handmade savvy saturday

Hello sweet friends!

We hope this little post finds you well, and brings you some much needed rejuvenation! I just thought I’d bring a new little list of our current fave finds from this week! ;}


Tara’s colorful bathroom rocks my world. 


Jennifer’s Large Canvas Letters are awesome.


This amazing shelf redo makes me happy.


This kitchen floor. Rocks. My. Face. Off.


This lovely home makes me swoon.


These clever dots by Oh, Joy. Happy captured in a room.


This clever mirror. 


This oh so useful chair guide.  (You’re gonna wanna save it.) Or maybe memorize it on flashcards so the next time you go thrifting with your friends you can impress them with your awesome know-how. You can be all, “check out that Byzantine chair”. (instead of “check out that leftover replica from vacation bible school”) And they’ll be all what? I think I will… shhhh.

Happy wonderful Saturday, everyone! We hope you have a chillaxin’ kinda day!

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Responses to handmade savvy saturday

  1. paige says:

    great links!
    i’ve actually peed in that cute bathroom of taras. and it truly is adorable.

    well there now.
    surely that was THE most vulgar of all comments in the history of your blog.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh my goodness I’m amongst brilliance! Thanks guys!!

  3. ali thompson says:

    i am totally swooning for the mirror in the entryway picture! that is awesome. oh and those canvas letters, too! actually i’m swooning over all those–!

  4. Just wanted to pop in and say hello! I came across your website today and I freaking LOVE all your decorating ideas- keep up the great work!!!

  5. tara says:

    imagine my surprise when i popped over today and saw our bathroom in your post.
    thanks, Ashley!
    Would you believe that I’m undecided about keeping that shower curtain in there?
    dilemmas, dilemmas. :)

    Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend…it’s blue skies here in Athens today…
    you’re awesome.

  6. Lynn says:

    Faaaabriiiiiic…. I must know! (pant, pant) Seriously, I’ve got the jones for Jennifer’s blue floral and red stripes under the LAKE SIDE thingy. Please?

  7. Thanks so much for sharing my octagon mirror! Now I MUST go see how she made those canvas letters. And I’m drooling over that kitchen with all the amazing brass fixtures. Great finds!

  8. Holly says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my condo renovation guys!!! Your beautiful site continually inspires me and it was so thoughtful of you to include me~

    Have a sweet Sunday!

  9. Gwen says:

    Awesome pictures…! I love the colourful bathroom xxx