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Hello all you fabulous people! I’m out of pocket for my sister’s wedding, and I’m blessed to have some of my favorite bloggers graciously filling in for me this week-to provide you with some amazing, inspiring eye candy! Just a side note: these are their own fabulous homes, and all credit goes to them-so please pin responsibly. Thank you so much!

When I spied Kara’s blog of Kara Paslay Designs,  I knew our readers were in for a treat. Whether it’s her great projectstutorials, or before and afters, you’re going experience eye candy overload…and love them for it. Kara is here today to graciously show us a sneak peek of their home…so without further ado…


Hello! My name is Kara Paslay.  My husband, Tim, and I write the blog Kara Paslay Designs.  We are honored that Ashley asked us to come over and share some photos of our home with you!  Hopefully you can gather a little inspiration for a few of your own projects!

Our motto for life is “Do What You Love.”  We love designing and especially designing together!  We figured this out when we bought our first house right out of college.  The plan was to “flip” it, but the whole project turned into a labor of love and major educational experience rather than an “in and out” investment opportunity.  Our design philosophy focuses on allowing a space to tell the story of the person living there.  We want the design/decor to inspire people to go after their dreams while also celebrating where they’ve come from.  We applied this philosophy in our own home and after 3 1/2 years of major renovations and minor tweaks, we love our space and feel like it really speaks to who we are.  Would you like to see how our home transformed?!  Let’s take a look!

The master bedroom was one of the first rooms to be transformed.  It was dark (with no ceiling light) and dingy.  Romantic, it was not.

interiors 026
2-1.10PaslayHome-05Adding the chandelier alone was enough to make the space feel light and bright.  But literally everything in the room changed.  Layers of curtains behind the bed give that romantic feel that was totally lacking before, not to mention amazing texture!  The headboard and dresser were both painted and modified to better fit the feel we were going for.  The wood headboard was upholstered and tufted while the dresser received new hardware and a stunning stenciled flower.
The master bathroom was next on our list.  It was. . .  well. . . just look at the photo.
all 196
2.10PaslayHome-19Knowing that we would one day sell the house, we decided to keep the master bathroom more classic.  We did this by opting for a timeless black, white, and gray color palette and by using standard, conventional materials.  However, adding things like: the vertical window in the shower (don’t worry-it’s frosted), a glass shower screen, and frosted glass door vanities we were able to add a little bit of our personal flair to the space!
The kitchen.  Oh, the kitchen.  The ceilings were 7ft, the cabinets were poorly constructed, the layout was a disaster, and the decor was abysmal.
all 063
We gutted everything and moved the location of the kitchen half way across the house to create an open layout.  The cabinets are from Home Depot.  We bought the “assemble yourself” kind to save a fistful of cash.  I built/modified the kitchen island for $50!  You can see the amazing transformation here!  Throughout the renovation process we replaced every piece of plumbing in the house.  We reused the old copper water lines to create this cool copper pot rack for next to nothing!
Now to the living room.  It was surrounded by walls and lacked character.
interiors 038
The space now holds some of our very favorite pieces/elements. First we unveiled the incredible tongue and groove wood ceiling that was hiding behind a layer of drywall.  Then we highlighted it by adding faux wood beams.  As far as things we built from scratch- check out the media console (complete with hidden DVD area) and the steel cable and wood shelves.  The ceiling light and artwork behind the TV were also pieces we put together.
Next up is the dining room!
interiors 040

The dining room houses our most “famous” creation thus far. . . the mason jar chandelier.  We love it’s whimsical feel and clustered configuration.
IMG_5173The rest of the dining room is filled with DIY artwork, a faux fireplace, and an incredible framed mirror (the frame is actually an old door from India).  Tim built the faux fireplace and on it’s mantel we display our motto with a piece of custom art.  Behind the art we wanted to add some texture.  We thought about just doing some reclaimed wood, but in the end we wanted something a little more unconventional.  We basically tiled the area with river rock pebbles.
I love the message that my “eye chart art” sends to those that really look at it! :)
Our guest bedroom has been a favorite of our readers.
all 186
4678751395_2a1e3bb414_bThe corrugated metal headboard (which we created ourselves), the wood wall, coffee filter light, and rich color scheme really seem to speak to people!  And I have to say, it is probably my favorite room in the house! :)
When we get to the guest bathroom, I am more than happy to give a ton of credit to Tim.  He allowed me to make most of the design decisions (while giving his opinion) in most of the house, but in the guest bathroom he took the design reigns and I think it turned out beautifully!!! Take a look! (PS- can you believe there was a wood framed window and wallpaper in the shower area before!!!??)
interiors 043
2.10PaslayHome-66To create much needed storage, Tim constructed some built-ins that flank the vanity.  The vanity was actually an old desk that we repurposed and poured a concrete top for. I also like that the bead board adds some great dimension to the room!
2.10PaslayHome-60Didn’t Tim do a fantastic job?! I gave my opinion on different ideas, but Tim made the final calls and I love everything from the tile patterns in the shower area to the galvanized metal in the back of the built-ins!
The upstairs room was the last place we laid our hands on.  It was one of those “out of site, out of mind” things.  When we finally did get around to this room’s redo, we were thrilled with the end result.  Let’s see if you agree!
interiors 048
On this side of the room, Tim took the built-in bench that was already present in the space and integrated a bed.  He built the frame from metal and then also covered the top of the bench in the same material. Over to the left of the bed, we display relics from WWII that we found in the walls as we renovated the house.  They act as art and great conversation pieces!  The space has low ceilings, so we embraced it and wallpapered the whole thing with old book pages.  Using pages from books about furniture building, design, art, and sports was a great way to tell our story without being too overt.
We are very patriotic and hung an old flag to celebrate our great country.  It is the first thing you see as you climb the stairs to enter the room.  The other side of the space acts as an office area.
An old drafting table that Tim topped with steel and a flat file (which we used our homemade stain on) complete the space making it both functional and stylish!
Lastly, there is this great outdoor area we created.  It’s perfect for morning coffee or a romantic dinner.  The planter box privacy screen provides a place to grow herbs or plant seasonal flowers.
My goodness, I feel like I’ve been talking forever!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our home and found some inspiration for your own space.  If you did, you should definitely come by our blog because we’re about to go through this whole process again!  We just moved into a new warehouse space!  It’s a blank canvas and we’ve got some great ideas up our sleeves!  So come on over and join us on our journey!  Bye y’all!
Don’t you just love their ideas? I feel so inspired, and can’t wait to see what they do next. Thank you for sharing today, Kara! Happy inspired Thursday, y’all!

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    Love her style! :) I’m off to check out her site!

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    Very cool attic conversion room. Love all those pages. I know I wouldn’t have such patience! great color combos, too!

  4. Jessie says:

    That bed is hella-cool! Going to check that one out fo sho

  5. Tennille says:

    OMG!!!! These two are DISGUSTINGLY talented. Can THEY be your next freebie? They could come to my house and do whatever they wanted. I am so using re-claimed wood to treat a wall in my house somewhere. That guest room was purrrrrr-fection.

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