father’s day gift ideas + a giveaway

Updated: Congratulations to Emily, who said:

And a very special thanks to Uncommon Goods for their generous giveaway! Have a happy Father’s Day Weekend, everyone!


Hello to our favorite people!

As you all probably well know, Father’s Day is lurking just around the corner. I say lurking, because between my own Dad and Jamin, they’re easily two of the hardest people to shop for. Why? Because when I ask what they want they’ve a. already purchased it for themselves or b. request über exciting articles like dress socks.

It’s basically like trying to shop for the person who purchases what they really want. Hurray for the non-element of unique surprises. Hurray for dress socks.

Enter: Uncommon Goods. Just as their title suggests, this spiffy company provides some fabulous gift ideas, whether it’s house warming gifts (here), gifts for grads (here) of a gift for dad (here) you can  for all kind of eye candy at Uncommon Goods. They have that one of a kind find for that special person. Even that one of a kind find for yourself.

So today, we put together a few little last minute father’s day gift ideas in case you’re looking for that special something…these are some fun pieces that we loved!

1. Car Jack Table Lamp 2. Fire Hose Belt 3. Upcycled Tent Bag 4. Upcycled Mail Sack Ipad Case 5. Wooden Speaker 6. Bicycle Glasses 7. Shark Socks 8. Diana Camera 9. Stainless Steel Wallet 10. Places in America Art 11. Ticket Stub Journal 12. Glass Zipper Bag

Don’t they have some amazing products? I love this store!

Want to know the best part? Uncommon Goods is giving away a 50 dollar gift certificate to one lucky reader! Want to win? Here’s how to enter!

1. Leave a comment here, telling us about your fave product from their site

2. Follow Uncommon Goods on Facebook {and leave a comment, telling us you did}

3. Follow Uncommon Goods on Twitter {and leave a comment, telling us you did.}

Giveaway ends Thursday {6.14.12} Winner announced here, Friday. Good luck to all!

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Responses to father’s day gift ideas + a giveaway

  1. I liked Uncommon Goods on FB and let them know you sent me :)

  2. Lori H says:

    Besides the things you picked, I also love the geek watch and the scratch map!

  3. I love the 4 seasons dish towels … they would look awesome in my kitchen :)

  4. Julie Donald says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shark socks!

  5. Kimberly says:

    So many great ideas, thanks!
    I know a couple people who would love the firehose belt and the places of America art

  6. Laura D. says:

    I LOVE their repurposed layered wood frames, they are gorgeous! Would go great on the gallery wall I plan to hang soon :)

  7. Connie Tacazon says:

    I like the wooden speaker for your iphone. Brilliant.

  8. Erin says:

    the flower hummingbird feeder: pretty and functional!

  9. BP says:

    Lovin’ that multi-colored double tagua necklace!

  10. Dixie says:

    Love that camera.

  11. Valerie J. says:

    The nerd flashcards have been on my list for a while…

  12. Hanna says:

    Love the Dianna Camera and would love to win the giveaway. Following UnCommon Goods now.

  13. Rebecca T. says:

    I like the vintage shoe form book ends!

  14. Rebecca T. says:

    Following them on twitter @tigg1990

  15. Rebecca T. says:

    Liked them on FB!

  16. Ooooh! The Diana camera! I would LOVE to own one of those!

  17. sarah says:

    like them on fb

  18. sarah says:

    love the shark socks!

  19. Heidi says:

    I love the family vase and personalized dog pillow!

  20. Kristen says:

    I’ve been eyeing the glass ziplock jar for awhile. I love their site!

  21. Kristen says:

    I liked them on FB!

  22. Kristen says:

    I follow them on twitter now!

  23. Andrea says:

    I like the custom family pillows.

  24. Tammy C says:

    The car-jack table lamp would be absolutely perfect for my mechanic hubby! It’s out of my price-range…but I know he would love it! Thank you for the giveaway. =)

  25. Tiffany says:

    Love the flower necklaces and the typewriter onesie!

