make me smile : may 2012 edition

Once again, I’m a little tardy for the month. {Does that word make anyone else giggle? It’s always sounded so officially librarianesque circa 1985 to me.} But anyway, I’m late. It’s now officially June…and these are my faves for May. Better late than never, right? We’re in the throes of completing a playhouse for the kids {I don’t think I’ve even mentioned it to you yet} and I can’t wait to share it with you…fingers crossed, keep your eyes open for some mini bungalow plans coming your way! We have the paint and roof left to complete…and then the camp out extravaganzas a-la smoores and ghost stories begin!

But I thought in the grand tradition of all things Fun Friday, I’d share a few of the things that make me happy this month!

1. I’ve wanted one of these swings, forever + a day. Once, I passed up a ratty one at a flea market, and I kind of regret it. This one is super adorable…and on sale! 2. I have all things outdoors on the brain right now, and apparently they’re sold out online, but you can score these lights at Tarjay. 3. This quote has been around for a while, but the art just doesn’t get old. I think that should be a sign to me that I purchase one. 4. Best. Iphone. Case. Ever. An unabashed dorkfest. 5. I adore this. For holding anything. Even small children. 6. This rug is chevron, but pixelated. For real life. Love it. 7. These drawer pulls are super adorable and affordable. 8. I want these shirts. As in, yesterday. I need a girl version wearing a tutu. 9. This stool. One can never love enough stools. 10. Random, but there’s something about vintage pulleys 11. This is a planter. {updated: I think they’ve sold out?} I’m just not sure I’d use it as such. It’s too pretty to be covered by leaves. 12. The perfect shade of green in a fun vintage-esque camera. 13. Outdoor fabric!

Hope you all have an inspired day, everyone! TGIF!

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Responses to make me smile : may 2012 edition

  1. Mila says:

    I love that swing! It’s so classic/retro great choices.

  2. Jenna says:

    Love these. That rug is fantastic!

  3. Shalagh says:

    I laugh at you and your nerdy nods. I actually have a full size cardboard Han Solo in Carbonite in my closet. The yellow and green and primary coloring not getting with as much as the fabulous textures, vintage touches, and the lights. A must have. Husband does lights for our living. I named our version Fete lights for the summer street fetes in New England. Better a late post than…did you say playhouse? Awesome. Thanks.

  4. Amy says:

    Love the selections…cant wait to see that treehouse!!!

  5. JP says:

    That Dino shirt is perfect! I’ve actually been looking for one for a birthday party. Love!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    When I hear the word “tardy,” I automatically think of that godawful song by that Real Housewife, “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party.” It’s a true classic.

    Also when you were talking about it being Friday, I was thinking, “Oh. I guess she didn’t do a Monday post.” That’s right. I thought today was Monday. TGIF indeed.