andella home : behind the business + some wonderful products for fall.

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Remember all that sofa drama last spring? The one with the cruel slipcover shrinkage and bereaved planking that ended with a fabulous happy accident? We absolutely love the treasure that is Granville Home Furnishings and their new online store, Andella Home.  We introduced them earlier last month, and what we’re the most excited about is that their awesome designs are now available for all, online!

Whenever we meet someone who has gone into business for themselves, especially in the creative or interiors industry, we love the chance to chat it up about what they do. We simply think there’s so much we can learn from others and what goes on behind the scenes. We were able to have a chat with the fabulous owners, Craig and Suzanne recently, and ask them all about their new online endeavors. So sit back with a cup of joe and relax… for anyone who’s ever been interested in owning their own business, or simply pursuing their passions in life, we think you’ll enjoy this little interview!

1. How did you decide this was what you wanted to do?

With the internet there is certainly no shortage of places to buy furniture. But if you spend much time looking around at online furniture stores, so much of what is out there is bland and all looks alike. We wanted to bring fresh and exciting pieces to the market, from craftsmen and designers from around the world. We love finding items that are so unique, yet practical and affordable.

2. Have you always been drawn to interiors?

We have. We both grew up with dad’s who were DIY-ers. Soon after we got married, we began renovating old houses…just for us, and we love a good project. A big part of an old house project is the interior. Both the interior of the structure, but also the interior decor. Finding furnishings that both complement the character of a house and express your personal style is the icing on the cake in a house renovation. It is what makes a house a home.

3. You guys are a husband and wife team, with a wonderful team you’ve built, behind you. How has that process been? What is it like working together?

It has been fun. We each have our strengths, which thankfully complement each other.  We both enjoy product selection and spend a lot of time in that area together, but Suzanne is the visionary of style and overall product selection while Craig handles more of the day-to-day operational aspects of the business. We definitely have been blessed to have a great group of people working with us. As I have heard it said many times, there is no “I” in “team”. We all care about each other, we love what we do, and we always try to keep in mind what is truly important in this life. We take our work seriously…just not too seriously.

{We love this. So true!}

4. What we love the most about you guys is your variety of choices. And it’s all on the same level of excellent taste. That’s part of what makes you guys so unique. How do you choose the pieces you want to carry? Can you tell us a little bit about that process?

Thanks for the complement! Product selection is the most time consuming part of what we do. We travel to markets and to manufacturer locations near and far to find just the right pieces. We love working with small, family businesses like ours who work with us to bring pieces from local craftsmen from their home country into the US marketplace.  This is a labor intensive process but when you find a piece that is truly “off the map”, it is a very exciting moment. We feel like it is Christmas morning every time one of these pieces arrive in our warehouse.

5. What do you love the most about what you do?

Seeing the various ways in which our pieces can be used. There are so many pieces in our line that are used in multiple applications, and in multiple settings. When a person’s individual style and imagination click, there is no telling where and how some of these pieces get used. It’s really cool…and inspiring.

6. In a business, it’s probably a certain percentage of gut feeling, and a certain percentage of your background. Can you tell us to what degree? How does that come into play with running a successful interior business?

You are so right. It is a mix of gut feeling and background. Knowing which one to lean the heaviest on comes with experience, but doesn’t always mean you are going to make the right decisions. It is important to keep in mind that just because we like it, everyone doesn’t. We have to buy things that meet the taste of a wide variety of people, and that takes stepping back from the scene, always having our ear and eye to the ground, and sometimes just diving in and testing the water. There is plenty of trial and error in any business.

7. If you could share some advice to anyone starting a business, what would you tell them?

Pray for guidance, and make sure what you do is something that you are passionate about. And always have a game plan. Like in many other areas of life, making decisions strictly based on emotion can get you into trouble.  Owning a business is very hard work, but if you love what you do it is so rewarding.


Aren’t they great? This advice is oh so wonderful. We just love this couple and their awesome business. It takes a lot of gusto to go after your passions and turn it into a real livelihood. Honest, hardworking people with an amazing business like Andella inspire us, for sure!

To top off the eye candy round up, we wanted to show off a few of Andella’s latest and greatest additions – just a small part of what makes their company so amazing. Today, we decided to gather up a few of our latest faves from Andella. Whether you need a new addition to your kitchen for all that baking, some softer seating, or rustic warmth brought to your walls…It’s time to snuggle up to that fall decor!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

To stay up to date with the latest and greatest from Andella, be sure to check out their Facebook page, here. 

PSST…Want to know the best part? Andella is offering a 10% off coupon for our readers! Just enter the code HANDMADE at checkout. If you’ve been eyeing their fabulous eye candy, now’s the time, until October 15th.  As always, Andella offers free (!!!!) shipping in the continental US. 

Have an inspired, nesting for fall-weather kind of day, everyone!

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  1. Janet S says:

    Ooo love all these picks! I also love their honest answers. What a great site and business. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. JP says:

    I want that planter! And the bakers rack! And your sofa!!! :)

  3. Staci Amy says:

    Oooooh!!!!! 10% off would really help with that Chesterfield sofa I’m DYING over!!!!! Maybe the hubby will say yes!!!!??? Fingers and toes crossed! Thanks guys!

  4. Dear Ashley! I love your blog very much. I have read your blog for a long time. One of my favorite place is your porch, that inspired me when paint our dining room. Thank you very much! You can find it here if you are interested in:

  5. Anna Belle Young says:

    I absolutely adore all these pieces. Ahhhh now I’m addicted to Andella. Thanks a lot! :)

  6. Jessa H. says:

    SO lovely!

  7. Emma Huffs says:

    Such pretty things. I always feel better about shopping where I trust the people. It really means a lot as a consumer. Such great insight!

  8. Stephanie@geezees says:

    Great pictures. Love the fabrics and distressed wood furniture. Just beautiful…can’t wait to start shopping.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE getting to know the “story” behind the store; that was a great interview. I’m such a fan!!

  10. Esther says:

    I have to know how that fabric is holding up on your chesterfield? I also have 3 little children. They don’t eat in the room I would put it, but the adults occasionally drip a little coffee ;( Would that fabric disappoint when it came to cleaning up a few drips?
    I love your blog

  11. AMANDA says:

    Also – any chance you have another discount code for Andella – I think I may buy the couch this week! :)