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If you have a 3-8 year old {+/-} you’re no stranger to the Frozen obsession that has taken our nation’s children by storm.

No pun intended.

We’ve seen Frozen now, eh… more than once… and we now own about five dolls + two dresses from the movie. Oh and I think a suitcase. And some other Frozen paraphernalia that I’m sure Disney has never seen such profits from, which she piles into her bed every night. Well played, Disney. Well played.

In short, I’ve never had a child so obsessed with something in her life. And before I had kids, I was so anti-characters, I scoffed at people who let their kids wear character shirts. I once proclaimed I would never give in to such shenanigans. We sing from the Frozen soundtrack at least once a day and don’t worry… the joke’s on me.

I call it parental karma.


So this year, when she proclaimed she wanted a Frozen party, I’d given up the fight a long time ago, and was only happy to oblige. I prefer small parties nowadays – bigger shindigs were fun when my kids were younger, but now I’m over it… the less exhausting, the better. So in a great effort to keep it simple, I thought I’d take her and a few of her closest friends out for pizza, and pedis. Then back to our house for a simple cake session. The end. Success, right?

Only I waited until the last minute. I naively thought that I could order a few rings off of Amazon to place on top of some cupcakes, set them on a pretty Elsa/Anna Duo of plates, and call it a day.

Rookie. Mistake. Borderline mom fail.

As it turns out, there was a Frozenpocalypse. A Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, nothing to be found on the internet, and there’s a run at the store Frozenpocalypse. They were actually hiding the remains of a few goodie bags and giant Elsa cut outs behind the counter like meth components at the party store. I was looking around for a combo of candid cameras + Olaf zombies. I mean, I had no idea. People. Are. Hard. Core.

So what do you do when that happens? You have an un-frozen Frozen party, of course.


I have two little boys and one little girl. If there’s something I’ve learned fast for our family, it’s that my boys just don’t care about things like tablescapes + pretty cakes. If there’s some version of celebratory sugar, and they can form tackle their friends in a bouncy house we’re good. Emerson, a girl after my own heart, never requests anything in particular… but I adore surprising her each year. I like to have something a little girly when I can… {Remember our watercolor shindig last year?} because someday soon, she won’t want me to.

With that in mind, I always keep it doable and totally budget friendly. I wish I had her face on video. When she saw the kitchen table she actually gasped, and then jumped up and down. I felt like I made up for the non-purchased goods in the form of a good old fashioned cheat + paper cutouts. I probably also gave her unrealistic expectations for the rest of her life, so there’s that.

Without further ado, here’s a few things I used to pull it off at the last minute. ;}


1. Think representatively. 

Obviously there were no Frozen goods to be had anywhere. But really, this could apply to any party where there’s a shortage… or if you just want to think outside the mass produced box. I literally waited two days before to go to the store so it served me right…but then Emerson came down with the flu and we pushed the party back a week all in the name of not being socially awkward and germs.

I went with a few abstract ideas that I knew would appeal to little gals’ thinking in terms of a winter wonderland. {read: I had time to order crepe paper on the internet and then again wait until one day before. Procrastination is my specialty.}

Metallic + white crepe paper = icicles. Over their heads, and in the runner, too. {Tutorial here}.


Rock candy {in aqua because it’s made of “ice” of course} + blue gum balls = winter wonderland delights.

Painted tree branches in a large glass jar {left over from christmas} made a great center piece… as did even the little crystals on our chandelier… if you want to get specific… it all worked.


It made my day when one of the little girls sat down at the table and said excitedly, “Hey! This is just like Anna’s dress!” I found this flower runner in the spring section of Hobby Lobby for a few dollars, and combined three of them end to end to stretch all the way down.


Snowflakes were cut {in a few episodes of Parenthood} and hung on a string with Jamin’s help within 45 minutes. Our house is a literal construction zone catastrophe right now (I’ll be sharing more on that tomorrow) so it only makes sense to cope by cutting out a ridiculous amount of snowflakes. I mean, that’s what normal people do, right? These are made from coffee filters {the key is to do a lot at once layered, and then separate them and mix up your patterns when you place them with tape on a string.} Tada! Instasnow in bulk. Seriously easier than it looks.

diy_snowflakes diy_streamers

As mentioned, we had plans to do some cupcakes, and throw a few rings in each one for the party. And then when we couldn’t find any rings, we thought we’d get some paper put on top of a cake (the kind they do with photos, for a character cake) from Publix. And by the way, duh! It’s copyrighted. So a simple round cake with little snowflakes would do when we ordered it the day before. It had pretty sugar glitter on top… and she loved it. Less is more. Publix is awesome.


I used what I had around the house, and then brought in a few paper products + candy to complete the look.


2. Think in color.

One of the things Disney did so well with the movie, was the über contrast in colors – between Elsa’s ice world of isolation with aquas, white + silver, and Anna’s pretty pinks, purples + darker blues. So I brought that into the table.


I used some linen fabric we already had as the base “table cloth”, and a dark aqua for the first “runner”. Then the silver crepe paper, and finally the purple I found for a few dollars with the floral pattern at Hobby Lobby to warm it all up.

With the plates, I started with a glitter piece of foam paper for the placemat, to bring in a touch of that magenta (or as close as I could get) with a dual purpose. Because there’s hot pink… and there’s purple… but magenta plates don’t exist. (More on that dual use, below.)