  26. Leana says:

    Oh, I need that agate coaster set. Thanks!

  27. no lie, i would totally rock the custom pet nose print necklace. seriously.

  28. and i just liked them on fb. thanks for offering this!

  29. Elizabeth G. says:

    I love their Cardboard Animal Heads! Thank you.

  30. Elizabeth G. says:

    I Like Uncommon Goods on Facebook.

  31. Elizabeth G. says:

    Following Uncommon Goods on Twitter.

  32. Catherine says:

    Twitter follower


  33. Laurin says:

    My mom loved the window humming bird feeder I got her for Mother’s day and I love the bicycle kit I bought. Uncommon goods rocks!

  34. Vicki says:

    Liked on facebook!

  35. Vicki says:

    Now following on twitter!

  36. Catherine says:

    I like the hurricane lamp with the stone base.

  37. I would choose the pick punch! My husband is always losing his lol

  38. following on twitter @ejoyphoto

  39. Sally P says:

    Well, I know this is kind of cliche’ for a Father’s Day gift, but I love their ties!!!

  40. Emily Doran says:

    LOVE the wooden speaker! Especially since I was thinking about upgrading the hubby’s phone for father’s day. That would be perfect for work!

  41. Angela says:

    I love the state necklaces, the tree stump ring, and so in love with those bicycle cups!

  42. Sally P says:

    Following Uncommon Goods on Facebook :)

  43. Angela says:

    Following Uncommon Goods on FB

  44. Sally P says:

    Following Uncommon Goods on Twitter :)

  45. Angela says:

    Following Uncommon Goods on Twitter

  46. Emily Doran says:

    I’ve liked them on Facebook!

  47. Emily Doran says:

    Following them on twitter!

  48. Manette Gutterman says:

    Love those literary art iphone cases and the guitar glasses for my hubs.

  49. Michele says:

    Such amazing products!

  50. Erin Wiley says:

    As a cartographer and map addict, I love the OLIVER JEFFERS art, especially PLACES ON EARTH.

  51. Erin Wiley says:

    I follow Uncommon Goods on Twitter as @edubz96

  52. Thank you!
    Liked on FB
    Love the I am Fearless necklace on their site

  53. Kaytee Stice says:

    I just adore those bicycle cups!! Goes along with my wedding theme!

  54. Kaytee Stice says:

    I am now following Uncommon Goods on FB!

  55. Kaytee Stice says:

    I am now following Uncommon Goods on Twitter! @kayteestice

  56. Andrea says:

    So many great, unique pieces! I love the places in America map, and the solar tea lights are über cute too!

  57. Becky says:

    I have to say I LOVE the Places in America map. it’s the first thing that caught my eye on your list and after looking at their site online I have to say it’s the one I am still thinking about. So cool!

  58. Becky says:

    I liked the on FB!

  59. Diane says:

    Like them on Fb!

  60. Diane says:

    Love those Bicycle glasses as I have a family of bikers!

  61. Renee E says:

    I love the fire hose belt. I know the perfect person to give it to and he would love and appreciate it.

  62. Lori says:

    I love the bicycle glasses :) Followed on Facebook and Twitter.

  63. I love the golfer’s bbq set. That is right up my husband’s alley. ; )

  64. Lori says:

    My fave is the Places in America art.

    Thrifty Decor Mom

  65. Lori says:

    I liked Uncommon Goods on Facebook.

    Thrifty Decor Mom

  66. really love the bike cups! so cute!

  67. Jennifer Alexander says:

    I follow Uncommon Goods on FB. Thanks!

  68. Jennifer Alexander says:

    I really love the deep sea sand art. Thanks so much!

  69. Tina Powell says:

    I liked Uncommon Goods on FB and I love the “Places in America” art!

  70. Kate L says:

    “liked” on FB!!

