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Hello lovely people! If you’re a ‘regular’ friend of ours stopping by, we’re so glad to see you again and we hope you had an amazing weekend! If you’re a new friend, (we realized that we may have a few of those dropping by as some of our amazing affiliates are talking a bit about our ebook this week) welcome! We’re so glad you’re here.

We thought we would take a moment and share a little about our site, and give you a tour of sorts. So feel free to pull up a cozy seat and some hot chocolate because we’re so glad you’re here… and we hope you stay for a while!

Please feel free to click over here to read a bit about us and our home philosophy.

To see some of our spaces and take a brief tour of our home, click here.

We also decided to include a few of our favorite posts:

building a handmade hideaway

painting your fridge with chalkboard paint 

the lazy gal’s survival guide to better housekeeping

our inspiration boards

how to shop for fabric + 17 fave sources

the art of thrifting : ten tips on how to score big for your home

doing white right

freebie of the month club

font snob series

a lesson on contentment

simple changes for your home: ideas for renters


Be sure to browse all the menu bars above, and check out more of our popular posts, here!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!

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Responses to a few of our favorites

  1. emily hope says:

    thanks for the fun round-up! saving this to come back to tomorrow and browse leisurely, with a cup of coffee in hand đŸ˜‰

  2. I love the tour, love the treehouse (can’t comment there?), and I LOVE that you decorate your home with portraits of your family! I have had a series on that, I may be contacting you in the future about that:)