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Hey to all you fabulous people! We hope you’re having a great week.

I know I haven’t had a post like this in a while, but I just couldn’t resist sharing a little eye candy I’ve stumbled across lately. I wanted to show a little skeleton key love today. They may come and go in the trending cycle of the design world, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re an absolute classic.

Lots of people transform them and use them in different ways…and I love that. But I really just appreciate them in their truest form.

These wonderful keys in this great old wooden box are just something that make me happy. Like a good old quilt…there’s just something about some nice old keys.

A simple pleasure…wondering what door or treasure they’ve locked behind them.

This little box once held hotel keys. It so makes you wonder the stories they could tell.

Is there anything better?

I haven’t spied any at our local flea markets in a while, but it’s one of those things I fully intend to scoop up when I see them again. I’m kind of kicking myself for not grabbing any the last time we were in Nashville. They had them by the bucket-fulls and I know exactly what I’d use them for. It’s one of those things you just don’t pass up.

Because they make the best collections.

You just never know where they once led.

I love Shaunna’s display. On a simple piece of wood, they’re just so pretty with their metallic glint and shine.

As you’ve probably seen, I love how people are using them for wedding ceremonies.

And another wedding, to check out, here.

Of course they diverge from the classics every now and again. I adore these. A modern take, but super fun for a different sort of project or decor.

A how-to if you wish to ‘enamel’ your own, here. But painting them is a fun option.

Available with these beautiful old door plates, here.

I adore Young House Love’s grouped version, here.

Available in their own little boxes, Restoration Hardware has them here. {Easy to recreate on your own, of course…} There’s just something about that instant collection.

I love these over this bed.

And this amazingly awesome large one in the form of a rack, previously available at Three Potato Four.

I have to say, I’m loving this one. I’d never misplace my keys again. 

Yes, please. I love this clever little pillow!




There’s just something about these subtly shimmering beauties with their mysterious origins. An insta-collection, that can look curated over time and displayed in many different forms. Aren’t they just gorgeous? In the meantime…I’m keeping my eyes peeled…

In what ways have you used skeleton keys in your own homes? I’d love to see!

Have an inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to skeleton keys

  1. Jenna Joy says:

    I am currently searching for some of these. I love them!

  2. JP says:

    EXCELLENT eye candy. I just found some the other day at a flea market! I love them.

  3. kim says:

    Love this post! My husband and I currently in England right now and two of the three flats we’ve stayed in have had skeleton keys. We had no idea that people still used them. They seem far from safe but it’s what they have! Love all the different displays. I will be thinking of the keys much differently now that we’ve had to use them!

  4. Rachel says:

    Love the decorating creativity with them! Where did you find them in Nashville?? I live in Nashville – definitely need to check around for some!

  5. Great images and ideas for using these cool old keys! Now I have just added another item onto my mental list of things to look for at thrift stores and garage sales! (I should really write this list out…since it is getting quite lengthy!)

  6. Shaunna says:

    Thanks, friend! I love skeleton keys, myself!

  7. That was fun!!!
    You’ll love this. I have a friend who lives in an old farmhouse in the country and she has a skeleton key on her key ring. And the best part, it isn’t just key ring eye candy. It actually unlocks her front door. Isn’t that just too fun?

  8. Love thissssss. Now I have yet another thing I want to collect!!!

  9. Ha! I just did a post about a little terrarium I made using a skeleton key! Here’s the post:

    I can’t get enough of those lovely little keys!

  10. Wow, what a beautiful selection of skeleton keys. For our engagement cards, my wife attached skeleton keys on the invitations. I’ve been collecting them since.