diy screen print pillows

So if you caught our post yesterday, I am all about pillows right now. I’m a lot like that book, If You Give A Mouse a Cookie. Except my title would be If You Give a Gal a Nicknack. Because for me, one different element in the room is like a domino effect…much to Jamin’s dismay. {More of those little tweaks coming up later…I’m kind of back in the honeymoon phase with our house again…is that weird?} But what I’m focusing on today, are the pillows.

I have a serious weakness for pillows. I’m probably a little over the top sometimes, but true to my yoga-pants-all-day, shoes-off approach to life…I think an ample amount of pillows is kind of important. Next to paint colors, I also can’t think of a simpler way to instantly change the look of a piece of furniture. Or the mood of a room. How about you?

Lately, I’ve been craving even more punches of color with darker tones, along with that carefree feel, so it was fun to mix it up a little. On Monday, I shopped the house {and storage} and brought out a few patterns to play. And in the meantime, I decided to make a couple of newbies to throw into the bunch…

Here’s how:

First of all, that sugar sack was one I totally found at a flea market last fall. Originally, I had a different intention for it, but that idea fell through, so I simply held on to it because I knew I’d want it later. I adored those vintage letters and the color was perfection. It was made of the greatest material-that super soft cotton…and was dying to be made into a pillow. It even has a small hand sewn patch in it that someone covered up years ago…I love that funky found vintage look. {BUT, if you’re disenchanted by my not-so-universal find, take heart, and keep reading…because I think you could totally make this look with the process I’ll cover below.}

So I decided to make two. Slicing it up into four separate and even pieces: two for the ‘sugar’ and two for my ‘Happy Place’ pillow. Oh, and I have to add: I totally PRE-WASHED it, first. (Never again, people. Never again.)

If you’ve never sewn before, a pillow is a rewarding and simple enough place to start. Placing the right sides inward, wrong sides facing out {leaving a small opening on one end} I simply sewed them together. I then pulled the rest of the pillow right side out through the opening, stuffed with some Polyfil, and sealed the small section I’d left.

Tada! Instant gratification and vintage awesomeness {I think I paid about fifteen – twenty smacks for it originally. Stick that puppy in anthro, and it’s 250…or something else that makes my eyeballs bleed.}

For that remaining fabric, I did the simple freezer paper method, that you can read more about here and here. I can easily say, that I guess it’s the nerdy graphic designer in me, but this is one of my favorite projects I keep going back to. It’s a real game changer in the world of mass production, for fun unique tees and, just about anything else you can paint on. But this time I used metallic paint for a fun, subtle sheen.

Don’t forget to save all your inner jiblets, and re-place them in their rightful spots, and be careful to center this one {I usually err at a little higher, just because it looks better visually, that way.} Iron on your freezer paper… place something underneath your fabric… and paint! {helpful hint: always paint away from the edges.}

I couldn’t decide between silver and gold, and in the end embraced the gold. Gotta love some of that vintage sheen. Once it’s dry, remove the paper, sew your sides…

And there you have it! Your very own happy place/sugar pillows.

Confession: Every time I walk by the Sugar pillow, I’m all Def Leppard up in this place. I may or may not have involved some strobe light-up toys the kids have last night in my own personal concert.

And then I found this photo of Def Leppard where they actually dressed up like pillows, and I realized that they were groundbreaking for the world of interiors for their time. Consider them my new muse. Who knew?

As usual, let me know if you try the pillows + have an inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to diy screen print pillows

  1. Jenna Joy says:

    love this. super cute idea! I need some new pillows in my life. And a sofa while I’m at it…

  2. mila says:

    Adorbs. It most certainly is. I love this idea. I am off to find a sugar sack – I’ve seen plenty-o-burlap around these here parts, and I have wondered how soft they really are. Wish me luck!

  3. What fabric are your sofas upholstered in? I have a sofa and chair of my grandmother’s I need to have done. I love your fabric!

  4. Cristin says:

    Pour some SUGAR on me! I’m loving that SUGAR pillow!!! And the Def Leppard photo too. I would need to make it removable/washable for Cheeto fingers! Great pillows :)

  5. Tennille says:

    I think you should take the plunge and go for the Def Leppard pillow. It would be a really fun pop of color and pattern on your otherwise muted tones sofa. You never know, you might love it and go pattern crazy!! It’s a long weekend up in these parts so happy early weekend to you.

  6. sara jane says:

    Hi, thankyou for this idea, always wanted to try this now i have something else to do, i have already done your big photo pic and it turned out fab. from nottinghamshire England.

  7. These are super cute! I totally agree that pillows are a GREAT way to spruce up a room. Now if I could just borrow some of that pillow motivation juice, mine could be updated too. :)

  8. Love the warm tones you have got going on – especially the Happy Place pillow with the tangeriney-red one next to it! Totally complimenting the turquoise in the room. I love adding interest with pillows too… and I get bored easily, so new interest is often added… hehe

  9. tina says:

    DEF LEPPARD is your muse…


  10. S Toscas says:

    Love the pillows! I see you were using tulip paints. Did you know tulip has a new Screenprinting device. I’m impatient ,I think I’ll check out the Screenprinting kit.Never was interested in Screenprinting because of the lightbox thing but looks like this is an all in one system…and quick and simple. Can you buy the flour sacks without the flour?:)

  11. I always wondered how to make the letters onto fabric. wow, that is quite a job! Still, I might try to do so myself. TFS!!!!

  12. P.S. LOVE your pillows!!!!