if chesterfields grew on trees : granville home furnishings + a treat for you

Last week, I was thrilled to close the book {Or shall we say turn a new leaf? Open a new door? …Me and my metaphors} on the great drama that was our sofa conundrum, and share my big dramatic over the top story own happy accident as a result. I also believe I promised some long awaited eye candy for all of you.

So where did I stumble upon my dream sofa?

First, an admittedly selfish confession: Once upon a time, I would complain about living in our town. “We don’t even have a Pottery Barn!” I would bemoan to anyone who could remotely relate to moving from a large city to a smaller one. As if the great mecca was the symbolic equivalent to what everyone was missing. The key to decor happiness in their lives, my friends and I would sit around and nod solemnly at its absence. It didn’t take long, but eventually, Montgomery kind of grew on me, and I moved on. Then cue that lucky day that I wandered into Granville Home Furnishings with my dear friend perusing sofas. I had no idea that I would never wish for a big name chain store again. Granville filled the Pottery Barn hole in my heart. And I now live happily ever after. Yes, I did take that too far.

Because after finding the new retail love of my life, the mothership of all things mass produced I once longed for, simply doesn’t hold a candle to the unique finds that Granville carries. It’s like they took all the awesome, one of a kind finds, from all the favorite stores we can think of, and mixed them all together in one spot.

In the meantime, I’ve just been wondering what took me so long to come on over for a visit.

The sweet people at Granville were kind enough to let me shoot their store, and share all their glorious, drool-worthy wares with you today. The hardest part for me was editing, so I could decide which photos to share with you. I could play house in their store for days. They might find me living in the back one day when they’re locking up. I do need a mommy getaway, after all. Yeah. That was Creepy.

From one of a kind pieces for your home, to that key element to complete your look, Granville probably has whatever it is that you’re looking for. And in just about any preference or taste.

Are you drooling yet? These photos barely scratch the surface. Not only do they have stunning designs, but the best part is, their prices are fair.

From Granville: …whatever you find, you can rest assured that the price listed is fair. We do not engage in the retail games of marking our products up just to mark them down. We offer fair pricing to everyone, all of the time. From the people you meet in the store to the people that deliver your purchases to you, we love our work at Granville!

I don’t know about you guys, but I find this as refreshing as I do their pieces.

From light fixtures, to unique seating, lamps, art, rugs, bedding, headboards, sofas, side chairs, dining tables, accent pieces, barstools, and just about anything you can think of…they have it.

Here’s where you guys come into play: In honor of Memorial Day weekend, and any of you beach travelers that may be coming our way or passing through nearby, Granville Home Furnishings wants to make it worth your trip. If you stop by their store, and tell them you saw the chesterfield on The Handmade Home,  they’ll let you pick out your own Dash and Albert 2 x 3 rug, from their store, for free. 

These little beauts are my new favorite brand of rug. I almost fell on the floor when the sweet people at Granville told us what they wanted to offer you guys. Perfect for that spot in your kitchen or any child’s room…the possibilities for these guys are kind of endless. So, if you live anywhere nearby, or may be coming our direction on your way to the beach, from the time this post is live, through memorial day weekend, make a little detour and check this gem of a store out. You won’t be sorry you did…and these rugs are looking for a good home. ;} Check out their location, hours, address and phone number, here. 

If you don’t live close, or feel like you may be missing out, sit tight! Theres’s another reason I wanted to share this store with you today. The talented people at Granville Home Furnishings are very close to launching a new website…with items available for ordering from the comfort of your own lil space on the internet, right to your home. So stay tuned…more on that coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy. What’s your favorite piece?

Be sure to take advantage of this great freebie, if you think you even feel up to a small road trip, guys! It’s worth the eye candy. Have an inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to if chesterfields grew on trees : granville home furnishings + a treat for you

  1. Rebekah Tice says:

    AHHHHH! Love the rugs, love the eye candy…hate that I don’t live any where close to Granville. Fabulous post! I loved the variety of dressers/sidetables in different styles, designs, etc. All the wonderfully unique and different headboards were awesome as well!!! Look forward to shopping their website soon.

  2. Mila says:

    I die. Love everything in those photos! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! yowza!

  3. think my heart just stopped. great design does that to me from time to time!
    LOVE D and A rugs; we have an indoor/outdoor one for our bathroom and it hoses off awesomely. i’m saving up for one for our living room since it can stand up to little boy feet!
    wish I lived closer; can’t wait for the online store!!!!!

  4. Meredith says:

    You are too cute! Thanks for all the advice about what to do and what not to do. I have a feeling that I would do the same things for instant gratification, aka the sofa. Love the store and the ideas. Keep them a comin’!

