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Hey guys! We wanted to share this fun little product with you guys today. When Switch & Go Dinos contacted us about reviewing one of their latest toys, we knew the kiddos would be more than super thrilled to partake. Especially these toys.

Switch & Go Dinos by Vtech are quite the latest and greatest ‘lil invention for boys {and girls} alike. Switching oh so cleverly from race cars to dinosaurs, they come complete with fun facts, interactive LCD screens, and fun sound effects. They’re the perfect thing to keep them interested and engaged. Right now, our kids are 6, 4, & 3. {almost} So what we found, was that these Dinos are the perfect addition to our home for all three ages. And will be, for quite some time.

As in, we now need to purchase more to add to our collection, because even Emerson wants one. Her one request…can they make them in pink? ;}

As soon as we brought them out, I could barely read the back panel, the kids were so excited that someone sent them these awesome toys. I can’t think of two better combos for toy transformations and things boys love. Here’s a few of our fave things we noticed about these little guys:

• Easy to transform : Once upon a time, we purchased a bot by another name. We were soon wanting to pull our hair out, as not even Daddy could figure out how to change the enormous toy from a robot to a big rig. Switch & Go Dinos certainly don’t need mommy and daddy’s assistance, and keep them occupied. It’s just challenging enough for my three year old, and simple for my six year old with enough features to keep him interested.

• There’s a volume button. Parents worldwide are thanking Vtech. Enough said.

• No annoying small, separate parts to be lost under the sofa, up the chimney, or in the dog bowl. Major bonus points.

• It’s like a two for one with the toys (and more if you take childrens’ imaginations into consideration.) When they’re tired of the cars, they can have the dino…and more.

• It’s Educational. With the push of a button, the Dinosaur gives facts about himself. We’re kind of a big fans of interactive, educational playtime.

Our very favorite thing about these dinos? The price point. Starting at 15.99, (they are available now, so Buy today on Amazon) these make the perfect affordable go-to for birthday presents, and all those partays you’re destined to attend. Something most parents will actually appreciate as a gift for their child…and something you can stock pile in your home for the holidays, as well. I know we will be!

So there you are…newly informed on the world of Switch & Go Dinos! Something new we totally recommend as a worth-while toy for your home…and something you can continue to add to, as well.

So tell us…what’s your favorite one? Be sure to check ’em out!

Obligatory disclaimer: According to the FTC guidelines, The Handmade Home was compensated for this endorsement. However, we only bring the very best products, ideas and exciting companies to our wonderful readers that we love, and hope you can benefit from knowing about them. Likewise,  all opinions are 100% ours. Enjoy!

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