  71. Kate L says:

    fav item = ALL of it!! I have purchased from here many times and always find something new I LOVE!

  72. Jen says:

    I love the bicycle cups!!

  73. colleen from alabama says:

    Love the places in American Art! I love the way it says Ala bama on two different lines :) Just made me smile. You know how we put extra syllables in words all the time in the south so it just seemed fitting to make it feel like 2 words!

  74. Stephanie says:

    I love the BRANCH DOORMAT. Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Stephanie says:

    I like them on FB (Stephanie B.H.)

  76. Jenny says:

    We’ve bought several things from them over the years. Love uncommon goods. In fact, one father’s day gift was the vinyl album recycled into a picture frame.

  77. Denise Kelly says:

    I Love the glass zippered bag, my husband eats jelly beans all the time and this would be awesome on his desk. Thank you. Great giveaway!

  78. Erin Young says:

    love the california pillow – but out of my price range. love the bicycle glasses

  79. Erin Young says:

    i like uncommon goods on fb. :)

  80. Erin Young says:

    i like uncomoon goods on twitter

  81. Sarah says:

    Love the scratch map!!! :)

  82. Kristen says:

    Shark socks!

  83. Jody P. says:

    I love the car jack table lamp, and my husband would too!

  84. Ranee says:

    Love the ticket stub journal, fun way to keep memories

  85. JEN C says:

    My favorite product is THE OONA smart phone holder. It would be perfect for my hubby.

  86. JEN C says:

    I follow Uncommon Goods on Twitter.

  87. Elizabeth says:

    I want the Car jack table lamp for sure. . . er, I mean my husband wants it!

  88. MaryE says:

    If I could afford it, I’d get the Working Man’s Hygiene Kit for all the Dads in my life! Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  89. Alina says:

    Liked Uncommon Goods on FB.

  90. Sean says:

    I liked Uncommon Goods on Facebook. Great stuff!

  91. Sean says:

    I simply love the Places in Amercia Art.

  92. Alina says:

    I love their Come IN GO Away Doormat.

  93. Whitney says:

    Those little bicycle glasses are perfect! Lightbulbs came on- what a wonderful place to go for the best and unique ideas. Thanks!

  94. Whitney says:

    Liked on Facebook. So glad to find them.

  95. Whitney says:

    Following on Twitter! My to purchase list is growing…

  96. Terri C says:

    Love the shark socks and the bowl made of bike chains

  97. Rebecca Jenkins says:

    Those bike glasses belong in my kitchen!! Thanks for sharing such a cool site!

  98. Jenn says:

    I am all about those pancake plates!

  99. Anita Thebo says:

    I’m digging those shark socks!

  100. Anita Thebo says:

    I left a message on their facebook page and tweeted about them too!

  101. Suzanne S. says:

    I really like the sari handbag. Thank you for the giveaway.

  102. Suzanne S. says:

    I like uncommon goods on facebook

  103. Sam says:

    Hubby has been looking for an IPad case for AGES, he has bought and returned four so far but I think the “upcycled Mail sack’ would be perfect for his Father’s Day gift, and definitely the case he would love to have.

  104. Colleen says:

    I absolutely love the license plate map of the U.S.

  105. Amber McMullin says:

    I liked them on fb!

  106. Amber McMullin says:

    the upcycled ipad case is really cool and the diana camera!

  107. Love that IPad cover!! Liked and Followed!

  108. MelissaJane says:

    I love Uncommon Goods! I love their laptop cases.

  109. MelissaJane says:

    I follow UG on FB!

  110. Laura J says:

    I really like their scratch map! I wish all the states didn’t scratch off to the same color though. Revealing a pattern would be a lot of fun

  111. Louise says:

    Scratch map and pancake plates!

  112. Chris says:

    I liked them on facebook. :)

  113. Chris says:

    I followed them on twitter 😉

  114. Chris says:

    And I’d LOVE the branch door mat!