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Good morning, awesome lovely people! I spied this great home for sale, and thought I would share it with you guys today.

You know. In case someone is interested. The sign goes in the yard today!

Okay. Maybe I’m a little unabashedly biased, seeing as how we live here. That, among other various whatnots having to do with creating memories, bringing babies home, blood sweat and tears of work, and all the great things life is truly made of. I know all of you out there can relate. This coming from the gal who may or may not have cried when she spoke to the real estate agent about listing this puppy. :{

For those of you who have been a part of our discussions on facebook, you may have seen it coming. For us, I was frankly, blindsided. Sometimes, that’s how we roll. ;}

The timing feels right for us, and we’re in no rush, so we’re putting our home on the market, and placing it in God’s hands. Basically, this is a hard decision for us me, but something we feel lead to do right now.

So, up it goes today. It’s priced fairly for our area, {a little less than for what it was appraised} I guess we shall see what happens. The timing just may be right…

Being completely honest: I won’t even go to the place where I talk about actually following through with a sale. Cue the ugly cry…but we’re in good hands with the brilliant agent who sold us our first home circa 2003…so here we go…wish us luck! {Aaaaaaaannnnddd spread the word if you know someone who’s looking to move to Montgomery Alabama! We have a great little gem just waiting to be scooped up!-If I do say so mahself…}

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34 Responses to for sale

  1. cassie says:

    um, it should be EASY! your house is amazing!
    did i miss where you are moving to? i just started following you in the last month so maybe i missed it?

  2. It’s gorgeous! If I lived in AL, I’d by it! Good luck!

  3. Mindo says:

    I too have recently become a follower, and I must say that your house is beautiful! Wishing you good luck with the sale and in whatever you chose to do next.

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh really? I can see why you’d be sad. Your house is beautiful! Are you going to move out of town or just to a different home? I’m sure it’ll probably sell quickly since it’s so beautiful. Good luck!

  5. april v says:

    I remember how heartbroken I was when we moved, too! :'( & it IS absolutely gorgeous, but I tell you what…as long as its in Gods hands, it’ll work out PERFECTLY! ;)

  6. Jami Nato says:

    your house will surely sell in 5 seconds. it’s a adorbs. and it seems like God is all over this move anyway. :)

  7. thanks so much for the sweet comments, guys! we’re not leaving town or anything. And we’re hoping our next home will be our stay-there-for-twenty-years-maybe-even-forever home…so we shall see. ;} Whatever it is, it will most definitely be our next canvas.

  8. Melissa says:

    You will probably have 30 offers haha! Your home is beautiful! Oh and one quick question, can you tell me where you got Emerson’s silk fabric ( for the drapes) from?? I love them! :0) They are silver right?


    • Hey Melissa! They are silk duponi, I think, from And yes, they are silver. Were you the one who asked me for a how-to yesterday? We’ve been so busy with house and christmas stuff, I haven’t had a chance to catch up! They are lined with black out liner, so they add some weight to the fabric, and help them puddle at the bottom. I hope that helps!

  9. Ashley, if I were a betting gal, I’d BET you have a solid contract by this time next week…hope you have somewhere to move to!! =) Best of luck!

  10. Jessica says:

    Do you have a listing link? My sister-in-law works in the area and is looking.

  11. Laura G. says:

    Oh my GOSH!!! I mean I guess I didn’t really think you’d stay in that house forever, but it’s kinda sad to think of leaving all that work you’ve done. I don’t think you’ll have any problem selling it; it’s an awesome house! And if you do have trouble selling, then that would definitely be a clear sign that it’s just not time. ;-) Ok now I’m kinda excited to see where you live next!! ;-)

  12. Amanda says:

    Girl. You need to start packing and looking because I have no doubt your house will sell in a heartbeat.

    That probably did nothing to help your stress level. Sorry.

  13. Lisa says:

    Your house looks wonderful and I am sure it will sell fast, best of luck to you!

  14. Meghan Grace says:

    My guess is that you will be moving sooner than you think. Your house is wonderful. Best of luck!

  15. Elz says:

    Aww I know it will work out for you, but it still makes me a bit sad…. but also excited because I know you’ll totally jazz up a new house too and I look forward to reading all about it!

  16. jean Reistle says:

    Good luck with the sale — if it is meant to be, it will happen. They say God only closes one door before he opens another….so let’s hope the new light shining through that open door is a glorious light for your family. I’m thinking maybe no one lives in the house you took pics of — how on earth do you keep it so clean and picked up!!!!??!!! You need to write a book on that! Jean from South Jersey

  17. Debbie says:

    Has it sold yet…I know it will be fast! Good Luck! Of course, I know I will enjoy a new home with you and your makeovers :)

  18. Melissa B says:

    I could totally move in to your home! In fact, you could even leave all the decor (except for maybe the fab 5 sign – only b/c our last name is not Mills) and I would be in a state of bliss. Unfortunately, Alabama would be a loooooong commute to my husband’s job here in Indiana. Good luck to you! (And I’m already looking forward to seeing what you do with the next place!)

  19. Dorothy says:

    Woman, you’ve already made it the perfect house!! it just makes me want to take a nap thinking of all your glorious efforts and then…moving.all.over.again.etc.
    But best of luck with the listing! It’s so so darling but looks like a real family’s house.

  20. Delana says:

    Ashley! Congrats on putting the house up, please send me the link and I’ll try to help you get it sold. I have a girlfriend who is looking to move…maybe it’ll be just what she’s been looking for!

  21. So pretty! You’ll sell that baby quicker than you can say “do I have to clean my house again for another showing?” Ha! Are you moving to another city or staying in the area?

  22. Jennifer Talley says:

    Your house looks great Ashley! I have been married to my Realtor husband for 28 years and I have made my living by being willing to move (14 houses in 28 years all in Maryville, TN). I have 4 kids that we have packed up and moved across town, down the street, and even back to the same house twice! Everytime, I get a little emotional, thinking our memories, blood, sweat and tears, and sometimes elation at moving to the next place. We have always made a good profit, and I love the adventure of starting new and redesigning a blank slate with our stuff! My kids are all young adults now, and they seem no worse for the wear! I don’t understand people who are satisfied to live in the same house, with the same decor for their whole life! Boring! What more could you do to your beautiful house?! I can’t wait to see where God leads you next and what you are able to do with your new space! Good luck, cry a little, then move on! It’s a house. Your “home” moves along with you!

  23. Sia says:

    What is most striking about your home is the degree of personality you’ve injected into it. The good news is that the “personality” belongs to you, and will be moving on with you. You’ll have a brand new slate to express who you are at that moment and beyond. The possibilities are endless. Either way, be happy to stay, be adventurously delighted to move on. Both have joy attached to them. Much luck and love to you and your family.

  24. Wow, as a new follower Im very surprised at your news but I understand it too. Praying God leads the right people to buy it so you can move on to the next blank canvas. As a reader, that part is exciting-watching you start afresh, even though I LOVE this home.

  25. Keely says:

    Your home is one of the most beautifully decorated, happy looking homes that I think I have ever seen. Amazing.

  26. Melanie Lorson says:

    You have beautiful style and I LOVE your ideas! I just came across you on Pinterest, while searching for playroom ideas. Could you tell me what colors you used for your playroom and also the yellow color in the kid’s bedroom? I just liked you on Facebook. Thank you for the inspiration! Keep on keeping on! :-)

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