  5. Jenna says:

    Eye candy, indeed! I love all those pieces and can’t wait for their website. :)

  6. Debbie says:

    I love all the unique items! I think I could spend some time and money here!

  7. Andrea says:

    Love this store!! So where is the part about you tearing up when you first laid eyes on Chessy!? 😉 Cue Chariots of Fire music!! What a fantastic find!!

  8. chrissib says:

    I need to live there! What a wonderful find. Thanks so much for sharing. Love love love your new sofa. So worth the wait.

  9. Laura says:

    This place looks better than Pottery Barn! Love almost everything I see, sad they are 20+ hours away from me but not so sad for my husband haha!

  10. I have been anxiously awaiting this post, like a ridiculous amount. Not exaggerating, I’ve been like that blonde haired woman from the Target black Friday commercials; excited! Please tell me you know which ones I’m referring to? If not, I just outed myself as a bit obsessed with your blog, oops. Aaaannnnyways, I wish I lived closer to Alabama I would love to visit that store, there stuff is gorgeous. And your chesterfield sofa makes me want to sell my first born, to own one. Oh did I forget to write almost? I meant ALMOST makes me want to sell my first born :) I’m glad you found a great sofa, I hopefully won’t have to see anymore bereaved planking coming from you anytime soon. -Amber

  11. Doneisha says:

    This is definitely a store I could live in!

  12. maggie says:

    OK, now I am PEA GREEN with envy! I don’t have a PB or a Granville near me.
    :( waaaahhhh! Some things in life are absolutely not fair!

  13. Laura says:

    Ok, I have lived here my entire life, and I have never set foot in this store. I assumed it was like “all the other furniture stores”. Boy was I wrong! I’ve got to go visit Granville! And get me a rug, too! 😉

  14. Lori says:

    OMG!! The day the pottery barn outlet by my house closed, I nearly cried. I have been searching for a replacement furniture haunt every since. Now I nearly want to cry because I don’t live anywhere near this store. Maybe they should think about expanding…to southern California..just saying. :)

  15. Lauren says:

    Online store NOW, please!!!!!!! Incredible find, Ashley…holy cow.

  16. Stacia says:

    I DO have a Potterybarn close by. But you my friend have a Granville Home Furnishings…….YOU WIN. :)

  17. Shelley says:

    Holy gorgeousness Batman!!! I too would be trying to hide out in the back during closing 😉 I am still living in the “this town I live in stinks because there is no Pottery Barn” place, but man if I had a store like this nearby…

  18. Whoa, that is an amazing offer!! Bummed I live so far away! Next time you’re in there, tell them thanks from a reader who couldn’t even take them up on their super generous offer.

  19. I’ve already packed my bags, because I will be *moving into* Granville Home Furnishings! Better than the Anthropologie catalog that I threaten to move into on an annual basis…

  20. Dorothy says:

    Wow! What an amazing store. I almost keeled over at the turquoise leather chair with the nailhead trim. And the beautiful rug on the wall, and the chesterfield and..and… Let’s see, how long from MInnetonka MN to Mongtomery and back for Memorial Day weekend? I’m going to have to deactivate my charge card before their website goes up! I’ve been lusting over your Chesterfield since I first laid eyes on it. Can you also let us know how it is to keep clean? I’m having pleasant dreams tonight, thanks to you!

  21. Sherri Moore says:

    What a gorgeous store and I can’t wait to stop by on my next trip to the beach. I almost died when I saw the turquoise chair. It is exactly what my client needs in her new grand room. Becky, from Granville was so sweet when I called yesterday but unfortunately the chair is sold BUT it can be custom ordered at a fantastic price, I am going to have to visit this wonderful store very soon. Thanks for the introduction Ashley. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  22. Jen says:

    This is too funny. I am moving away from Montgomery this week and had to drive to Wetumpka this week to return a modem to our phone company. I drove by this store and on my way back had to stop, just thought it looked like it might be wonderful inside. I fell totally in love with everything inside. My kind of store. The sales people were so nice. I told one my husband would be so happy to know that I only discovered them after all our household goods had been shipped and I couldn’t buy anything. And the whole time I was in there, I kept wondering if it might be the store where you got the gorgeous sofa.

  23. Jenn says:

    I am drooling over almost all of these pictures. I’m officially on the hunt for something this awesome where I live!

  24. Jennifer says:

    Have you ever been to Alabama Furniture market in Calera? I LOVE that store and have bought several pieces from them. They are right off I65 in Calera, you wont be dissapointed!

  25. Kelsey says:

    WOWZERS!!!! Pretty much everything in every one of those pictures was to.die.for! Those Ikat chairs with the hold sign on them??!?? Swoon! I would’ve bought both of those on the spot! So jealous of your gorgeous sofa. You deserve it lady! :)