the mirrorball movement

Hello beautiful friends! I hope this finds you well today! I’m going a bit off the beaten path to share some eye candy with all of you… some random inspiration I’ve been craving a bit lately, in terms of the look of our homes : I think we can all use a little bling in our lives… how about you?

I’ve noticed a bit of a mirrorball movement in homes for a while now, but I love the way I also see it popping up in subtle, and not so subtle ways… whether it’s mirrored tile installations on a back splash, a mirrorball casually stowed on a bookshelf, or even an unexpected juxtaposition of a staircase… all homes can use a little glitter…


From blatant touches of glam with mirrorballs, to amazing staircases like this… who doesn’t love a touch of fun in a home? If I had stairs, this would already be done. I adore the juxtaposition between these mirrors and dark wood…


Love the look of something a little different with these mirrored tiles from Ann Sacks. 




Copper mirror + mirrored backsplash + rustic wood = yes please.


There’s something about a subtle yet blatant mirrorball hanging from this (otherwise quite serious) room that screams fun.


Of course we all know and adore this look from The Nester. Be sure to read her take on it all and the fine art of not abusing your mirrorball. ;}


 I die. It’s a lot. But I still die.


Herringbone? It’s like a double whammy of happiness.


I love the scaled back look of reflective tiles that are more metallic than mirrored. It’s so unexpected.


Yes, please. I’ll take that A, as well.


Contained to a mirror in an unexpected way... this may be one of my absolute faves.

mirrorball_bathroomThis may hurt my eyes in the morning. But I love it all the same. 

mirrored bathroom



So fun! I love this scaled back look.


This pearlescent mirror ball makes a statement in a softer way.


I’d probably take everything but the chair. Emerson would be all over the chair.


I love that juxtaposition again…




Adore this from The Hunted Interior. Her style is to drool for, if you’ve never spied her home before!




 I was inspired to bring a little glam to contrast with the rustic look of our shelves in the dining room. If you want to see how we made this mirror, be sure to check out our book here… it’s one of my fave things in our home! (Insert shameless plug, here.)

What I love about the look is that you can bring it into your home in different ways… that tiled mirrored look in subtle combinations, and the casual fun collected look a mirrorball can bring to a space. Here’s to bringing a little glam into our lives!

Have an inspired day!

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Responses to the mirrorball movement

  1. Rachel says:

    Those mirrors!! It’s all so gorgeous!! I love the subtle look in the bathrooms, although I might totally put a mirror ball in our master bedroom.

  2. Sarah says:

    The metallic back splash is so unexpected and lovely! I probably never would have considered it…but I will now!

    • Nuukaska says:

      Love the back splassh aswell and just like you Sarah, newer would have though but now… and actually I have a stairs that would need something this might be IT and a space in entry… either one not both. We actually have a small mirrorball in playhouse/ small house in small garden it is really beutifull with candle light. One woman told me that you can use it also to shoo birds form garden with it and it looks nice outside too!

  3. Love the touches of glam, especially the mix of natural + blingy. Fun images. So glad I stumbled over to your blog (via the Nester). Looking forward to seeing more.

  4. Jayne says:

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous! That “I die” bath is amazing!

  5. Thanks for sharing my favorite thing in the entire world! Well, besides my kid & my hubs. They are uber fun. Loving the mirror against your killer shelves my dear.


  6. CaoimheLK says:

    I want a mirrorball now! They suddenly look so new!

  7. I love the look of a disco ball sitting in a room! Subtle yet cool!

  8. Mmm it’s like you read my mind! I was doing some research about a mirror tile glitzy project. I love how these were used as tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. That might be on my horizon!

  9. I’ve been oohing & ahhing all over the place at all the amazing mirrorball ideas… but I’ve got to admit that I’ve been too shy to do it in my own home. I’m glad you took the leap and made your own nod to it – because it rocks!