it’s the 7.50 special, y’all! (ebook sale)

Howdy lovelies!


We were dropping in today to tell you about our little dealio on our ebook in honor of all things fabulosity and spring spruce ups. We know what it’s like when spring hits, and you get that itch to start nesting around your homes. At least we certainly do…


And we’re here to help you scratch it.

That was a little weird and super personal… stay with us. ;}


Our ebook, in case you’re just now tuning in, was a fun little endeavor between Jamin and me this past fall. It’s chock-full of fun (if we do say so ourselves) inspiration, projects and some great ways to add some of your own personal touch to your home. With projects ranging from easy-peasy-rice-and-cheesy, to the challenging variety and you as the ultimate creator, there’s no limit to the possibilities!


Right now, it’s on sale. We’ve knocked our price down 25% in honor of spring and the great spruce up.


From today, until next Wednesday (the 27th) It’s the 7.5o special, y’all! (Read that in your best über redneck voice because while my sophisticated southern counterparts say I sound much like a Cali girl (in their world) that’s pretty much how I’m saying it.)


Have an inspired day, favorite people! And be sure to check out our ebook, here! 

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Responses to it’s the 7.50 special, y’all! (ebook sale)

  1. tiffini says:

    i LOVE my copy! i know it was so much work but oh so helpful for people:)
    glad you all are up and feeling better again….xo

  2. Anna says:

    It is gorgeous. Not surprised, of course. Thank you for writing it. Wowsa.

  3. Nicole S says:

    Thank you! Love it!