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Hey wonderful people! It’s time for our next installment of small spaces here at The Handmade Home…

We started out with foyers + entryways, moved on to living roomsdining rooms, and then kitchens. (Click here, to see the entire series.) Today, we’re discussing the design of the small bedroom. I included the word ‘master,’ not be confused with children’s rooms…which we’ll be discussing later.

Obligatory disclaimer: space is all relative, isn’t it? Some of these rooms probably aren’t as tiny as we’d expect…but they all still had something in common: I found them to be packed full of great decor ideas, clever use of space, awesome styling, or a little bit of all of the above. This is more of a wide angled lens view for inspiration, if you will.

In smaller spaces, it can sometimes be easy to get overwhelmed on where to begin. This is a great example of utilizing that wall space, taking full advantage of decor for the entire room, and softening the windows by emphasizing great design.

Sometimes it can seem counter intuitive, but going dark can create depth in a space. A symmetrical look by the bed is just icing on the cake, and it helps keep it under control.

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I kind of go against the status quo with this rule {and every situation is different} But If if you absolutely love a piece, I love the idea of making it work in a smaller space. The potentially overwhelming state of this bed is reigned in with it’s delicate lines. Paired with a layering of wallpaper, the space has a cozy feel.

Yet another example of getting away with a large and in charge piece, is layering it on top of the same color. I love the architectural effect this tiny space has, with paneled walls and a great wooden bed. It’s proportions aren’t overwhelming, so it works.

Another counter intuitive approach: when short on space, or if you have your heart set on a certain furniture set up…put your bed in front of the window! A bed in front of a window, is surprisingly enough, one of my favorite looks. It especially works when the curtains are wider than the bed…{just a little rule of thumb that I actually do like to follow…}


I’m drooling over this combo…the glitz with the chandy, the fun patterned ceiling, the shaggy carpet…the dark grey…need I keep going? Subtle, cozy glam with multiple materials at it’s finest.

A dramatic headboard can certainly make the room seem larger!

I’ve shown this one before…but I’m just drawn to this room. The yellow. The stripes. The blue…the curated display…instead of overwhelming the space, helps it seem intentional and inviting. I think it’s the combination of all these elements…especially the color that makes it work.


An example of reflective surfaces in a tight space helps it seem lighter, airier and brighter. Whether it’s with mirrors, silken bed coverings, white, the glitz of the chandy or shiny wood…it’s always good to think through the materials.

This room shouldn’t work. But it does. A nook like this one creates more of an inviting, cozy feel, based on the clever placement of furniture. So if you have an awkward space, it always helps to think about all the possibilities. The key elements in the accessories, like that horse, causes the viewer to give it a second look.




I always love the bright colors/dark wood approach. Even if I might not be able to sleep with all those colors.

Adore this. It’s alaways a great option when you’re tight on space.

A clever headboard really can be a crowning touch + make all the difference

 I know this isn’t a master bedroom in ‘real life’ per say, but I do love the arrangement, paired with pops of bright for a tight space as a great example. A little symmetry goes a long way.

So does high contrast and great pattern.




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Another example of a small room with built in, architectural appeal. By creating a platform for the bed, and providing a reclaimed, textural feel on the walls. We suddenly forget how small the room is. I’m in awe at its simple transformation.

I love the effect of natural elements in a clean, white space.


Another example of a bed in front of a window, and high contrast with color.





Mixing up your patterns is always a great way to create layers and interest.



These are just a few of our favorites, and some great ideas at work that make a small space successful. I think these would most definitely work in a large space, as well. Do any of you guys live with a small master bedroom? What are a few of your key elements that work for you? Spill it!

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Responses to small spaces : master bedrooms

  1. Lisa Brown says:

    My first visit to your blog and love all the inspiration!
    Love all the great ideas for small spaces!

  2. Catherine says:

    Just beautiful. I can’t believe how much I love the colour and high contrast options.

  3. Boy you went from soup to nuts (so to speak) with all of your fantastic bedrooms. They are all very inspiring. Thanks, have a great day!

  4. Risa J says:

    The first pic is awesome. Where can I get those curtains?

    I’m enjoying this entire series; keep up the good work!

  5. Blair Jackson says:

    Love! Might seem like an odd question, but our master bedroom is actually bigger than I’d like. There’s all this wall, and I don’t know WHAT to do with it! Any ideas for cozying up a large bedroom?

    Thanks and love your blog!

  6. Kristy says:

    I love the wall shelf they’re using as a nightstand in that first picture! My bedroom isn’t quite that small, but if I use the layout that I’m thinking of, that will be a great way to get it to work!

  7. Kim says:

    My bedroom is so small, barely 10×13, with the doorway, small closet, and 2 windows taking up most wall space. Frustrating. Thanks for posting these photos – we’re redoing the room now with white baseboards and white window trim in hopes it’ll brighten up the room. We’ve painted the walls a soft gray called silver mist from Benjamin Moore. Hoping to repaint some furniture with Annie Sloan chalk paint this spring. Great inspiration from these photos!

  8. Sharmin says:

    This was such an inspiring post!!!

  9. I love the curtains with the large stars!

  10. Thanks so much! I’m a big believer that it’s not how much space you have but how you use it.

  11. Wow, some series roundup pics in this post. I’m book marking for future reference. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Peggy says:

    My first time visiting! I’ll definitely be coming around often!! Loved these spaces! Truly some very unique decorating ideas. I didn’t think anyone else had bedrooms as small as ours!

  13. ratna says:

    my first time visiting, very inspiring :D, thank you so much 😀

  14. Jostackho says:

    My first visit, I liked the discussion of bedroom decor, thanks for the article :)

  15. Those are really astounding inspirations. It’s a challenge to design a small space. But with those examples, it seems so easy and fun. I couldn’t see a single conservation of furniture and decorations. This is notable.