websites, pillows + mystery film… oh my!

Hello friends! Just a few rando topics today {In super nerdo semi-organized list form because lists make me happy} :

1. There was a slight delay, but our site is plugging along quite nicely, so when you visit us on Friday (instead of today) THH will have a whole new look. Our painting shop will also be open on Friday and that means we’re extending the giveaway one more day… come back Friday for the winner! We can’t wait to share a few new features with all of you.

2. Dress update: Remember this post a few weeks ago? Dress vs. Pillow vs. anything else we could cut up and turn into home decor… a few of you lovely friends asked me what I decided to do, and I thought it was time for a status update.

pillow_from_a_dressHere are your answers tallied up into a big nerdy pie chart. Because I’m (also) a dork like that. Lists and charts and planners. What more could a gal want?

Basic RGBYou made me realize what I really wanted when you said:  “you’re still young” and “sit on the sofa whilst wearing the dress” and “hot date” So the dress remains. I mean, sometimes I’m my own worst enemy, I’ve been sucked into forever yoga pants mom world, and I’m only 33 and should show off my arms while I still can. Kids can make you feel like you’re 75. I swear I have crows feet. And age spots. And bags in more places than under my eyes. It is spring, and I plan to rock the dress. There’s always time for pillows. So from one recovering yoga pants addict stuck in mom world, thanks for the help guys! And stay tuned… It may yet become a pillow. (I know you’re waiting with baited breath over my self important pillow conundrum.)

Since y’all were so helpful with that… I thought it would be fun to discuss this…


3. A few years ago I found these awesome old cameras at one of those super old side-of-the-road places. You know the kind. It overflows with junk and treasures all around it on an old country road, that makes you feel like you may become the victim of the next It rubs the lotion on its skin moment in horror movie history if you dare cross the threshold in search of an unspoken treasure.

You’re not sure what you’re looking for, but when you find it, it will be fabulous. I won’t lie. I was kinda wary of Leatherface and Freddy Krueger’s love child lurking in the mildewy corner. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone so I was all about rummaging. Snakes were another issue. A python could have been wedged in the aisles and we would have never known what hit us. I guess what would be an epic way to go. Down in snake saliva flames of thrifting glory. People would be all, “Did you hear what happened to Ashley? She was swallowed by a hillbilly python. Jamin tried to beat it to death with a stereotypical underpriced massive traffic light that was sitting nearby, but she was gone. So he purchased the traffic light instead.” {Cue sad trumpets.}

Digression. I think I scored these cameras for about five dollars each.


And I love them. They’re the perfect little accessories.


Upon arriving home with said cameras, I decided to pop open the film compartment and have a look-see. And out came two rolls of film. Exposed. I put them away, and forgot, because my youngest was zero and I was still covered in Lansinoh and diaper rash cream going on four hour sleep rampages. For some reason, thrifting in dirty places sans kids was my therapy. Not shopping at The Loft or Anthro like normal people. Dirty obscure serial killer places. I guess it made me feel alive again in my mid-sleep, post-partum stupor.

But I found the two little rolls again the other day, mid-purge in the kitchen.

Now I must know what’s on them.

I’ve been asking around, on and off, for months, and I was finally pointed in the direction of an online film developing service (apparently the only one) that processes antique and vintage film. They’ll do it… for the right price.

Eighty smackeroos.

This does, if you are comforted at all, include return shipping.

The issue between Jamin and I is not an issue of if we have the funds or not. Its an issue of could the funds go to something better? Something else frivolous? Because on the surface, this is a frivolous risk. No images = No refunds.

But I say what if this film holds the key to who shot JFK? What if the killer took photos and then tossed two cameras containing the evidence in Alabama circa 1963? It’s highly likely. And maybe I’m in the wrong era for this model and dinosaurs are on it instead so you guys fill me in on what’s probably on there, but it still sounds important. Even if it’s just some simple afternoon captured at a family get together that will catapult us back into time. Maybe even some insta art for our walls.


The suspense is killing me.

And back to the risk. I guess it could be too old, or blank. Or some joker walked around taking photos of the floor, and we’ve wasted eighty dollars. Non-refundable. Tada!

vintage_kodak_filmIt will forever be a mystery if we don’t send it in.

It will forever drive me nuts. I told Jamin it should be my birthday present. In December. For now. I mean, I go all year without any gifts, so I always start milking it about six months in advance. Or nine, in this case.

A current hot topic debacle of Mills debate at our house.

What would you do?

I’m itching to make another pie chart.

Have an inspired day, friends!

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Responses to websites, pillows + mystery film… oh my!

  1. Natalie says:

    Yes, yes yes!!! This is killing me!!! Please do it and post the pictures (if any of course!).

  2. erin says:

    I say develop them!!!!

  3. Marcella says:

    Yes, develope them! When I googled this topic, came up as one who will not charge if its blank. Also, you can save money by only getting digital files.

  4. Nives says:

    Do it Ashley!!! For sure!!! Whatever is on there is a part of history anyway simply because its age! I would as the suspense would kill me too!

  5. Becky says:

    I bet your most curious readers would pitch in $1.00 or so each if you promised to publish them! You would get to that $80 amount or close to it lickety-split! :)