard paint, and a color of your choice for the frame.

10. The finishing touches would be this fabulous rug from Ikea to bring in a natural, simple, woven look for the space

And a simple DIY version {maybe with the red instead of the orange, and a phrasing of your choice} of some great art for the walls.

So there you have it. A space chocked full of personality and color, for this awesome couple, while also serving as a wonderful space just for Lindsey to tackle anything from her latest craft, work projects, or a even a nap while she “brainstorms.”

Hope you feel inspired today. I’m ready to make something!

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Responses to the yellow house project : the study

  1. Sarah says:

    That red desk really works with this! Unexpectedly glorious! And of course, those barn doors are super-awesome…

  2. I absolutely love whimsical, care-free, happy go-lucky rooms! I feel like this totally falls into that category :) There is so much in this room that could bring a smile to anyone’s face!

  3. Pantry love! I am working on some plank art right now!

  4. Lori James says:

    Love all your finds! Don’t know which is my favorite! First the red table, then the round table in the kitchen…they just keep getting better and better! LOVE IT!

  5. Love this! I can;t wait to see how your study turns out! I found you through Imperfectly Perfect and I’m so excited be a new follower!

  6. Jennifer says:

    beauty-full. love those barn doors, drool/sigh!

  7. kim says:

    love the room ideas here and the yellow house project! and I just checked out the link from yesterday’s show and it was fab! you did a great job and sounded like a total pro! :)

  8. Please-oh-please tell me the name of the paint on the chalkboard frames. I have been searching high and low for spray paint in a vintage’ish shade of turquoise, with no luck. Even if the paint is not a spray paint the name of the shade would be fantastic! Thanks a bunch!