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In our home, we have what my friends and family have always referred to as the ‘batman table’ {when we have all our leaves in our dining room, its over the top dramatically long} and the ‘conference table’ {our current kitchen table}. I’ve always loved long, rectangular dining tables. But lately, I’ve been craving the wonderful idea of the round table. A cozy, conversational, family area where everyone can sit across from each other and discuss their day. The older my children are, I’m starting to understand why King Arthur was all, ‘yo, knights, sit here.’ It just seems so enriching in terms of valuable time with our family. And I’m sure his knights were enriched. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite loves.

This space is amazing...I love the contrast of brick floors and silky, long curtains. And those ghost bamboo chairs? Yes please.

These punches of color are wonderful.

I adore this dark dining room with a pretty stark trim. Touches of glimmer with the mirror and light, along with white chairs and a glossy table really keep it sharp.

This little table feels cozy and elegant.

White layers keep it soft and this space is wonderful …though this room wouldn’t make it past five minutes with our crew. ;}

Love the warmth of all that wood! And this is more of an oval?

This tulip table/vintage chair combo is fun…but I’m especially drooling over that jute wrapped carafe and glass set.

A super classic take on a round table.

This set up is super modern, and fun!

I’ve always loved this traditional take with the fun fluffy lab via Elle Decor. 

Fun chairs really bring this space to life…and you can never go wrong with a natural woven rug!

I think we’ve featured this little space before…but oh how I adore those chairs! And the curtains. And the tulip table. And the mirrored console…

This little kitchen nook might be my fave of all time!

A fun and funky kitchen! 

Why yes, I will take that big lantern. 

And those red chairs. {Swoonage}

This is a fun {octogonal} version via the late and great Domino.

Super fun mid century fabulousness.

You can’t help but adore this preppy take on classic animal prints.

Such clean, simple lines + a drool worthy chandy! 

via I love that painting and feels a bit The Memory Keeper’s Daugher {aka the most depressing book in the whole entire world.} Yes, that was random.

Yes, I will take that mantel and table. And that thing over the mantel.

In other news, where can I get those curtains?

This one might be my fave.

And there you have it! Just a few of our fave roundage love from around the globe…Do you guys have a preference to the great rectangular vs circle debacle? Do you think round tables feel super cozy? What’s your favorite?

Have an inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to round table inspiration

  1. Sarah Royal says:

    This cracks me up because I’ve been considering a round table for my dining room. It turns out I have issues with round. When I think of stacks of school books and coloring books on a round table, all of those rectangles up on those curves makes me a little twitchy. O…C…D. Maybe, a rectangular tray could ease my troubles.

    Love your page!

  2. Joanna J says:

    I love this – weve been thinking about making the big change from rectangular to circular and I’m feeling pretty inspired.

  3. JP says:

    Lovely photos! Seriously lovely.

  4. Clearissa says:

    So many different looks for the same concepty, a round table. Fabulous!!!!

  5. Bethany says:

    Totally love round tables! I would love to have one in my house, but I can’t figure out how to fit a (decent-size) round table in my rectangular dining room without it looking awkward. :(

  6. LisaW says:

    I love our round dining table! We used to have a six seater and it never felt balanced with the four of us sitting around it. The kid would fight over sitting next to me, and every meal time was a drama! We bought an art deco round dining table that extends to seat twelve, and I LOVE it!! Now I just need to find a statement pendant light that hubby will agree to.

  7. Shalagh says:

    I’ve got the round table complete with leaves. We use it all the time and, yes, I like the “everyone is equal” feeling. However, it’s that pine orange. I have been toying with painting it but do not know what color to use. Like a chain reaction, one color will necessitate another color change. I was surprised to see these dark tables on top of dark floors. Downside to new table shape? All new tablecloths, but I grab them from thrift and antique stores when I can. Just do it.

  8. We’ve been using a hand me down round table since we were married and moved into our house. I’ve never been fond of it, but lived with it because it was free and what worked in the space. I’ve been thinking of painting it a grey in gloss lately, but I’m scared. No idea why because anything would look better than the boring wood tone it is now. I’ve just been throwing a table cloth over it all these years.

    I love the floor length ones in your inspiration photos!

  9. lindsey b. says:

    privet house for target had a set of jute basket-y glasses [& i think a carafe?] JUST like those! didn’t see them online, but maybe you could luck out with in-store clearance :)

  10. Hmm, it really is a hard decision! We had a round table for several years and we recently switched to a big rectangular table, so that’s the direction I lean. Our round table was pretty dinky, though, so those bigger ones you highlighted definitely appeal to me more than ours did! And that last one with the bold black and white table cloth? Oh my, I’m definitely coveting that!