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Lately, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in partay planning. And I have a teensy confession: while it’s fun to make them pretty when you can, our last few Mills’ shindigs weren’t so much on the purdy side. And it didn’t really bother me at all. {OH the HORROR!}

Last year Emerson had a shebang at a bouncy place, where we paid someone and called it a day. I’ll be honest: that’s the way to go ;} This summer for Aiden was so insane {with preparing for a shoot and show} that I literally threw some sprinklers up and we had some pizza…another fabulous option…and poor Malone has only had family parties thus far…talk about a third child complex. Yeah. I know. First world problems.

I hate it when the original pin isn’t from the right place, but it’s hilar so ya know.

Sometimes they can get a little overwhelming when we have so much going on. Especially Emerson’s. Her birthday comes in the wake of Christmas crazies, just when I’m ready to put my feet up and go into hibernation mode. I go for easy breezy. But I’m torn between that, and ridiculous ideas. Because that’s how I roll. I come up with said ridiculous ideas and then make Jamin help me. Her birthday is on the 16th of January. So this year, we decided to push the grand extravaganza back a weekend, and start planning early. TADA! I’m prepared! Kindof.


Our challenge is that because our home is on the market, we can’t have it here. {Meh. Let’s be honest, I’m just not up for that kind of chaos at the moment} So we’re using our church building, and the challenge will be for me to make it feel a little less church building-ish and a little more homey.

So here’s a few ideas I’ve been oogling over…starting with some color inspiration…

some clever little ideas for the spread

I adore this for a drink idea, but really I’ll probably wait til she’s a teensy bit older with the hazardous potential skin slicing glass and whatnots. Call me paranoid…but I do love the no spill top solution.

adorable decor.yes please. I want that cookie mix in the back!

Love this simplistic garden party. Yes, I am aware that it is January.

What a great little setup!

Of course this is fabulous would you expect anything less?

I die.

Look at this pretty little getup. I’m guessing Pottery Barn.

I’ve never seen a child adore oreos more…so I kind of want to try these. The only thing is, I wonder if dipping them in something and putting them on a stick will deter her? She’ll probably demand milk. Can’t blame her.

Love the use of these streamers! Hmmm I am a fabric hoarder, ya know.

This is precious.

I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wish party before.

I love my friend Shaunna’s fabulous lil shindig she had  for sweet Ava this past summer. I also may break into her house and steal that hutch. ;}

aaannnnddd I think I just drooled on my keyboard. 

But I just realized I haven’t told you what Emerson’s partay is about! Diamonds are a gal’s best friend, and she is currently obsessed with all things jewelry… has been for a while. So we’re having a jewelry making party in her honor. And a little something for all the little boys who attend, too. She does have two brothers, after all. They’ll probably all end up in the bouncy house throwing beads at each other whilst smearing cake on their faces. Whatevs. I tried.

Yep. I’m totally making these. 

And I love these ideas.

I’ve ordered a few party supplies from here...they carry those adorable little hard-to-find-at-your-mass-chain-supply-store products. They shipped in just a few days, and I love their stuff. You won’t be able to tear your eyes away, so be forewarned.

I don’t know about you guys, but the wheels in my head are turning. I thought I’d leave you with my favoritest party of all…my little niece Harper had her first birthday this past summer, and we weren’t able to make it, but I was lucky enough to snag some pics from my fabulous sis in law. Check out how precious it was!

That is one serious partay. And it was a lot of work! Shew! But worth every precious second…Hope you guys have an inspired weekend! I’m off to hand fold some sparkly paper diamonds on a floral stem! SCORE.

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Responses to party inspiration : girly glam

  1. It’s all gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Makes me want to throw a party!

  2. It is going to be a fun party!

  3. Cristin says:

    Thanks for the party shout out Ashley! It was a lot of work but I had a blast doing it!!!!

  4. Brooke says:

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Oh my, cant wait for my DD next bday!

  5. I love all the photos you’ve put up! Great effort there! =D

  6. Erin says:

    Thank you for this post. My only daughter (I have 3 boys, too) is turning 2 on February 16. I am so excited to use some of these ideas for her party, even if we stick to just family again this time. I love the hanging tissue puffs and all of the display ideas. Happy New Year!

  7. Angela says:

    Wow! I am IN LOVE with this post!!!! I’ve been thinking about throwing a Girls’ Night In party, and I can’t wait to use some of these ideas. So pretty!

    Xo Ange

  8. Kimberly says:

    Oh My Word! Gorgeous! I love these ideas! Thanks for compiling them and sharing! So inspired for this year’s birthdays!

  9. Annie says:

    I love your blog because of posts like this – you have totally awesome ideas on backlog but don’t ALWAYS use them cause you’re real. (Jumpy-thing parties are hits still ;)) HA! Good read :)

  10. ivy says:

    where did you find the necklace box for the candy necklace? :)

    • Hey Ivy. That was a feature I used from Martha Stewart. If you click over to the link it should work. I have no idea where they found them, but I’m sure if you googled and poked around enough you may find some. I hope that helps. ;}

  11. Your blog about jewelry and beads are so nice for me, so glad to read it.