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Hey wonderful friends! We hope this little post finds you blessed and excited with the promise of what a fresh start holds for you in the new year!

This time of the year calls for a reflection. There is so much to be thankful for, and if you’re anything like us, you have so many hopes for your own family in the year ahead.

Jamin and I sit down each year and discuss both our blessings and goals. There’s so much we take for granted. I believe its important to acknowledge that. Our goals have also changed over time, as we find a new way of seeing things. In a way, it keeps our focus on the important things. We also like to discuss where we would like the hull of this ship to turn (with His provision). Family, financial, home, business… long and short term… you name it… we like to hash it out. It’s fun to talk about your dreams. What you want to ‘go for’.

In doing so, we’ve been looking back on this past year for The Handmade Home. Never have we been so thrilled or humbled regarding the year ahead. I’m here to tell ya, we’re overwhelmed by your enthusiasm, inspiration and kindness. Some of our very favorite people are those we’ve never met. We just wanted to say thank you for being a part of what we do. Our amazing readers mean so very much to us. Thank you.


All potential cheese overdose aside and without further ado, I thought we would have a bit of a posts not to miss and a quick year in review for The Handmade Home. Here’s a few of our faves.

 Why we decided not to sell our home. (It kind of changed our outlook for where we are right now)


White Done Right : A look at using the color white in your home.

A DIY chalkboard

stencil_bedroom_wall An art project for the bedroom. 


A look at simple changes you can make in your home.


Scarlett’s nursery tour


Our favorite fabric sources, and how to mix patterns


The Lazy Gal’s Guide to seasonal wreaths

living_room_before_and_afterHappy Homeaversary (changes that bring value to your home)

Basic RGB


Buyer’s Remorse and playing the comparison game. (It’s okay to take your time)

A painted tablescape


There were quite a few handmade weddings!


Sofa Policies


A handmade hideaway


Backyard Bliss

And a few series we plan to continue:

Of course we couldn’t leave this out: we love our font snob posts… look for some new fun fonts in the upcoming year!

The Lazy Gal’s Guide has inspired us to change a few things around here… stay tuned for an update on the state of the Mills home this week. The great purge has begun! (Read: help me.)


And last but not least…One of our biggest projects this year was Handmade Walls… our online ebook! Be sure to check it out here!


If you want to see more of our home’s before and afters, click on over and have a read!

We hope you guys have a wonderful and blessed new year! What is your greatest blessing this year? What’s your biggest goal you wish to go for? We’d love to hear!

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Responses to this year

  1. erin says:

    thanks for a fun year!! I love checking in on your blog and cute family!! I look forward to the new year with you! <3

    happy new year from chicago!!

  2. Layla K says:

    Love. What a beautiful round up! :)

  3. Anna says:


  4. what a great year!!! one of my highlights was getting to hang with you in Atlanta! Happy New Year, sweet friend! Cheers.

  5. Thanks for these! All favorites of mine, and Happy New Year!

  6. baileywife says:

    Blessing: Making it through 2012, our year of MANY changes!
    Goal: Seeing “the Light” in 2013! My word for the year.
    Can’t wait to follow YOUR journey! ~Kim

  7. sally says:

    Happy New Year Handmade Home! You bring a bright ray of sunshine into my world with every new post! Thank you thank you thank you!