celebration of service : a little christmas cheer

Hello lovely people! We just wanted to share a little Christmas happiness with you today! Remember the wonderful things that Home Depot has been doing with Celebration of Service events around the nation?

home_depot_celebration_of_serviceWe absolutely adore our veterans and their wonderful service to our country. Last week, we were blessed to take a little bit of Christmas cheer and goodies from Home Depot and Operation Homefront to this amazing family.

home_depotDave and Caprice are a wonderful couple who are the parents to four beautiful boys. Dave served overseas in Afghanistan and is no stranger to the military life. Caprice is the awesome mother and wife, part of the dynamic duo who holds down the fort. They truly lead an inspiring life.

Military families give more than we can ever imagine. I truly admire this family for their sacrifice, bravery, and dedication to our nation. I can honestly say that meeting with them was a big treat for us, and we felt honored that these super kind people opened up their home to us and let us help spread a little Christmas cheer. When Jamin and I left their home, we both agreed that we could have stayed even longer-we loved hearing what they had to say about it all. We also loved trading stories about adventures in parenthood. I was so in awe of what they do.

In times like these, this sweet and genuine family feel like a real light in such a bleak place. It’s quite awe inspiring to know that these are the kind of people who are protecting our freedoms.

Wow. What a thing we sometimes take for granted. For these people, I am so very thankful.


(pictured here with Stephanie (from The Home Depot), Dave and Caprice smiled in front of their beautiful Christmas tree!)

A little about Operation Homefront : This organization began in 2002 as a way to assist and meet needs of the families of deployed troops. This is a non-profit organization. In 2011 they met 155,984 needs. (155,984!) since its inception they have provided more than 128 million dollars worth of funding to benefit military families. To find out more about how you can partner with them, visit their website here. 


We love this great cause, and will certainly be thinking about all of the military and their families as they continue to serve during the holiday season, and in the years to come. We can honestly say we’ve learned more in this process than we ever thought we would. We’ve been humbled and inspired and just really beyond impressed with all of the incredible people we’ve crossed paths with as a part of Home Depot’s Celebration of Service. The human capacity for giving truly amazes me. To say we enjoyed partnering with Home Depot to help be a part of this great cause… would be a severe understatement.

A huge thank you to the fabulous Dave and Caprice who sacrifice so much to do what they do for our country. You truly are gems!

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Responses to celebration of service : a little christmas cheer

  1. Wow! What a wonderful activity to be involved with! Thanks for sharing this! I’m off to go learn more about it!

  2. Jana Lincoln says:

    How sweet. I live this! And I’m going to have to check that organization out.

  3. Anna says:

    I needed a smile today. That’s really great.