the endless possibilities of scotch blue

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Hello all you fabulous people! When Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape spied a few of our projects past using their wonderful product, they asked us to recap a little of our process, and (touching only the tip of the iceberg) the endless possibilities for unique results when their tape is used. We were more than thrilled to work with this great company-it’s something we were already using and love, after all. ;} So recommending it to our awesome friends and readers, is only natural for us.

Today {get excited!} we’re bringing you our first ever video blog. I tend to dive like a lunatic under the nearest sofa whenever anyone breaks out the camera. As we all know, watching ourselves can be painful…so bear with us, because I decided to get over it and share anyway. We thought we’d start off with this short little tutorial starring yours truly, highlighting our favorite easy peasy techinique using Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape. (Try your best to refrain from taking screen shots of awkward faces whilst paused. You know you want to. It’s my worst nightmare, after all.)

Did ya see me? Did ya? Are you trying to refrain from clawing out your eyeballs? It’s so super easy to create anything with this tape, and a little paint. A real way to add pizazz to the every day, and make a true handmade haven for your home.

Here’s just a few of our faves that we’ve created, using Scotch Blue.

Some of you may remember this vintage chevron sign we made for our friend’s sweet nursery. To apply the demo used above, simply measure + mark a gridded pattern on your piece. Establish a pattern, and secure it with tape. This creates one of a kind artwork for your home, and looks quite charming (if we do say so ourselves). As if cut from an old sign, and repurposed for it’s use now…this piece now adorns Nora’s nursery! Be sure to check out the full tutorial, here!

One of our favorite pieces in our home, was made using Scotch Blue. For our Mills Fab 5 sign, we simply stained some planks, joined them together, and after deciding where our design should go, taped away the inside edges. It turned out to be a one of a kind piece that feels so special to us, it will never go out of style. To create your own using this wonderful tape, be sure to check out the full 411, here.

Another one of our fave pieces in our home is this fun little DIY chalkboard we created this winter using Scotch Blue. The kids adore it, as a family-centered spot for fun messages and random drawings. It was a cinch to create diagonal lines {simply taping off the spaces like we demoed above} to frame out something simple. Read more about our DIY chalkboard, here!

We hope you enjoyed our little recap…The possibilities with Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape really are endless. The beauty of it all, is that you can apply these same painting techniques to just about anything. From pieces of tired furniture, to old frames, and beyond. Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape really is a classic staple in our home, whether it’s a simple project for the walls, or a fun new piece of art.

If you’ve made any of these, we’d love to see your pieces. Have an inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to the endless possibilities of scotch blue

  1. I love your first ever video tutorial! And thanks for sharing the paper towel trick. I’ve never heard of that before and love the look it gives.

  2. JP says:

    I love all your projects. That vid is too cute. More! More! :)

  3. Terri says:

    Love it! You should do more videos! But the first thing I thought of…What did she do with the kiddos? Did you film this at Midnight or what? Keep up the good work Ashley! And you too Mr. Camera Man!

    • Haha-thanks Terri! We actually bribed them with chocolate. Malone was snoozing it up with his afternoon nap, so we told the other two they got chocolate if they sat quietly in the back for about ten minutes. ;} Whatever works!

  4. Jenni says:

    Here is my most recent use of Scotch Blue! I lined off a makeshift area on my dishwasher to avoid painting the buttons.

  5. Donna says:

    Hey you 2, really thought your video was done quite well. I have a question for you. when you are painting a room and want to add stripes, how is the best way to begin and what do you do afterwards??? want to put stripes in a bathroom….thanks for your help!! keep up the good work, so proud of both of you……love ya, Donna

  6. Ta-Da! Love the video and the paper towel tip!

  7. Heather says:

    I’ve already made 2 of those chevron signs! I made one for my son’s superhero room (I simply wrote “Super Hero” on it, no name. Looks wonderful!) and I made one for my niece. On her’s I used decoupage to attach a picture of Hello Kitty, added her name, and a little bit ‘o’ glitter. She freaked out when she opened it! Thanks for the wonderful idea. I plan on making one for my bestie who’s getting married this year (I’ll put their anniversary on it!).