a fresh look with threshold pillows

Hey guys! Remember our post from last week? There’s more eye candy goodness, and a little inspiration for all of our favorite people today.

We were thrilled to work with Target and a great idea they had up their sleeve.


And when they mentioned that it was part of their fab Threshold collection, we were super stoked, to say the least.

threshold_logotarget_threshold_decorThreshold has an amazingly fabulous line that that brings instastyle to any part of your home. It’s like an eclectic melding of vintage classic modern with a dash of charm. What exactly am I saying? It feels like a little bit of everything, depending on their piece. I think that’s what makes their line blend seamlessly into your existing decor, giving it that extra bit of ‘zing’ with the rest of your home. Their great prices mixed with a stylin’ look make it easy to freshen up any little nook in need of a spruce up.

threshold_home_decorAnd looking at their designs, you wouldn’t believe their prices.

Sticking with Target’s ‘design for all’ feel and mantra, Threshold is nowhere short of fitting the bill… they hit this one out of the park.

target_thresholdCue angel chorus of decorating paradise.


We decided to work some of their uber delicious pillows into our every day decor, and play with Duncan’s ensemble. He was overdue for a refresher.


The blend was seamless and brought a splash of fabulous new to the party.


I’m a big DIY pillow kinda gal, but these had me at that woven look, and again… the amazing price.

You’ll be quite pleased to know they’re also kid approved in the fort building fun side of surviving a Mills brothers’ wrestle-palooza. It was a breath of fresh air for our sofas. It’s always fun to mix it up a little.


Don’t you just love the Threshold collection? What’s your favorite piece you’ve spied? We’d love to hear!

Have an inspired day, everyone! 

This post is brought to you in partnership with Target and Style Coalition, all opinions and thoughts are original to The Handmade Home. To read our full disclosure visit here.

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Responses to a fresh look with threshold pillows

  1. Britney says:

    I love the bird’s nest painting!!! Where can I get it? Thank you!!!