freebie of the month club : spring fling

My post a-la yours truly is a little late today. I felt so bad yesterday writhing on the sofa, that I didn’t really care about today. It was four days after the explosions heard round the world, and for some reason I was getting worse. My house is in shambles from being out of town for a week, and the laundry is piled to my eyeballs. It’s a lego land mine around here. But you know you officially feel rotten when you don’t even have the energy to play with your BRAND NEW FABULOUS SOFA. {Don’t worry guys, more on that oh so happy ending, coming soon. But that was after I hid from the delivery guys like a spazoid ninja crawling around on the floor because I didn’t know who they were, and couldn’t see the truck…then felt like a fool for thinking they were stalkers here to take my kidneys and sell them on the internet when I opened the door in my PJ’s. Fun times for all.}

Enough is enough, so I finally called the doctor. Apparently, on top of a stomach bug Saturday I also have a UTI. That’s probably TMI. {See what I did there?} I’ve never had one before, and so I didn’t know the warning signs and by the time I went to the doc, it was at a severe level. {Read: feel sorry for me.} Two doses of antibiotics later, and I’m already a different person. What did they do in the olden days when they got those puppies? Take penicillin and bite on a stick and hope for the best? Yes, I am still stuck on the whole historical idea of medicine and survival. Not really sure why…biting on sticks truly fascinate me. I think I’ll keep a stick nearby every time my kids skin their knees, and make them hold it in their mouths. But alas, this is the biggest ramble in the history of blogs, so without further ado…

Spring really has felt like a fling this year. It arrived a bit early here in the tropical southern hemisphere, and the dog days of summer are unfortunately, right around the corner. As in, I can hear them barking. Yep. I just wrote that.

Pinwheel Pinwheel spin me around…. Anyone? Whether it’s a small happy to a friend, a shot of color for your little ones’ spaces, or just something simple for the fridge…here they are! One sweet lady even used them as party favors at a birthday! Creative much?

Click here to visit our downloads page, and grab up these little freebies. {kites, pinwheel 1, pinwheel 2 + pinwheel 3.} Click here to see the rest of our freebies…they’re just for you, and all meant to work together in a complete series… or individually.


Have an inspired day everyone! I’m off to catch up on a bazillion things, and play with my kiddos. Or sit in my pajamas and throw cheerios on the ground so I can rest. They’re good at that game.

Have an inspired day everyone!

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Responses to freebie of the month club : spring fling

  1. Liz Piccione-Volger says:

    OMG, if you ever lose your day job you should do stand-up comedy! Love reading your posts. I never skim thru because I would miss too many giggles! Thank you!

  2. Renee Richins says:

    This whole post is hilarious, but the comment that made me laugh the hardest was this, “I hid from the delivery guys like a spazoid ninja crawling around on the floor because I didn’t know who they were” .
    I totally just did the ninja crawling thing recently and had my kids hiding in the corner of the room, telling them to be quiet. They probably are permanently scared of people now.

  3. Naomi says:

    Too funny! I am totally hearing this being read in my own voice and it’s all too familiar. Amen to the delivery men/stalkers and dog days of summer. Still laughing…oh, and thanks for the great freebies! They’re going in the baby’s room. If we ever managed to get her out of our room.

  4. Kelly says:

    Yes! I totally remember that show…Look at my pinwheel and see what I’ve found. Pinwheel, pinwheel, breezy and bright! Spin me good morning, and spin me goodnight. Ha!

  5. Dude, every person that comes to the door here has stalker or killer potential. That girl scout? Just a tool used by the sicko crazed maniacs who will jump out of the bushes from behind her once I open the door. The Mormons on bikes? Serial killers indeed dressed up all innocent like with their Bibles because they know they can get in my house. I’ve got issues, yo.

    I’m sooooo sorry about the whole wedding deal. I read about it and I was too sad to comment the other day. It isn’t like I can wish that she’ll get married again for you. It is just soooo stinky. Must have been the weekend for the pukes. Lacey had that & the other while we were visiting Chad’s great-grandmother in Florida over the weekend. Haven’t been there since Reid was born and I show up with an exploding child. I’m afraid since she is very, very old that her last memory of us will be, um, tainted. Like the upholstery was ten minutes after arrival. And let’s not talk about the airport. I’m just not ready. Can I mention she did not show one single sign before we left that morning? Well, I was feeling awfully sorry for myself after our weekend disaster but yours made me feel almost guilty because it pales in comparison. Wallow a little more because you deserve it. And she still has the “other” and it has been almost a week!

    UTIs suck. Been there done that, blocked it out thank you very much. And in the olden days people probably got fever eventually and died. How is that for melodramatic?

    OH, and I mentioned you and your lovely Spoonflower fabric on my little ol’ blog earlier this week. Blog etiquette says that I would have asked or told you but it seems I skipped that part. My apologies and just so you know I didn’t capitalize “the handmade home” because that is how your header is and then I noticed in your post that you do. So I had to tell you that I mentioned you in case you ended up seeing it and thinking “well, she didn’t ask AND she didn’t use capital letters – geez Louise.”

    Okay, perhaps I should have emailed instead.

    Feel better. I WILL be using a pinwheel printable somewhere. And when I figure it out I’ll let you know!!

    :) Erin

    • I’ll never buy thin mints again. You had me at serial killers with Bibles. ;} So sorry your little one was sick…hope they’re feeling better!They get sick out of nowhere, so you’re in good company. I would much rather be sick than deal with my sick kiddos though. That’s always rough! PS maybe it’s rude of me, but I never ask for permission. I’m always so excited about featuring the person, that I never ask first. And I never care if someone asks me. So I guess I’m the bad etiquette queen. ;} MEH!

  6. Dorothy says:

    I hope you’re on the mend from that horrible UTI now. Talk about pain when they go undiagnosed for a while-yow! Between your wedding “issues” and the ninja act, you’ve had me in stitches this week. Promise me, if you ever move to Minnesota, you’ll look for houses in my neighborhood. I might be waaay older than you and all, but I ‘d really be thrilled to have you spice things up around here!

  7. Zima says:

    Thank you so much for all the lovley freebies that you are sharing!