how to build a fire pit

Hey guys! We’re super excited to have the fabulous Michelle from Iron & Twine back on our site today, to share a little something they’ve been up to lately. We thought it was oh-so thematically appropriate. So without further ado…iron&twine
Hello friends!  Today I’m here to share a bit of a confession.  I am obsessed with Ashley and Jamin’s Backyard Oasis!  From their colorful patio to their fire pit, it’s so warm and inviting!  My husband and I are still making plans for our own backyard and while we’re still not ready to commit to a permanent plan, we decided we were long overdue to make a temporary oasis of our own.
With chilly fall evenings I can’t help but think of over-sized wool blankets, cozy conversations and a crackling outdoor fire.  So to encourage more outdoor living this fall, my husband and I decided to construct a semi-permanent fire pit that could quickly be assembled and easily moved.  For those of you in the same boat, read below to see how we constructed our own temporary outdoor fire pit for under $200!
Materials Needed
Curved Retaining Wall Blocks ~ we used 48 of these
Round Fire Pit, ours is here
The hardest part about this project is moving 48 of these suckers.  I’m pretty sure this project counts as a gym visit.
First decide where in your yard you wish to place your fire pit.  Be sure to find a flat surface away from bushes and not underneath any tree limbs.  I’m visual, so I started by making a circle using 16 of my wall blocks.
Once I had my base where I wanted it, I took a shovel to dig out the grass and a rake to smooth and level the surface.
Then it’s time to stack your base.  I used 16 on each tier alternating blocks as I went.
Once our base was created, we took the fire pit out of the box, discarding the legs that were included, and placed the round basin in our base.  The lip on this particular fire pit is the perfect size!
And that’s all ~ how easy is that!
Now before you go lighting up a bonfire, be sure to check fire laws and regulations in your area.  And also be sure to practice common fire safety rules.  Spray down any grassy areas with a hose and be sure to have a fire extinguisher close by.
Folding beach chairs work great for our temporary setup!  To disguise their summery hues we dressed each one with vintage plaid throws and old military blankets.  Not only are they super cute but they come in super handy on a cold fall evening!
 I hope you all are enjoying your fall ~ go grab a warm blanket, good company, something yummy and make an outdoor fire pit a regular this fall!
How do you build your fire?
Cabin Stack?  Tee-pee? Boy Scout Juice?
Share in the comments below!

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  1. Layla says:

    I love this! Perfect timing.

  2. Alexis says:

    Oh so cozy! My hubs was an Eagle Scout so we love firepits and such!

  3. Annie says:

    Perfection with those cozy blankets and that awesome fire! 😀

  4. laura says:

    that seems simpler than I thought! It looks great. I love a great fire in the backyard! The kids love that stuff too!

  5. love this! we totally need a fire pit in our backyard and since we live in AZ we can pretty much use this year round