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Hey guys!

We hope this Monday finds you all refreshed and ready to hit the ground running! We’re slowly but surely getting there. We didn’t have the flu (THANK goodness) but we did have a nasty cold virus, and it’s still keeping me down. We’re getting there… 6 days later…

So I have to say, I’m kind of embarrassed to realize that after all of these backyard bliss posts, I never went through all of my sources.


I didn’t forget about it entirely, but honestly this is the first project of such depth that we’ve done, that required so many posts. So it took us a while to get to this part… (and the holidaisical apocalypse nearly ate us alive.) In retrospect we should have covered it first. ;} Still be my friend?


Here’s a few sources for this not-so-little-project.

Paint colors  –

For the house, this was a drastic change for us, from what the house originally started at – UPS brown (it looks better on a truck, and no we did not pick that) to this…

House color: Benjamin Moore’s Cumulus Cloud

Trim color: Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray

Door color: Benjamin Moore’s Corn Husk

Pergola color: Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace

It might surprise you that we didn’t go with the trim color for our Pergola. It’s subtle, and kind of hard to tell in photos, but in real life, we wanted the pergola to stand out a bit more than the trim. So we went with our old faithful + favorite white. It’s crisp and clean and striking. We love it.

Concrete color: Benjamin Moore’s Bear CreekBenjamin Moore’s Willow Creek

Stain color for raised garden box + shutters: Minwax’s English Chestnut

We sealed everything with Thompson’s WaterSeal, and will go back for a second pass.


Our stone patio + fire pit were provided very generously by The Home Depot. 

Our M is from the flea market in Nashville. I think the vendor is still there quite regularly. I believe we paid around 50 for it (??) this letter is huge, so I jumped on it, even though at the time, I had no idea where it would go. We also sealed it for the outdoors with more Thompson’s WaterSeal (spray) to protect it.

Chairs : I scored the chairs on clearance at World Market this summer. I stumbled across them online for 65 percent off. But they were no longer available. I’m pretty sure my sister scooped up the last remaining 6 on the face of the planet, in Knoxville and handed them off to my parents in Nasvhille who piggy backed them all the way back to yours truly. My family is used to my shenanigans at this point… and I am forever grateful. When I finally got my hands on them, they were a lot more creamy than they were in real life so I gave four of them a pass with Rustoleum Satin White + two with Rustoleum Satin Lagoon to brighten things up a bit.

We built the table from an old door, and had it topped with glass from our local glass store.


Our fabric sources:

1: Swavelle/Mill Creek Indoor/Outdoor Glamis Spa

2: Swavelle/Mill Creek Indoor/Outdoor Rossmere Caribbean

3: P Kaufmann Indoor/Outdoor Deck Chair Stripe Shell/Aqua – no longer unavailable, but if you know the name, and you love it you can scour the ends of the earth – they usually refill their stock, too.

4: Richloom Solarium Outdoor Kirkwood Palm

5: Yellow fabric – Swavelle/Mill Creek Indoor/Outdoor Hockley Banana

diy_fire_pit light

Our hanging light was from Decor Steals  and painted the same Rustoleum Satin Lagoon. 

Our globe lights were from Tarjay.


Our swing is from a local artist here (Montgomery, AL) who does metal work and has a booth on the main floor (far left) at Eastbrook Flea Market.

Oh! And the furniture on the other side, that you’ve spied in the past on our veranda are also from Target, but we purchased them years ago on clearance through their Smith and Hawken line. (Refinished by us.) It’s like a cross between their current Avignon and Brooks Island lines. If you catch outdoor furniture around late spring early summer every year, major sales and magic happen.

Those giant pots are from Ikea and were only 6 dollars each. They hold lime plants… which I am currently nursing back to health after the winter has knocked them down from staying in our house… more on that later.


I hope this sources post helps a little with any questions you may have had! While some of our finds are flea market or random discount finds, we hope it inspires you to search to create a beautiful space of your own. The best spaces are collected over time (and we believe for brownie points, scored on the cheap!)

We’ve gotten a few questions about pricing for all of these projects…  Honestly, that’s a little impossible for us to share. Depending on your location, grade of wood you choose, size needed, tools needed, etc. everyone’s price will be different on this one. The price is a very hard thing to pass from one person’s structure to another. It is not apples to apples for several reasons. To get the best idea as to what it will cost you, we suggest to measure your size, take our shopping list provided in each post here to the local store and price it out. You have to remember what we pay for supplies here in the tropics of Alabama is probably not the same as in, say, the Southwest. Just to give you some perspective on cost : We did pay around 475 for our pergola, and when we looked for a quote on a standard size at our local hardware store, it was well over 3,000 dollars. You easily pay for the labor on something like this, so while it’s no cakewalk, in the end to us just like everything we do here it’s worth it in our book.

We hope this helps!

To read any of our DIY projects from this back yard overhaul, be sure to check them all out, here!



Thanks again everyone, and have an inspired day! If you build any of this please let us know, we’d love to see!

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Responses to backyard bliss : sources

  1. Chris says:

    It looks so amazing! Every little detail shines through. Great job!

  2. Brooke says:

    Love everything about it! And I’m enjoying referencing your ebook too!! Such inspiration

  3. You guys did such a great job on your outdoor living area. It really brings home the idea that the backyard is an extension of our home. We are not sure we are going to stay in our current house, but once the decision is made I will definitely be doing some of your projects. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Jenna says:

    Love. Thanks for listing that fabric! Pumped.

  5. Carlie V. says:

    I love your attention to detail in your backyard space. Like Sheila said, it really shows that you use your backyard as an extension of your home. I want more of that in my life!

    I’ve been reading through your series as the posts have come up, pinning as I go, and handing out dictates to my husband about what he must do. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the sources. I just love your winter. We have 5 feet of snow.This backyard makes me want to move south.

  7. Denise Cerro says:

    What an amazing transformation…Love It! You did such a wonderful job and I’m sure you spend a lot of time on this wonderful patio. Thank you for sharing all your resources…this is a project to beam over!

  8. Kathy C says:

    I just pinned on my Home Board!

  9. Lindsay says:

    What a stunning outdoor space! I am featuring it on our fab fridays post.

  10. midwestmom says:

    I love this and have looked at it and looked at it since you posted it!!! I want to make my backdoor this color. Unfortunately I’ve called everyone in my area, from Lowes to HOme Depot, Walmart and Sherwin Williams and no one has Ben Moore Corn Husk in their systems. I’m terrible at picking colors and afraid if I tried on my own, I’d end up with a blinding neon yellow!! or who knows. I’d never love it as much as I love this one. I wish I had a Benjamin Moore in my area!!!!

  11. midwestmom says:

    Do you think the door is close to the same color as the Swavelle/Mill Creek Indoor/Outdoor Hockley Banana fabric? I ordered all of the fabric you listed. (told you I love it :)
    I could color match the fabric if so. What do you think?

    • Hey girl! It’s a little bit lighter than that. Whenever you want to match up a color with your fabric, always go a few shades lighter. Home Depot should have all the BM colors in their systems… It’s a networked thing, I think. Sorry I’m not much more help beyond that, but I would definitely match up that yellow in the fabric, and then go a few shades lighter. Hope that helps! ;}

      • midwestmom says:

        Thanks for your reply!! I will give Home Depot a try! WalMart told me they had BM colors but couldn’t find Corn Husk and Sherwin Williams had the same problem.