Then an aqua plate + purple + hot pink + a navy blue napkin for an extra punch. Did the girls need that many plates? No. Maybe. Probably not. But it  made for a cheap, fun way to bring in the character when there were no characters to be found.


I brought in the rest with varying heights of glass containers we already had, and shots of color through candy + food. From marshmallows to twinkle pops, a table of simple fun.

Bring in what you have, with a few grabs at the local party store. It’s a win for the budget, for you, and the little party guests.





3. Make it fun. 

Most of the party was food at a pizza joint, and pedis + manis for the girls. So I didn’t spend hours slaving in the kitchen. It’s not my thing… and I wouldn’t do that anyway. But when we were back at the house, there were a few things I included at the table beyond the cake, that put the fun in their hands.


Remember this little drink for the kids from Christmas?

Cotton candy from the grocery store {pink, blue or pink + blue} + sprite can really end up in more unexpected combos than you think. Vary the intensity with more of one or the other. Bonus: They still worked with the Frozen colors, too.


And marshmallows + pretzel sticks + mini m&m’s + frosting + candy corn = mini Olafs.


Because at our house, every now and then you need some sugar overdose in the form of mini projects.


Oh, and those little placemats? Doubled as crowns when cut to any shape, and combined with ribbons on their heads. Even “Rocky” {named per the kids} was in the Frozen spirit. {read: I never took our Christmas mantel down…roll with it.}

We ran out of time because the pedis took a lot longer than we thought… so they took those home. Great fun for all!



Just a few ways to beat the Frozenpocalypse. The girls had a blast! And actually, so did I.

I can’t seem to resist a fun party. ;}


We hope this helps if you have any little ones out there you want to plan a party for, but feel that the options are a little limited. Let us know if you have any questions – Have an inspired day!

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Responses to frozen party ideas

  1. Katie says:

    WOW! That party looks like so much fun! You did an awesome job with the decorations and are so creative. Love this!

  2. Kellie says:

    So fun and beautiful!

    But just so you know, I have two girls, 10 and 16. The 10yo has seen the movie 3 times, and the 16yo? Six times! Each time with friends too. I just went up to their room to make sure they are almost ready for school and they were listening to the Frozen soundtrack. I’m pretty sure they’d die to have a party like Emerson’s. So, don’t worry, you have plenty more years to experience the Disney fun. 😉

    • HAHA! Well, I did put a plus and minus at the top. You know how you’re never sure when your kids are younger, about older ones and what they’ll like… that’s awesome. ;} I loved Disney through my teenage years and still do… so duh I should have known! ;}

  3. Jennifer says:

    Well done, friend! It looks ah-mazing! Where did you find those straws?

  4. Kyla F says:

    This is beautiful! It’s like whimsical-handmade-with-lots-of-love-frozen-couture :)

  5. I love it more than if you had purchased themed items!! Great job!!!!

  6. I have a daughter and five daycare girls…I know what you mean about Frozen obsessed!!! 😉 And we’re planning that for my daughter’s 7th birthday…in MAY, no less…so I’m glad to get some ideas started! Very creative!

  7. Brittany says:

    My friend is throwing a ‘Frozen’ party for her daughter next month! I’m sending her this link now :)
    Bonus question: where did you get your crepe paper??

  8. Great job! Necessity being the mother and all that, I was in the same boat years ago. We needed a “101 Dalmatians” party and there were no decorations anywhere. This was before the days of a computer in every house, so I bought a Disney coloring book and colored the bows and collars of the puppies. I then photocopied 101 of those rascals, cut them out, mounted them on construction paper and hung them from the ceiling with red ribbon. One. Hundred. And. One. Exactly. The rest was easy. Just as you did, color working for me instead of pre-printed plates and napkins.
    And yes, this, “I probably also gave her unrealistic expectations for the rest of her life, so there’s that.”, is true. Be prepared.

  9. Tania says:

    You are like…super mom of the year!
    Confession…I totally am dying to see frozen. I need to borrow a kiddo!!

  10. Kristin says:

    Oh my this is amazing!! You captured the color scheme of the girls’ perfectly!! I have to ask – off topic; about your faux fireplace drawing. What is the board it is on??!! I love it and would be hoping to duplicate something similar. THANKS!!

  11. anita says:

    Just as an fyi, based on an earlier photo you posted, you really might be interested in this little tidbit:

    We took a sneak peek when we were at WDW in Jan. at their meet and greet. Pretty kewl since my 18 & 21 year old are obsessed too. We didn’t wait because we really didn’t have that much time.

  12. tina says:

    Cracking up at your Frozenpocolypse! We’re like you-dresses, pjs, & soundtrack on repeat. We’re throwing a boy’s side of Frozen party (Olaf, Kristoff, Sven) b/c my son’s heart has been taken by the ice magic too. I wrote a post with all of the details here:

  13. MomFuse says:

    So cool! I included this in our 100+ Disney Frozen Themed Party Ideas: Food, Decorations, Printables & More round-up (

  14. I love the color theme! and the fact that you were able to pull off a Frozen party without a single piece of Frozen merchandise. Kudos on the creativity!

  15. Cynthia Meyer says:

    What visually appealing and delightful ideas! We are hosting a “Sing Along Frozen” next week and I would like the emphasis to be on the costumes and singing, not on the commercial aspects. That’s how my kids interact with the movie — belting out the songs with abandon. Thank you for your creative inspiration and funny commentary.

  16. Jane says:

    Just would like to know how to make the snowman and any other ideas for my daughter frozen party