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Hey Guys – Jamin here taking over today. Spring has sprung here in the tropics of Alabama, and so has the full blown pollen. Until the yellow death has passed, we can’t do much outdoors (which is obviously fine with us – there is the whole bathroom needing tile laid thing going on) but with it being such a beautiful day, we decided to spiff up our hideaway for plenty of playtime. We wanted to do a fun little project that the kids could help with this weekend.


We thought this would be a fun way to kick things off in grandiose handmade home style.

So we built a little window box for the kids to play with in their hideaway.


Here’s what you’ll need: • (1) 1 x 8 x 8 cedar board • wood glue • finish nailer or hammer • 2 inch finish nails • Plants • saw • window box brackets


Simply decide the width and depth you want your window box to be. We needed one that was 23 3/4 inches long by 7 inches deep.


I first cut a a 22 1/4 inch piece. Since we wanted our window box to be 7 inches deep I knew I’d need to rip my board down to 5 1/2 inches. (Each side piece would be 3/4 inches thick so I had to compensate for them.)

Next, I cut (2) 5 1/2 inch pieces for my ends and then (2) 23 3/4 inches pieces for the front and back board.

Once the pieces were cut, I began by attaching my end (5 1/2) pieces by spreading some wood glue and nailing them in. (Side note: if you don’t have a finish nailer, we love ours and highly recommend it- it’s a must have basic for us.) Also, note in the above photo how the end pieces and the bottom meet. (The bottom butts into the end pieces.)


Once both ends are done, attach the front and back boards the same.

build_a_window_planter diy_planterFinally simply attach your window box brackets to your window.


Once we were finished with the window box, it was time for the fun part!


The kids had a blast planting their little succulents and seasonal flowers.


They may or may not have named their little plants. We also figured if they forget to water, at least they’ll last longer. {???}


Our resident waterer says he won’t forget.

build_a_window_boxbuild_your_own_window_boxThe kids love their fun little window box! It definitely ups the cuteness factor.


Or maybe it’s just the kids… we are a little biased. ;} You could do this little window box on any part of your home, in any size!


To read more about our entire back yard, be sure to check out our archives, here! 


Have an inspired day, y’all!

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Responses to make your own window box

  1. Layla K says:

    This is adorably fantastic! Can I live there? 😉

  2. Anna says:

    Fantastic! Can I come over and play? I mean that in the most non creepy way possible. Maybe I should just build my own :)

  3. Elizabeth says:

    What a wonderful idea! Would you suggest drilling holes in the bottom to allow water to drain?