a mini adventure + happy birthday emerson

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for a momsy kinda post.

I was going to be all clever, and title this post ‘trainspotting.’ Because it sounded like a clever way to talk about what we did this weekend. But I googled it first,  and since we didn’t shoot up heroin and or other illegal narcotics, I shall no longer call it that.

But we did have an open house, since our home is on the market…and because of that dangerous equation of an immaculate home + children = automatic home implosion, we cleaned, and then left to spend the night in a hotel downtown. You know, to avoid something horrific like boogers, and chewed up furniture, and poopy diapers being smeared on the walls. We were making it a mini family adventure for the kids. We had points, and they had an indoor pool. Need I say more?

We actually did do one of the things I’ve been wanting to do since we moved here: take a trolly ride and tour downtown Montgomery. {A mere 9 years later.} We even, appropriately enough, saw Dr. Martin Luther King’s old home, and learned a little about the local landmarks. I felt oh so appropriately thematically educated.

We also had a lot of fun kicking back, and doing basically nothing. Like a mini escape from reality. With a complimentary breakfast to boot.

I may or may not have let the kids jump on the bed and engage in dangerous activities like pillow fights. Maybe.

You’re only young once.

Today, is Emerson’s fourth birthday. Her actual partay is this weekend. There’s this weird combination of don’t blink, and eternity when it comes to my children growing up. Mixed in with elation and sentimental sadness. It feels like just yesterday we were bringing this little colicky baby home from the hospital. And she wouldn’t stop screaming. Today, I’m taking her to get her first ever pedicure. I’m not sure she ever stopped screaming. ;}

This sweet little girl arrived as a comedian. {She still makes that face.} And she loves to cook…so today, of course, we continued in the great family tradition of birthday pancakes.

We are so blessed to have this little stinker in our lives. I call her my funny girl.

I surprised her this morning with a banner of fabric scraps {inspired from our birthday post} from around the house. She was pointing out old pieces from dresses and pillowcases. It put a special spin on the morning.

We’re off to watch a movie together. I hope you have a happy, inspired {+ hopefully, holiday, because you didn’t have to work} everyone! What birthday traditions does your family practice? I’d love to hear!

Happy Monday!

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Responses to a mini adventure + happy birthday emerson

  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl :) :)

    My Em turns 4 on June 4th this year… its hard to believe.

  2. Andrea says:

    Happy birthday, Emmy!!! We love you! Your betrothed is in the back seat right now blowing you some b’day kisses. 😉

  3. Debbie says:

    HappY BirThday to EmeRson! I know about that blinking, my baby is 22…where did the time go?

  4. Dorothy says:

    Aw, sweet post! Happy Birthday, Emerson! My “babies” are OLD (though I of course am still young), so I really empathize with your feelings on these special days.

  5. cassie says:

    happy birthday to her! my own emerson turns 5 tomorrow!! how funny! :)

  6. melissa says:

    Hope she has an amazing birthday.

    Is it bad I actually encourage semi dangerous behavior?

  7. Alyson says:

    I LOVE this birthday pancake tradition you have! I am filing that away in things to do once there are bambinos present!!! So cute!!

  8. Carol Ann says:

    I couldn’t help but notice the Auburn hat. War Eagle!

  9. Tennille says:

    Love the fabric garland. Scallywaggy but pretty! Birthday traditions, hmmmm… The only traditions we have so far are two birthday parties. We always do the kid party on a weekend and a family party, grandparents and such included, on a weeknight. We let the kids pick the restaurant and they almost always pick cheesecake cafe. Not sure why but they have all the right ingredients: family friendly, good food and delish desserts. Good enough for me. The second tradition I’m starting, and this is mostly so that I can maintain my sanity, is trying to balance the expense of doing a birthday party at some sort of venue with the craziness of doing one at home. When you do it at home you have to clean, pack loot bags, bake a cake, provide snacks, games, crafts, the list goes on and on. Nevermind the fact that you are stuck in your house with 8-10 crazy youngsters for a minimum of 2 hours. For me, although I love my own children dearly, having a house full of other people’s youngsters is nearing some sort of mild torture. I know, it sounds terrible but I’m just not wired that way. Now, the birthday at a venue, although more costly, is a cinch. You show up, they have everything ready for you, you provide cupcakes and juice boxes and maybe a giant lollipop from the dollarstore with a pretty ribbon and a “thank you” tag tied to it, do whatever they tell you to for two hours, wave bye bye to the little munchkins and go home to a tidy house filled with peace and quiet. Well, tidy, peace and quiet until your kids unload all the gifts from the car and then that all goes out the window but at least you made it through the party with your sanity in tact and you didn’t have to stand at the door for an extra half hour waiting for the one straggler parent to come and (rescue you) pick up their child…finally. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad but I just spent an entire weekend with my four kids while my husband was off snowmobilling so maybe my perspective is a tad bit scued (spelling ???). Enjoy!

  10. Rasonda says:

    Happy birthday Emerson!!! I have an Emerson as well, we call her Emmy for short. I never realized that you had an Emerson, but I think I rememeber seeing Emmy on here before and I wondered what her full name was- now I know! Annnyways… to my main point (I tend to ramble). It goes by so fast!! Its so cliche but SO true! My Emmy turned 5 in August and she is half of a “set” so it was pretty tough up until about the time that she and her twin brother turned two. Looking back I wish I would have taken it all in and enjoyed it more. 4 is a SUPER fun age so please soak it up!!!

  11. Awww, Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Mine are 6 and 8 and yes, the time goes by so darn fast. May the Lord richly bless her little self this year! :)

  12. Oh your kids are adorable, I’m so glad you were able to get away from reality for the weekend!

  13. Robin says:

    Happy Birthday to Emerson!!! Our tradition…even though I am a drill sergeant at home about nutrition and super healthy home-made food….on my kid’s birthday, Daddy wakes up super early and heads to the grocery to get a ooey gooey junky sprinkly cream-filled donut. It’s sitting on a plate waiting for you. He gets one for the birthday kid only….gotta wait your turn! A real treat!

  14. Julie Smith says:

    Love the photos, what camera do you have? Birthday’s with your kids are special that’s for sure!

  15. tara says:

    pinned your fabric birthday swag…that’s awesome.

    we made a beautiful birthday plate at one of those swanky pottery places and the birthday person eats every meal out of it on their special day…even if we go out to dinner, we take it with us. :)

    we also let the birthday person pick the restaurant that they want to eat at. :)

    And, we always have a party or celebration of some sort. Sometimes we do a friend party and sometimes we all go somewhere really special together…just the five of us.

  16. Kylie Jensen-Smith says:

    I just wanted to say what a great site, and what. Beautiful family you have. I really want to make a garland like that for my baby girl’s nursery, as it’s just so pretty. Do you mind me asking how the scraps are attached to the string? We’re they knotted on, or stitched? It’s hard to tell from the pictures but it’s just stunning.

    Thank you so much for sharing your family traditions, and I can’t wait to start our own… X