freshening up our towels with threshold

Hey, to all of our favorite people!

As we’ve mentioned before, we were thrilled to the gills when we knew we would get to work with Threshold’s designs. We’re back with more eye candy loveliness for you today.

threshold_logoThis amazing collection from Target has great, attainable, realistic design for your home.

In short, we love it.


Have you seen their towels and bath products?


They’re chock-full of glorious tones, patterns and pretty little mixes for your bathroom. (I’ll also take that bathtub, please.)


These little towels are so charming (yes, towels can totally be charming) we may be using them for both the bath, and poolside this summer.


We were kind of overdue for freshening up our towel mix. If you’re anything like us, then you’ve been clinging to the very same ones since the day you were married A DECADE few years ago. Ours were becoming a little threadbare (were still sage) and needed a little freshening up.

They mix in oh so easily with what we already have… but these are towel-rack-display-for-everyone-to-see-and-ask-where-we-got-them-when-they-come-to-our-home-worthy.


Such a happy little hit of color!


Who knew towels could have such personality? We are loving these, and their simple, super fun patterns. You can find these stacked oh so prettily on our countertops for all to see. ;}

So have you guys tried out the Threshold collection? What’s your favorite piece so far? We’d love to hear!

Have an inspired day, everyone!

This post is brought to you in partnership with Target and Style Coalition, all opinions and thoughts are original to The Handmade Home. To read our full disclosure visit here.

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Responses to freshening up our towels with threshold

  1. love this! i’m so glad to see bright-but-still-sort-of-vintage colors going on…the current all-white minimalist trend isn’t truly livable or our home or family these days and doesn’t really “say” what we want it to! so, as a woman with bright red couches, southwestern style rugs, and distressed vintage pieces…i’m thrilled to see all the options in this new line!

  2. Anna says:

    I love this. Now I have towel lust. :)

  3. Chaney says:

    All I have to say is…Dang it Threshold! Stop tempting me! I love EVERYTHING they’ve put out.

    Oh, and they’re having a 20% off sale this week on the collection…hint hint? Is that my cue to go buy at least one thing?? :)

  4. Becky says:

    so cute and would brighten up our bathroom. The ONLY bathroom we have in our small farmhouse! :)

  5. Rachel says:

    Yes. Their threshold collection is my favorite.

  6. Just yesterday I picked up a Threshold stainless steel bowl that could hold our family AND our dog. It is smashing!! I have been hunting for one that I could use while making huge batches of homemade granola cereal and this was the winner!!

  7. Melissa Barrette says:

    I went and bought the gold duvet cover. Yep! Because of you. And now I’m kinda addicted to the line…

  8. So funny. I just got home from Target where I bought this exact curtain (plus another Threshold curtain for my twins’ bathroom). I was just going to put it up when I saw this post. You’ve got great taste, Ashley. 😉

  9. Though Ive oohed and aahed over the collection in the store I havent bought anything…yet. :) This week our store has 20% off all the Threshold collection pieces!

  10. sally says:

    I love your enthusiasm, but i reallly hope you aren’t going to stray away from your fabulously original and creative menu of constant delish
    . THat’s what I come for every day – not advertising for towels – even though they are totally adorable! (And I’m probably going to Target tomorrow to check them out…..)

  11. Pat says:

    I’m loving the whole Threshold collection! My daughter and I were shopping at Target on Saturday. Sheets, towels, lamps, mirrors, frames, you name it! I just wish I had the funds to make the purchases. :) She is adding some of the towels to her bath. I am moving soon and look forward to doing the same!

  12. tammy r says:

    LOL I just some towels and used a 5.00 coupon off today. I got the deep teal ones. Plus they were on clearance so even better. I really love the collection this yr. :)

  13. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for sharing! I had not yet seen these and would love the blue/green version in my powder bath and maybe the yellow/gray in my master! Can’t wait to check them out!